27 January 2015


Now I'm really confused.
I was just lazily checking my picture-gallerys "most viewed" list and saw something that wasn't there couple of weeks back.
One certain picture of Selanaars' behind had not only reached 10k view, but broken through it and has at the moment over 13k views!
I'm surprised and at the same time confused out of my mind! It wasn't there couple of weeks back. I'm pretty sure it only had few thousand of views along with the other pictures. Someone must've shared it's link somewhere and suddenly it had gotten thousands of views all the suddenly - and I have no idea from where!

Here's a picture of it, that will also link to a bigger picture with the top9 most viewed pictures.

15 January 2015

Filler time

Posting something to fill in the cap before I'll start working on new pictures on February.

You can find this picture already in my gallery, but I still decided to post it out.
This is one of my very first "manips" I had done, way before I started doing anything porn related into Darknest.

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