07 May 2021

Grand Lady of the Manor

 I skipped last weeked as I was planning for this picture. I know I'm supposed to work on the commissions, but I just had to make this picture after my girlfriend suggested it. So after long planning how to do my take of her, I ended up with what you'll see on the picture. I just tried to stay put with my silly code "it hast to fit with the lore", yet it turned out to be rather difficult and I would need lot more time to clean up a Vry'kul model for any use.

So, please enjoy my humble rendition of a certain tall pale woman which took the internet by storm.

May 7th - "Grand Lady of the Manor" [Undead/SFW]
A ancient coven has resided years over
at an remote manor. The coven is lead by
a mysterius figure, who has an pale giant
as one of her high ranking sisters of shadow.
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25 April 2021

Spring Commission 2021 #3: Waiting For a New Challenge.

Time for the next commission picture to be revelead!
I'm still fiddling and testing out the fur simulation. I haven't yet found a nice balanced amount of fur and how to make it actually look good. I'm although making some progress with it and now I've cut the rendering time from four to six hours down to an hour or less when it comes to fur simulations! What does this have to do with the picture? I drew the fur on her tail and rump to make them look better upclose.

I also found out that the way I've saved my images in PNG form, has contained some tiny string of code - causing them to look either darker or in different shade than I've meant them to. I haven't checked in which all pictures this is noticeble, but atleast it was on this newest and on the earlier picture with the Worgen. Both fix'd now.

This third commissions of year 2021 was requested by Ikusame.

April 25th - "Waiting For a New Challenge" [Panda/Tease/Comm]
2021 Spring Commission #3
Dominating the tavern with her presence,
she's waiting for a challenger who would
dare to end her reign and pull her away
from the counter and her smooth beverage.
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19 April 2021

Spring Commission 2021 #2: Zen Through Mystic Touch

I must admit, I like the new zones from both Shadowlands and Battle for Azeroth, yet I haven't played the game since Legion! This makes scenery researching quite tasking, if I'm not just constructing my own scenery. Yet I do want to make it look like it is from the zone the picture is supposed to be from - for that authentic feel.

This second commissions of year 2021 was requested by jjrb4567.

April 19th - "Zen Through Mystic Touch" [DarkDwarf/Solo/Comm]
2021 Spring Commission #2
Finding a hiding place in Ardenweald shouldn't
be that hard, with the lush growth and secluded
groves - for those alone times you might need.
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11 April 2021

Spring Commission 2021 #1: Expecting For a Quick Return.

Time to release the first commission picture out into the wild. First I'll thank all who submitted a request, it means a lot to me and keeps me try more with this old hobby of mine. Like before, it was hard to decide which one to make and there is a clear winning race among the commissions.

Let us start this commission train with a tease. She's waiting for him to come back and maybe do some heavy petting with her. This first one of 2021 commissions was requested by Esealia.

April 11th - "Expecting For a Quick Return" [Worgen/Pinup/Comm]
2021 Spring Commission #1
He had to leave her just for a moment,
giving her enough of time to set up a
alluring sight for him to return to.
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30 March 2021

Princess of a Scrapyard is back again.

Yet another Tuesday post! I did have a busy weekend, so let's leave it to that.
Now, I was browsing through my gallery to see what I would do next(this image) and I noticed that I still hadn't installed a mobile theme for the gallery to make browsing with a phone lot more easier. That is now fixed, it isn't much, but it's something the gallery supports. I'm terribly sorry for any inconvenience you might have had when browsing using a mobilephone. I know it's 2021, but no one ever complained so I didn't know!

About the picture? I saw that there was a lack of Goblins, so I made this picture and put another Gob into the to-do-list - so I would have two OC to use: the unnamed Princess and a bubbly boy.

March 30th - "Courtesy of the Princess" [Goblin/Pandaren/Oral]
The self proclaimed scrapyard Princess likes
to give a long lasting image of herself -
especially when she's hosting tea parties
for exotic visitors from far away lands.
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23 March 2021

She had an Upgrade.

I didn't think I would succeed with this, but I managed to make a working MechaGnome model! Kind of - it's a Gnome/MechaGnome hybrid. Close enough in my book!
She had a brief visit back in 2018 and before that back in 2016. Maybe now I'll feature her more, as her model is more or less finished(maybe minor gnomeTech details here and there as time goes).
This picture isn't as fancy looking as last weeks, so take it more like a tech-demo or showcase of a hybrid-mechagnome model.

March 23th - "Upgrade Finished" [Gnome/Pinup/SFW]
With the discover and unification of the
Gnomish people, Lunzock finally managed
to replace her old prosthetics with new
fancy MechaGnome technology.
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15 March 2021

Rangers of Unseen Path

I haven't done pictures with NPCs in a long time - if you don't count that one sfw picture with Ol' Emma from last December(2020). I really should make more them, as I've managed to collect a nice catalogue of various NPCs around the game. Quest-givers, vendors and just world building npcs with no real reason but to make the game world more alive.

This time I searched high and low for an Night Elf and an Blood Elf to be paired up. It wasn't an easy task, as I needed to find them in the same zone and not hostile towards each other. After some searching I begun to think what classes these two races share and Hunters was the final answer. So I was off to Trueshot Lodge and browesed through the NPCs and found to promising candidates - whom you'll see in tonights picture.

March 15th - "Rangers of Unseen Path" [Nelf/Belf/NPC]
Two rangers from two different worlds,
yet both have seen peril in their life.
Lilatha was captured by Amani Trolls and
was about to be sacrificed, before eventually rescued.
Glynda Nal'Shea was stationed in the trecherous lands
of Darkshore and has seen what cataclysm caused.
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11 March 2021

Selsel and her fuzzy fur testing.

I want to show you a comparison between two pictures, where you see the fuzzy fur I was talking about and compare without fuzzy fur. To make it easy for you and for the forum, I'm posting links to the pictures rather than making them visible here.

Clicking this link, you'll see the one with the fuzz!
And clicking this link, you'll see the one without!

Here's a bonus where they are side by side.

I just wanted to share this with you, for fun.

08 March 2021

Women's Day 2021

It's Women's Day in Pandaria(and international one here on earth)! Selsel is once again getting a lovely gift from someone as appreciation.

While the Tauren is supposed to be just a random toon, I quite like the lazy highland cattle look he has. I might flesh him out more in the future. As for now, I trying to fiddle around with Selsel's fur if I should actually make it look... furry. So far my simulations make it look super fuzzy. Also, I really need to work on those paw pads. I rarely edit the slippers off Pandaren paws, yet Selsel's model I had done that - and forgot to finish them.

March 8th - "Pandarian Women's Day #3 [Pandaren/Tauren/Oral]
Once again it is Women's Day in Pandaria,
and this time a gentleman Tauren was the
one to bring Selsel her gift. She was quite
impressed by his gift and might have grown
somewhat attached to him and his gift.
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01 March 2021

The Ankle Breaker is Striking Again!

I know it's March, but I started working on this picture back in February, so it's technically still part of the SFW month.
While planning on her armour, I noticed that majority of all plate armors that are in the colour red, are Horde only - I wonder why. Not that it really matters, since I'm only using them to do pictures. I can't remember what the armours were named, but most of them were pvp-gears.

March 1st - "Ankle Breaker in Action" [Gnome/SFW]
Those darn Wendigos are once again
causing trouble near Kharanos, Dun Morogh.
The Mountaneers has had enough of it and sent
a lone Gnome to cull the numbers - who notoriously
known for shattering her foes ankles.
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23 February 2021

Wild Druidic Magic!

Whops! I once again slipped over to Tuesday. One more week and then I'll start making smut again, promise.

Right, so, while working on this picture I came up with the idea to create a friend for Kaga. Someone who shares his "features". I know I have more than enough characters to work with, but one or three more wouldn't hurt, right? Only thing really is to choose what race he would be. Elves are out, as that's the lazy way. I'll come up with something soon or later.

Something about the picture? They really should update old world textures from 5*5 into something lot bigger. And I don't know if the name of the picture works, but I wanted to use a druid spell in it.

Febraury 23rd - "Wild Efflorescence" [Tauren/SFW]
While Kagawah has been practicing the
druidic ways over an year now, he still has
some trouble controlling his powers.
Perhaps his "bad luck" with the elementals
followed after him through the class reroll.
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