18 December 2011

Christmas update?

So it's soon Christmas, or how we call it here: Joulu, after Yulen(Jul) that the Scandinavians celebrated before Christianity plagued into the lands in early centuries.

Soooooooo it's time for yet another holiday related picture I suppose.

But I tell you the truth. I have no idea what to do. There is no snow out there to do another Murlocish wishing-card picture like last year.

I already did that anyway back at 6th December.

So if any of your lurkers might have suggestions, do try to convince me.

This isn't a "free-for-all request", but simple suggestion of a Christmasy picture.

Thank you

Blue Murloc who is actually pink.

Late forum respond copy-paste

For some reason, I every time get surprised who much people likes the few Gnome related pictures I've done.

I don't know why, but I just get surprised.

Gnomes are fun to work with in the pictures, even thou I HATE how Blizz has done their ingame models legs and

I doubt they will ever add more polygons or make the legs less bulky. Have they changed any of the old models?

Female naga isn't counted as the old skin/model is still used ingame!

I thought so.

12 December 2011

Monday Update! Mystery Character!

Yep yep! I'm late, or am I?!?

Monday over Sunday? What do you think, dear lurker? Should the "publishing day" be moved from Sunday to Monday or not?

Does it suit you better to check and probably fap on Monday, or is Sunday better because it's still weekend?

Oh and here's the new picture!

I did have another picture actually on work, but I felt like doing a "quickly" and introduce later.

You can clearly see where I focused and where I got sloppy.

  • 12th December 2011: Diplomacy or Healing?[Gnome/Tauren/Straight/Cum/Oral]

    There is always truth behind tales and myths. And those tales appear during conflicts on either sides.
    Not everyone believes in them, while others will. It was slightly simpler time before the cataclysm.

06 December 2011


Lets get first started with some info of last weekend and no update.
I actually had been working on pictures all along the week and did get one nearly done.


I then did remember that I can take it off as on the very first page and post, I've clearly typed "Updates every TWO WEEKS"
Hence why no new pictures back then. No new character introduction or Sel picture.

But wait! There's still a filler I made today!
  • 6th December 2011: Mixed Patriotic Murloc [Murloc/Filler]

    Filler. 6th Dec is Finland's Independence Day.

Yeah yeah I know, it's a filler...

29 November 2011

quicky respond

  • Originally Posted by whodude
    Is it just me, or did her boobs and thighs shrink a bit from the previous pic?

  • Originally Posted by BlogComment
    her boobs kinda shrunk!
Yes, I know this.
I'm actually trying to find the "perfect" size to work with, so do expect changes of the amount of "meat" under her skin.
All because I don't have any real "refer-sheet" or what you call it to check the "forms" from,
but from the "sketches" decided to be used in the pictures.

27 November 2011

After Six Delight

Well look at that!

I had one week off and I forgot to even tell about it, oops!

Anyway, just a single new picture, like I usually do now days.
I might change my posting day to be Monday or Tuesday, as the weekend is very busy time with most publishers in here.

But, here's the single picture I managed to make after some slight problems with other pictures I was going to do.
  • 27th November 2011: After "Six" Delight. [Draenei/Nude/Cum/AfterSex/Lactating]

    "Even if she might be ancient, she still likes her trips into the woods
    and have some after six delight with a friend or two."

More of here in time and a new character introduction.

13 November 2011

Requesti blawrrgsdg

You really expected me to post out a new picture when Skyrim was released back on Friday!?!

Well I actually did. It's a request by a friend that I had been postponing for two months already.

  • 13th November 2011: [REQ]TEA Love; Two girls, One boyfriend, Two Phalluses. [Human/Belf/Anal/Heter/Bi/Threesome/Shemale]

    "In your life you come across many lovers. Sometimes there are some that will love you forever and
    there are some that just wont let go of your heart.
    It is rare thou to have two lovers that do both and also have a crush on each other."

And sorry no Sel this weekend. Blame on Skyrim and the cats, yes yes.

BUT! I will promise more chubby/BBW Sel with one of the other girls next time.
Maybe even an extra picture with some real intercourse action in it.


08 November 2011

Oh my big!

Lets see, with all the comments here and in the forums.
It seems to me that people are quite enjoying the BBW picture(s).

Yet, some people have some problem with áu-de-naturale looks, even if it's trimmed.
This is really something I can't understand but I guess I don't even have to, since we all haver our
likes and dislikes. Some likes the daughter, some likes the mother more.

So, more BBW's of Sel and/or of other people?

06 November 2011


You asked for it and you got it now!

The down side is that no other original art this week and seeing how bad my craft can be
when I can't hide the vagina somehow.
  • 6th November 2011: Hallow's End 2011 Uncensored [Draenei/Nude/Pinup]

    Happy Hallow's End 2011 for everyone - Uncensored edition you asked for.

03 November 2011

Blog Vs. Forums.


As the latest comment I received here asked if I respond to messages in the blog,
I thought to clarify how things work here really.

I do prefer to respond to peoples comments at the forums, but I do try time to time do it
as well here in the blog. Usually I post my respond as well here that I've done at the forums -
if there was something to say really.
Also, it's quite a chore to work on both places and on the empty gallery, but I will try to
respond more often here as I'm quite surprised how many still visits here.

Here's two responds from the forums:

I guess that picture could be called "semi-trolling".

Rather nice to see even few comments here and even more in my "blog".
I'm still surprised to see that people still actually like my pictures despite not being so much in the public any more, and not really doing any "futanari" pictures to feed the mass of lurkers.

Oh and a uncensored version of the picture? Mmmaybe next month since you all and on the blog people so "kindly" asked for it.

personally i would love to see some of those "old selanaar style" pictures again they were really awesome :3

More info please.

"Old Selanaar style"? You mean "Old" Sel with the long pearl white hair and... much like the previous picture but withoutthe fitting body mass she lore-wise do have?

Oh and with all these comments I've gotten so far I started to hesitate of this weekends picture(s) that I was planning to do.
Not that you would have missed much there, just two crazy Gnome related unusual sexual intercourse pictures.
Now I'm stuck thinking if I just skip this weekend to bring you something bigger next weekend,
or give you a pin-up picture either of Sel or Urdina... or go all lazy and just do uncensored version the picture.

23 October 2011

Hallow's End 2011


Well.... hey I least did get one picture done and fitting for the time.
No worry, it's not as disturbing as last year, it's just mean and annoying tease.

I still have no idea why I have only motivation and the needed inspiration to make pictures only on weekend mornings.

But here is the picture.
Enjoy or not, it's still done and published!

  • 23th October 2011: Hallow's End 2011 [Draenei/Nude/Pinup]

    Happy Hallow's End 2011 for everyone - and please don't hate me too much.

28 September 2011

Super quicky Update!

A super duper quicky update!

This picture, I was already working back on Monday morning. But I did make a huge mistake and lost all progress I had done so far.
So it took me up until now to get it all done.

Hope you people like it... or least those that finds the idea appealing to their taste.


If you don't want to see two gay dragons, do not click on the picture!

  • 28th September 2011: Primal Raging Needs [Dragon/Gay/Anal/Feral/Beast]

    The more primal offspring of the ancient dragons lack many of the majestic features and
    wisdoms as the ones that currently roam through the world.
    There is one aspect that they still share, the need to mate when the heat is on.

Now to the posts that you lovely little piglets had left me.
*Puts reading glasses on*
  • Job: I have a spot at the post office again as deliveryman. But least for this month and maybe rest of the year I'm having my summer vacation.

  • Futas: I well know this that "futa" pictures brings the people out from the their caves and under the rocks.
    But I want to focus more on pictures and styles that I myself enjoy to do and experiment with.
    If I would be all greedy for comments, I would be doing futa pictures all day and night. Also Worgen pictures and majore Lore characters.

  • Urdina: Thank you. The main focus on last weeks picture was on her face. Much like the Orcette picture I did do some time ago.
    I focused 95% on her face and knowingly did half-ass her... ass.

  • Use of bloom and curves: Thanks. I actually know this problem with the light effect. It's a effect that I use on PhotoImpact to make the textures smoother and give a bright touch. It makes brighter colours shine and nearly bloom.
    That is why in many old pictures of Selanaar, her hair is all glowing.

    Anatomy is quite hard, specially if wanting to follow the original in-game models as I do. They are mostly shaped like real people( or least the humans and some elfs), but they do have some really weird deformations that might get in the
    way or just misguide me when redoing for example a thigh. Specially if the angle is hard.

    My style is very "old-school" and ruggedy. Since I basically take a pose and then start to construct piece by piece it from the in-game models. I look for a animation and see if it's fitting and cut a part of it to put into the actual picture.
    So it's like playing a mad scientist doing a monster of many parts, aka abomination.

  • Feet: With the bulky models the pre-Cata races have, I would like to see when Blizz themself adds more polygons into the old models to make them look better. Humans for example look horrible compared to the new human lore characters.

    But still, a neat idea that I need to keep in mind.

25 September 2011


Originally Posted by typhon
Man, Cube, don't quit. You're my favorite artist here and I know there's a lot of people who think the same. You've got a talent for this kind of thing, that's certain.

However, I'm sure your fans will understand if you don't continue. If you don't enjoy doing this anymore, there's no reason for you to keep going. It's a hobby and should be for fun. We're all happy with what you've done and think you're pretty damn spectacular. You also appear to be a really nice guy, too. So whatever you do, I just hope you're happy.

Thanks for the words and sorry for taking this long to post a respond.
What can I really say, I love to do this but as I'm quite stuck with my skills I get frustrated and lose motivation.

Thou the lack of motivation is mostly because-

I need critics and comments to get better, bad and good ones. Constructive critics and comments are what I yearn mostly.
But in not so unrelated news, there a single picture I managed to make today after that small hiatus.
  • 25th September 2011:Entering Danger Zone [Human/Nude/Pinup]

    There are times when the kindest of hearts can burst into anger and turn the person into fierce sight.
I had much larger update planned. But those three weeks of absent and by mistake seeing other peoples works caused quite a motivation loss in me. Nearly sorrow.

But now I'm back and unemployed, so more time to work on my lovable hobbies
With or without any kind of comments. I find it hard to quit this really, I just want to be better and spice things up for you people who least are brave enough to speak out.

Thank you.

PS. Belv and Sariz will return soon, as two of you asked of them.

04 September 2011

Old vs. New 2nd Edition

Grrreeetings lurkers and invisible imagination friends who I think checks on this thread if at all.

A single update this weekend, just one.
Why? Because I'm lazy and pessimistic.

So onwards to the picture!

It's another Old vs. New picture, this time it's non-futa. Because I'm mean.
Also GnomeSel was meant to be in the picture as well, but I ran out of time :(

  • 4th September 2011: Old vs. New 2nd Edition [Draenei/Nude/Pinup]

    Yet another Old vs. New picture.

21 August 2011

Filler taim again!

Originally Posted by DesoPL
There will be more manipulations with Selanar ? Old Version and no futa ? Selanar, is the best.

There will be in time, no worry.
And you did mean with old long white hair?

Anyways, I got a NEW update for you all!

Nothing more to say, tata!

  • 21th August 2011: Tentacles 'o Delight. [Murloc/Filler]

    Picture description is in the picture itself.

14 August 2011

Neck injury and story

Neck injuries.

Due to this weekends neck injuries, there won't be any pictures once again, sorry.
I was planning something huge that I would have posted already last weekend, but it was bit too big bite as there was an idea to write an actual full length story to go along with the picture.
But sadly my skills of a writer is quite poor and it was more like a documentary then a story I had planned it to become.
That was the reason why no updates on last week. But a dear friend of mine volunteered to help me and write the story for me,
which you can at the very moment go read from the Story Board section of this forum or by follow this link:

For those that doesn't have Darknest account, use this link:WHAT IF? Draenei Broodmother TEXT.
There will be an actual picture update next weekend, I dearly hope so. But now due to awesome metal and head banging,
my neck is still like a steel bar and sore as if I would had been put into a wash-machine.

24 July 2011


*A dripping blob of sweat and flesh appears*

Hebbo... time for a new picture... while this tropical weather is melting me into nothing...

So without further blabbering, moar gnome action!

[*]24th July 2011: Plea of the Sisters. [Gnome/Orc/Nude/Straight/Oral]

Picture description is in the picture itself.

10 July 2011

Requeasti be late

Originally Posted by Wuke
Khih, cute monkey. :)

Monkey likes that mucho :3

Time for some poorly made "Screenshot Manipulations"!!!

But wait! "Why were there no update last weekend?" you might ask or even yell "You F-ing Finnish FAQ! You sux!"
There are quite many reasons, but I tell the biggest ones that hindered me from doing anything last weekend.

Reason #1 - I was called to help my old school friend at their farm, as their hay stacker machine got broken. So we were basically all day there doing hard labor, using pitchforks to toss haystacks onto trailer.
My hands were quite blistered open after it, but yeah.

Reason #2 - On Sunday my brother invited me with them to visit his womans grannys grave, which was quite faaaar away. I basically could had sort of time do picture that morning, but my hands were killing me, or the blisters were.

Reason #3 - For odd reasons, I can only get the perfect combination of motivation and inspiration to do pictures during -weekend mornings- and no other time, which is really really odd I tell you.

Anyways, now I'm "back" again and got done a request I was meant to do last weekend, terribly sorry about that. Hope it's good enough.
  • 10th July 2011: REQ:Scene of Love and Desires. [Draenei/Nelf/Nude/Futa/Romantic]

    "I will make love to you now..." whispers the Draenei to her mate,
    before pressing their lips together to muffle their heated breathing and moans,
    as she slowly pushes her rod deeper into her elven mates embrace,
    feeling the walls clutching around her draeneic rod very tightly,
    but not too much to hinder from lovable thrusts in and out.

19 June 2011

Zilma Zilma Zilma!

Hello and welcome to the newest addition of characters that won't cause any interest on people or anyone.

This time I introduce to you a ancient woman, who you wouldn't even poke with a stick of her age.

She's a Human woman from Redridge Mountains and bearing the age above 80 to 100 years!

Yet she looks young enough to be your sluty sister at age of 20, unless you saw her face which looks more above 60 or 70.

But enough of me trying to ramble nonsense, here is the picture:
  • 19th June 2011:Zilma Featherston, Huntress of Redridge Mountains [Human/Nude/Pinup]

    Zilma, a lone huntress after taking her deceased husbands position to earn her living and stay alive.
    Yet, she truly isn't alone, as a giant albino gorilla has become her hunting companion,
    but also keep her warm at times during long hunting journeys., through her ancient age.

05 June 2011

5th 5th 5th

Hullo and hello to all people!

Once again, time for "proper" pictures... or well, fap material I suppose *shrugs*

Nothing more to say really but... decode it.

  • 5th June 2011: Hailya Ravenshine, Nomad of Kalimdor [Human/Nude/Pinup]

    Hailya, a young apprentice-conjurer traveling the continent of Kalimdor for any kinds of magical knowledge she could salvage.

  • 5th June 2011: Diplomacy of Ambassadors Part III [Tauren/Nelf/Lesbian/Anal Beads]

    With her previous meeting with the orcs, the night elf had quite a time travelling towards Mulgore for her next stop at the Tauren capital, Thunder Bluff.
    As an night elf, she already had a long history with the close to earth race, much like her own people,
    but much more tribal phased. Tales of them as savage beasts were rumours, and as an elf she knew that.
    But she still had much to learn, specially many of their sacred ceremonies when a group of females of a tribe bond together mentally and physically

28 May 2011

Filler taimish!

Hi hello holá hullo etc etc.

Week has passed and should be time for more pictures tomorrow.


I'm not doing any... or well I did do one.
But it's a filler, a stupid silly filler picture.

Meaning I'm taking this weekend off.
  • 28th May 2011: Art-school! [Safe/Filler]

    Sarizka tries to teach the art of painting for a Vry'kul warrior.

Also, I'm looking for a writer to write a story/plot for a comic.


22 May 2011

New pictures and gallery.


Hello and welcome for the not so grand opening of the gallery that houses all works of this Blue Murloc Cube-heaD!

But the gallery isn't still ready, nearly all pictures aren't in correct date order and misses their titles and descriptions.

Oh right! The URL http://bakaras.com/murlocish/

But you came here for the new pictures!

  • 22th May 2011: Diplomacy of Ambassadors Part II [Nelf/Orc/Straight/Cum]

    After feeling the generosity of the trolls, the night elven diplomat had have her thoughts about the horde proven wrong,
    yet she did expect that the orcs would be more savage.
    Those expectations was correct though, aside from it not being the savagry she had thought it would be,
    but the treatment was simply something she couldn't help but enjoy.

  • 22th May 2011: REQ: Earthhoof and the Polarpaw Sisters [Nelf/Helf/Tauren/Nude/Threesome/Frottage]

So I still need to work on the actual site and gallery to make it more unique looking, but also on the picture info etc.
Until next time!

15 May 2011


Ellooooo again!

It's spring-time, so time to relax and enjoy the warmth before it gets boiling hot again!

  • 15th May 2011: Diplomacy of Ambassadors [Nelf, Troll, Romance, Safe]

    At times, ambassadors are sent out to tend to the relations between the alliance and the horde,
    for this priestess it was an opputunity to experience other cultures and try something relatively new.
    However she didn't expect to love going there as much as she do now.
    She would surely attempt to get such task again, if she ended up encountering personalities like she just did with the Trolls.

  • 15th May 2011: Cosy Warm OrcKitteh [Orc, Safe]

    Warm spring sun and the silence of no costumers being around. Soft and comfortable bed and self time.
    What more could a inn-keeper as from such a day.

What to tell about the picture.
Well, I wanted to have a theme this weekend and "cuddling" came up to my head.
Even thou the Orcette is alone, I did put a lot effort into her face to show she is quite relaxed and cosy feeling at the moment.

With the Nelf and Troll, I wanted to show out soft sides of the two through cuddling and caressing, all while hiding their private-parts!

Tease I know.

08 May 2011

Trio of Three

Hello hello once again!

Lets see now, the pictures I "was" meant to do for Easter and which I postponed few weeks, have been cancelled fully.

If I keep postponing pictures, I won't make them in time since I lose the interest in the current ideas.

So I made new ones!

Also one request that I really owed to my friend here.
Also, yet another twisted form of our dear Sel - which I made rather quickly, it's Mothers Day after all!

  • 8th May 2011: "Neutral" Negotiator [Futa, Nude, Draenei, Gnome, Goblin]

    Days and days the two faction agents had been arguing over each other at Tanaris, Gadgetzan. Day an night they kept arguing and ranting to each other, until one day a Draenei arrived and promised to help with their arguing and act as a negotiator. The Goblin agent declined of course, since she was part of the Horde and they weren't - but that didn't stop the Paladin from taking her with them.

  • 8th May 2011: Power of GnomeTrio! [Gnome, Gore, Not-Porn]

    The battles high up in Mount Hyjal carries on day and night, but not without help from mighty heroes!

  • 8th May 2011: Brood-mothers Hideout. [Dreanei, Nude, Horror]

    Just a quicky quicky.

Quote Originally Posted by Ushitora
o.oBut I was joking... -cry-

But I do apologize for my actually serious' comment's mistake. I thought you were just getting started, and not massive already. But if you are massive already...
Where are the Genetically-altered Gnomish slutty women.

You are forgiven.
Also, genetically-altered Gnomes? Are you meaning transgendered females with male genitals perhaps?

22 April 2011

Happy happy Easter

Hullo all!

I some how knew these three pictures would be rather "poor" when it would come into the amount of posted comments(plus I could foresee the amount of comments miles away!).

Anyways, why I'm posting already is that there is quite bit chance that there won't be any update this weekend, but next Monday.
I'm heading out of town for a gig and staying over at my friends place for the weekend.

That's all for now!

Oh and the band is called Moonsorrow

17 April 2011

Thee unlikely pictures!

Hello all and lurkers!

It's once again time for some new pictures!

But first things first, my server isn't still up, so my old pictures stays down still further etc. etc. etc. yada yada yada.

About the pictures that you might now see and get disturbed.

The first one, Totem of Grimtotem was meant to be done last weekend and post out with the Urdina picture, but I was "busy".
Nothing more to tell about it, just a Grimtotem Tauren doing autofellation.

The second picture, oh boy.
One thing common with all three pictures is that I wanted to try out something new and different/unique.
Why did I then make a picture of a fictive Druide feral-morph power and made a Zhevra without horns mate with her?
I don't know, I just wanted to try to make it and this is the result.

Third and last picture of the week.
Imps are out of the list, so there isn't left any Humanoid race that are smaller then Gnomes...
...so lets make a tiny Clockwork-Gnome and mount it with an strap-on and tube to a container! Success!
And no, it's not dedicated to someone. But if it's some ones Birthday today, congratulations then.

  • 17th April 2011: Totem of Grimtotem [Tauren, Futa, Autofellatio]

  • 17th April 2011: Druids of the Hoof [Beast, Feral]

  • 17th April 2011: Birthday Blow-up [Orc, Micro, Cum, Nude]

Still there? Good.
Until next time!

10 April 2011


First was the weekend after my trip and I was worn out fully.
Then was a weekend with no message at all from me, reasons for no pictures last weekend is simple:
I got ill and did have some family business to be done.
I'm still ill, some sort of virus. I have the synthoms of a fewer, but I have no high body-temperature at all. =/
So to make up the two previous weekends, I had planned to do this week -SIX- or -EIGHT- pictures to make it up.

I had all planned up and chosen what to do, but... every morning I was meant to start work on pictures, something distracted me.
Either it was RP, a game or just chatting with people.
I'm truly sorry... but hey, least I did get one done, right?

So here you go, out from the box and dusted clean, Urdina Dé Mercury spinoff!

  • 10th April 2011: PosterGurl Exoticita [Humani, Futa, Nude]
Still no news from my host, sadly. So my old pictures will stay out of reach still some time longer, sorry about this.

19 March 2011



Time for a new picture once again!

Time for the final!

  • 19th March 2011: Da Finale![Cum, Fellatio, Gnome, Draenei, Futa, Nude]

If it seems litte hurried, it's because I was planning to do a Murloc-filler picture for this weekend as I'm heading over to Barcelona for a week.

But... look look, I did do it still!

Also thanks for the comments so far, always nice to read them, good or bad.

Originally Posted by SarahN
But anyway, I like the latest picture, though a couple odd things about the feet- the toes are actually well drawn, but I thought gnomes only had four of them? Also, her right foot seems to be backwards, with the big toe on the wrong side of the foot.

Nope, Gnomes do have five toes on each foot, crazy I know. Plus. the big toe is basically just a finger, which I was supposed to place it more off-screen, but... errors happen ^^;

13 March 2011


New picture out!

I was actually meant to make least two new pictures, but I began to struggle what races to use and what ideas to make the pictures from, so only one picture this weekend.

And yes I know, but you try to make toes for models with no toes!

  • 13th March 2011: Kinkness of Boys[Hetero, Footjob, Gnome, Draenei, Nude]

Dead links!


All links to my old host are dead as my subscription ended today.
All image links from this day to older dates are dead until I fix them after I have gotten new host up and running.


06 March 2011

Begging ;_;


  • 6th March 2011: Begging for Forgiveness #1 [Hetero, Frottage, Orc, Dwarf, nude]

  • 6th March 2011: Begging for Forgiveness #2 [Hetero, Mastrubation, Gnome, Goblin, Clothed]

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>END OF LINE!

30 January 2011


This weeks update was brought to by Fried vendace, Coregonus albula

Once again, I'm baffled by my mind and how it works. I had planned once again to make least two or even three pictures, but only managed to make,
as my motivation snuck out through the window again and it's bloody hard to track after with all the snow outside!

But in the end, here's one what was ment to be posted and done two weeks back.

    "After warm bath"[Pinup/(Herm|Shemale)]
    Bathing is really soothing, it relaxes your body and mind, but also with little help lets you clean your skin.
    Relaxin is a nice way to open up muscles and as well to ease pain in them.

I also like to thank to all the comments(mostly positive words) about the Female Furbolg "comic"(outside this thread as well).
Even if most of them was laughs from the mans facial expression in the last cell.

23 January 2011


Alrighty, time for a real update, which I was ment to post out last week, which did toss the orginal images into the bin.

But now it is here! Woooooo!

And I have to say, it's not for all, as I know I can't please everyone at the same time.

And... It might be another World-first, I'm not sure. Atleast I couldn't find any pictures expect one with one and two gnolls, quite little known drawing as I barely found it myself.
Link to that picture is this: http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/320414

Anyways! The mini-comic!

    Royal Rescue![Comic/Anthro/Heter]

    An comic I got into my head while doing the quest this comic is based on.

16 January 2011

Filler time

First of all, I want to thank all the comments once again and say I'm sorry for the late respond.

But onto the update!

Death by Oranges![FillerMurloc!]

So yeah... what to say?:D
I had planned one or two more pictures of Sarizka and Sel for this weekend, but then I stumbled across a quest in WoW that gave an FANTASTIC idea for a mini-comic!
But... I couldn't get myself to sketch the comic, even if I had it all planned up in my mind already, but this is how I am.

And yeah, they were selling Oranges in super cheap prize, so I bought ~4½ kilos, that's I think around 10lbs.
As my brother said, I now have very vitamin-potent urine. >_>

09 January 2011

Veiny veiny wieners!


Year 2011 is here and time for new pictures to be posted!

And due to my Brithday that passed by(Thank you Clanky), I'm feeling to give you people a "gift", like it or not!

    ~Old Versus New~[Futa, Frotting]
    Surprise surprise! It was Sel all the time!

    Introducing: Sarizka Gyrobrush.[Futa, Pinup]
    Introducing the new member of the "family": Sarizka Gyrobrush, Da painter of Lonely Paintings(and also knows as rump ravager and belly enlarger).

    Joy of Payment.[Futa, Heter]
    As an artist, money isn't really something Sarizka posses, least more then what she needs to get food.
    Most of the models she paints into the portraits gets part of the payment from the paintings buyer.
    But sometimes there is no time, or a deal was made with the model.