31 December 2019

Happy New Year!

The year hasn't yet ended where I live, so have this picture as the BIG BANG to end the year with!
Happy New Year to everyone!

December 31th - "Happy New Year!" [Draenei/Pinup]
The year is ending and it is time
to get some well earned rest.
See you next time, big butt lovers.
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28 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Finale

2020 is right behind the corner and Winter Veil is coming to an end. It was quite a year, yet my personal 'game of the year' is a game from 2017; which I bought earlier this year: Battle Brothers. I have a intense love-hate-relationship with the game, although the game is hard - it doesn't feel like it's cheating as X-Com games does.
Anyway! Time for the last picture of the year. I'm sure it'll be a huge let down for many, but I wanted to end this year with something more "mellow".

December 22th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four" [Tauren/Troll/Comm]
Winter Veil 2019 is coming to an end
and a new year is starting!
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PS. As a reminder, January is my "vacation month from pictures", so nothing new before February.

23 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four!

I'm here, I'm here, with yet another Winter Veil commission!
Technically, it's already 23th here in Finland,
but I'll post the picture as if it was posted on the 22th. That's cool? Good to hear!

This fourth gift goes to Gramgro!

December 22th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four" [Tauren/Troll/Comm]
Eve of Winter's Veil is closing in and two scouts
stationed deep in Grizzly Hills are comparing the
cultural differences of the festive time of their people.
Deciding to decorate their camp for the ending year and
to use colour of white to live things up, although the cold
air brings up the need of warmth - so the white goes in.
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16 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift Three!

Time for the third picture.
This third one was wished by a Secret Santa! ( ' o ' )

December 16th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Three" [Draenei/Vulpera/Comm]
Here we se a lone female Vulpera enjoying a
evening bath, when a rogue Draenei decides to
do the same. The Vulpera quietly submerges into
the water, yet keeps her eyes tightly locked on the
far larger creature for any surprises.
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10 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift Two!

Time to reveal the next Winter Veil gift!
This second Winter Veil gift goes to Takoha.

December 10th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Two" [Orc/Tauren/Anal]
During Winter Veil, a charity event is held for
war torn veterans and refugees. There they get
marm meals to feast up on. Greatmother Takoha
was one of the kind souls spreading the joy of festive season.
In return, the crowd decided to repay her kindness and drew
straw to see who would be the one to give it to her.
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02 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift One!

It's December and time for some Winter Veil commissions!
I had a cheeky super quick open commission in twitter and it is time to reveal these Winter Veil gifts, one by one.
First one is requested by a familiar name, Brewbolt and two of his Pandarens.

December 2nd - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift One" [Human/Pandaren/POV]
He was headding to Sri-La village,
but took the wrong turn and got lost.
While all lost, a pair of cheerful Pandaren
in festive mood, agreed to help him to his
destination. Along the way, the three got to
know each other and the festive mood turned
more lewd as the time went by.
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24 November 2019

Princess Month #4

Here's another princess I'm sure you didn't expect to see. Or well I geuss both of them are royal by blood, as the other is later titled queen. Eh, that's looking too deep into the lore. And to make it somewhat easier, I did place her iconic weapons as a hint who they are.

November 24th - "Warrior and the Bard" [Human/Lesbian]
Princess Month #4
Two inseparable friends, who have traveled
all through the world together and fought
back to back countless battless. Rumors have it
that both of them are royal by blood, yet they
are just known as the warrior and bard.
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19 November 2019

Princess Month #3

Whoops, that took longer than it should have.
Anyhow, back to a more familiar princess. There was a long discussion what race her humanoid part should be and I'm quite happy of the decision.

November 19th - "Under The Sea~" [Belf/SFW]
Princess Month #3
Just look at the world around you.
Right here on the ocean floor.
Such wonderful things surround you.
What more is you lookin' for?
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11 November 2019

Princess Month #2

Make way, make way, for Princess number two!
I'm quite certain no one expected to see this princess to show up. She at least was a princess in the first two movies(haven't seen the rest).

November 11th - "Princess from the Swamp" [Human/Ogre/Size]
Princess Month #2
He met her while on a fishing trip at the
treacherous Swamp of Sorrows. There she told that
she was cursed and no one would ever overlook
her hideous funnel like ears. He didn't know how to
return her ears back into normal, he knew that she
was the best catch a lone fisherman would ever catch.
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04 November 2019

Princess Month #1

New month, new pictures!
I bet there is a "drawing challange" for November, but I have no idea what it is and don't care - as I've had this one planned since summer.
All through November, the main theme will be 'fictional princesses' and we'll start away with a pretty obvious one. And if you have suggestion for a princess, do post it out, I still haven't decided everything.

November 4th - "Princess and The Dwarves" [Human/Dwarf/Group]
Princess Month #1
She stumbled into the dwarves burrow on a rainy night
and asked to stay until the rain stopped. The dwarves told
her she could stay if she cooked for them and cleaned the
rooms. The days went by and so did the bad weather, yet she
stayed with them, as they dwarves had started to treat her
like a princess - and she quite enjoyed that.
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31 October 2019

Halloween 2019!

Happy Halloween!​

October 31th - "Halloween 2019!" [Gnome/SFW]
Happy 2019 Halloween!
The Peanuts parody.