28 December 2020

Winter Veil 2020: Magical Sleigh Ride

Here we are. Winter Veil, Festag, Joulu, Christmas, Decemberween, what ever you call it, is over(more or less) and the end of the year is upon us. It has been quite a year, especially as I managed to get myself to use better engine for slightly better quality pictures to spew out into the vast ocean of lewd art.
I like to end this year like I've done with few past years and show the orginal OC that started it all. This time with festive theme! I need to work on 'Strong-Dad Frost's' model, as there are some minor things that bug me - mainly the texture as he is using Vrykul textures for his body.

Right, enough text! See you next February, after my hibernation that lasts through January.

December 28th - "Winter Veil 2020: Magical Sleigh Ride" [Draenei/Ogre/Straight]
When Greatfather and Great-father Winter
are both unavailable to deliver certain gifts,
they send their Draenor colleague, Strong-Dad Frost.
He might look intimidating, however he has heart
of gold and a jolly body to swell warm joy into one.
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22 December 2020

Winter Veil 2020: Candy Cane Festive

We are getting closer and closer to the big day, yet we have still time for one more festive lewd picture!
I could have used the old model for quicker rendering, but really wanted to remake her model and rigging, and play with the particle emulation for her fur. In the end I only made her tail fluffy and some chest tuffs. Maybe some day the whole body will be all fluffy looking. Some day.

December 22th - Winter Veil 2020: "Candy Cane Festive" [Pandaren/Pinup]
It's the festive times and candy canes are
ripe for harvest. The sweet taste and ingenious
design makes the candy very lusted after.
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15 December 2020

Winter Veil 2020: Gift Wrapped Elf

Time for the next Winter Veil gift. I had two characters to chose between who to use for this picture. What in the end decided for me, was that the latest picture of the other one was from 2019! That had the be corrected right away! ...after I updated her model and used unnecessary many hours trying to get her rigging to work.

December 15th - "Winter Veil 2020: Gift Wrapped Elf" [Nelf/Tease]
She couldn't think of anything to give
as Winter Veil gift, so she hopes this
suffices as one.
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07 December 2020

Winter Veil 2020: Friends Enjoying Coffee


Here we are again! It's Decemberween!
Err, I mean Winter Veil. In 2020 of all years! We've nearly made through the year.
Unlike the previous three years, I didn't take in any christmas commissions this year. I think I've done enough commissions for 2020. No doubt I'll have to plan my pictures more, yet I'm sure I'll manage just fine.
Let us start with a pleasant picture of two old friends having some hot festive coffee in Stormwind.

December 7th: "Winter Veil 2020: Friends Enjoying Coffee" [Human/SFW]
Two adversaries sharing festive coffee and
stories about their latest conquests.
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