It's weekend! Time for this crazy pervert murloc to spew out a new picture!
This time we all get to enjoy an old idea I've had for a long time, but only now managed to do it.
It's "old" enough idea for the NPC to get a facelift with release of new models.
This picture would have been made last weekend already, but I got stuck raging at Blender while trying to learn how to use it with WoW models. I could do it with old models, but with the new one I get stuck at a brick wall called eyelids! I can't make them move out of the way! D:

Anyway, this picture due to it was made in my "old" style.
I hope there is someone out there that will like this one. I'm pretty sure many won't - some might even flinch.

22th August "Ol' Emma's Reward for Kind Soul" [Human/Pinup/Nude]

After so many years talking to herself and carrying hundreds of times buckets of water,
Ol' Emma was over joyed to meed a kind soul who helped her with her bucket
and wanted to reward the kind soul.