30 August 2008

New new new new

New new new picture, late again from here kekekekekekekek..........

Would you...?[Horror?/non-graphic Gore/Pinup/DarkSel]
"Few knows the truth behind -this- twisted and wicked hearted Draenei, if she can be called that even since she isn't an Eredar either.
Many have becomed her prey and victims. Either faced a cruel and horrifying death or becomed her food.
Few have survived her razor shard claws and deadly gaze to warn other people of her, but behind her pearl-white hair she can hide her true identity nearly complitely from her next victim(s)"

19 August 2008



Pregnant Wishesss[Heter/Anthro/Anal/Preg/CrossGame]

07 August 2008

Few weeks off

Yep yep...

No updates in ages once again, and I'm quite glad for that.
I've had time to relax and consertrate on other things more, very soothing time to time.

Mostly it's been work and my social life(which isn't the best currently, hehehe).

Hmm... what more can I say actualy... Since I did get a new computer many of my softwares I use to do the pictures have been messing around and being very unstable or laggy to use.

Guess I'm stuck doing "Oblivion meets WoW" from now on, hehe^^