31 January 2016


Back again!

It's 2016 and the end of January. I've had my winter vacation and it's time to get back to work!
Nothing new from my end. I was supposed to study how to properly use Blender or at least make working models to use in my pictures - which I never did. I didn't even start the program up once! Lazy.

Any hooooo~ New year, new pictures. No theme month yet planned like last year, just continuation to my NPC's pictures. This time, we get to see closer life of Donava Snowden and With Doctor Mau'ari.

31th January "Winterspring Gals" [Dwarf/Troll/Lesbian/Oral]
After Witch Doctor Mau'ari moved from Everlook to 'Snowden "Chalet" ', she and Donava quickly befriended with each other
and the two oddballs soon begun to share their "bedroom" together.