26 May 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #7

And they're all done! I was set to only make six commissions, but surprise! I made seven!
I might not have followed the request to the fullest, but the core of the image is the same! Altough I don't know if she really is envious about her. Who knows! And yes, after I read the commission request, the famous photo came to mind and I had to recreate it(not 1:1)!

May 26th - "Mocaccino Girls" [Draenei/Gnome/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #7
Brixi and Selanaar were over at a café
for some cake and mocaccino, when a
fan of the librarion wanted to take an
photo of her. Brixi wasn't amused.
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19 May 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #6

Spring is slowly turning into summer. It is getting warmer every day(slightly too fast even).
This druid seems to like butterflies, altough on her previous picture there was only one - when in this one there are... ten? I can't remember.

May 19th - "Butterfly Druid" [Nelf/Pinup]
2019 Free Commission #6
Heard from other druids that there are pink
flower bushes in Pandaria, which has a very lovely
scent - that warms ones body and mind.
Although only after she heard that the flowers attract
all kinds of butterflies to them, she had to travel there
to smell the flowers and see the butterflies she love.

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13 May 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #5

One more to go after this one, then I'm all done with Spring commissions!
She's huge and strong, but shy or atleast her kinsmen are - as they trek through the wilderness on their own.

May 13th - "Big 'n Soft" [Orc/Troll/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #5
Mok'nathals are nomadic people who favor
solidary life over communities. They are quiet
and withdrawn people, yet when in need of
something they cannot acquire through hunting,
they build courage and head into a settlement.

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06 May 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #4

It's already May and we've just past the half way mark on the Spring Commission pictures.
This unlikely couple weren't neither spared from the spring heat. Those poor men.

May 6th - "Raw Passion" [Tauren/Worgen/Gay/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #4
Even this unlikely couple couldn't be
spared by the spring magic and was thrown
into the void of animalistic passion and breeding.

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28 April 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #3

Spring commission number three can be located on this post!
A passionated picture of a couple having some lone time at a rural Pandarian inn.

Gallery is currently down due to mySQL problems. I've contacted my webhost to see if they can find something.
So currently majority of all links are dead. XL links should work just fine, as they aren't located in the gallery itself.

April 28th - "Taste for the Aroma" [Human/Pandaren/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #3
Pandaren are well known food lovers.
With their laid back lifestyle, they've learned
to appreciate quality food and taught themself
the best ways to bring out the aroma and taste.

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21 April 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #2

It's number two of Spring Commissions!
A nice little picnic in the woods, full of spring scents and energy.

Also, it seems like my webpage host upgraded the php support and now my gallery is dead. I've tried updating it, but in vain. Now would be the time to shine if I knew PHP.

April 21th - "Noblegarden Picnic" [Human/Belf/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #2
A romantic picnic on a sunny day,
deep within the forest. The nature full
of life and sounds. The magic of the spring
fills the air with warmth, passion and love.

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15 April 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #1

Time for some Spring Commissions!
Couple of weeks back, I posted a commission-form link in my twitter and now is the time to show which ones were chosen.
First one is full of passion, primal urges and hint of spring magic(although I think that's hard to see in a jungle with one season and all).

And as a note if my thread gets into lockdown mode once again: There might be a small issue with the new forum and latest Firefox. The mods/devs are looking into it.

April 15th - "Holy Warriors of Sun and Rezan" [Troll/Tauren/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #1
Two unlikely companions come together
with common views of justice and light.
At the moment they aren't culling the wicked,
altough they are using their unwavering vigor
on each others - with great passion and just.

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11 April 2019

Fetchin quest!

I have no idea how I managed to spend so many days on this picture - yet only spending couple of hours per day. Nevertheless, here it is. You might notice something off and if you didn't visit my twitter page back in January, this is the first time you'll see what I created in my boredom. My girlfriend's Dark Iron Warrior needed a squire.

April 11th "Small Things Helps the World" [Gnome/Human/NPC]
While her madam is reporting her knightly
deeds at the barracks, her tough as nails
squire happened to stumble across ol'Emma
and to pass the time help her with her never
ending fetch-quest to refill underground bath house.
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31 March 2019

End of March

ast day of March, a perfect day to post out another picture.
Wanted to do something more 'subtle' but keep it lewd. Nothing more to say there. Subtle picture of two elves in spring heat. Yep.

March 31st - "Headstart to Spring" [Belf/Voidelf/Straight]
Spring is just right behind the corner.
Nature springs into bloom and life.
Many animals react to this and as so
does people as well - others more than the rest.
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25 March 2019

Moved in and still unpacking.

It's time for a new picture - slightly overdue with moving to new appartment and still unpacking.
This next picture was composed from four short polls I had in Twitter, mainly the four major elements: The stars race. Is it naughty or not. Sexual orientation and how many supporting actors should there be.
The rest I added myself and this is what I created in the dead of night.

March 25th - "Testing New Allies" [Gnome/Dwarf/Foursome]
Brixi has been quite skeptic of since the Dark Iron's
unofficially joined the Alliance and later officially.
To change her opinion, a mysterious figure
arranged a friendly meeting between her and
three warrior brothers to learn from their styles.

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10 March 2019

Selsel the Peddler having a relaxing time.

Let us see if the thread stays now unlocked until I actually do something breaking the rules(the admins are as baffled as I am).

I was too lazy to make this picture back on Friday when the International Women's Day was, but let us say today(Sunday) is the Pandarian Women's Day - that way I'm not late.
Panda haters, avert your eyes as the picture contains lot of fur.

March 10th - "Pandarian Women's Day" [Pandaren/Oral]
On Women's day it is customary for men to give
the women in their lives: friends, mothers, wives,
girlfriends, daughters, colleagues, etc. - flowers and small gifts.
Selsel recieved a relaxing gift from her colleague.
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