28 May 2023

Spring Commission 2023 #8: Summer Flowers

And here it is! The last of this years spring commissions! And just in time before sumemr officially begins! Or well, I'm sure summer is already further than ever at some regions and I fear what this summer will bring up to the north for us people of snow and gloom.
I like to thank everyone who sent their applications months back and I also like to thank for the increased interest for commissions. If I didn't have own ideas to make, I would open commissions right away, but I'll stay strong and wait until Autumn for the next batch. Hope to see you then again for new commissions!

This picture is another two angle one to give you the the full experience of the colourful scenery and all the tiny insects and critters enjoying the blossoming world. It was actually hard to find a good place for a tiny flower garden, but I think I found a nice secluded place to mold for the picture. And yes, I'm thinking the same. That worgen must have a pretty strong jaw by now from getting it least once a year bashed against something.

This eight and last of the 2023 Spring commissions and it was requested by Lady Butterfly.

May 28th - "Summer Flowers: Front" [Human/Pinup/Comm]
2023 Spring Commission #8
Early summer is a time of renewal and
vibrancy as gardens and landscapes
transition from the gentle hues of spring
to the bold colors and textures of the summer months.
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May 28th - "Summer Flowers: Behind" [Human/Pinup/Comm]
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21 May 2023

Spring Commission 2023 #7: Chieftain's Warrio Queen

Alright, here's the next one of spring commissions. And looking outside the window, I think it is summer but that's a minor detail we can ignore.
This is somewhat interesting commission, as it is an continuation of an earlier commission from last year. So she had worked hard for ten years since the explosion and had bonded with the tribe. And since then, she had ascended in the ranks sky high! While she has been one of them for years, her former life as human, still lingers inside her, hence why pinkies are up.

As a bonus detail, since she's using a Kul Tiran model, she is quite tall and big in nature, so the towering nature of Taurens are lost with her. And no, those aren't her horns. They are part of her headband/crown. She's one of them, she needs to have own pair of ebony horns.

This seventh of 2023 Spring commissions was requested by Dopy.

May 21th - "Chieftain's Warrior Queen" [Human/Tauren/Comm]
2023 Spring Commission #7
After ten arduous years, the former soldier,
now a Grimtotem warrior, has fought her way
up in ranks and today stands beside the
chieftain as his wife. While she is now his,
the raiders are still allowed to recieve
"blessings" from the Warrior Queen.
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16 May 2023

Spring Commission 2023 #6: Equally Matched

I don't know if I should give any kind of warning this time, but I'll still type it here. This commissions contains big penises, two of them, big muscular trolls with large penises. There, that's out of the way.

This was a bit of different, as the in-game models of the Trolls aren't the most bulky ones, if you look past the dire trolls. But luckily I have a semi-working Forest Troll model I made years back and could use his body for this picture. Not the best modeling, but it sure beats the old vanilla models or the unusable emmisary model.

This sixth of 2023 Spring commissions was requested by AD

May 16th - "Equally Matched" [Troll/Gay/Comm]
2023 Spring Commission #6
Trial after trial, the two friends have
tried to best one other in various events,
yet they are equal in every manner.
Althought, the competitions strengthens
their manly bonding day by day.
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08 May 2023

Spring Commission 2023 #5: Custom Order

And after four comes five. That isn't the highest I can count, yet we are in a good start. As for the next entry of the spring commission, there isn't much to say, the picture itself does the talking. If you aren't into canines and/or inaccurate genitals, then this picture isn't for you. In hindsight, I could've given her at least some flipflops but oh well.

This fifth of 2023 Spring commissions was requested by Grayhaven

May 8th - "Custom Order" [Gnome/Vulpera/Comm]
2023 Spring Commission #5
A new merchant had put up a stall and
showing out his wares and tinkering skills
for those with coin. Intrigued by his stock,
an adventurous Gnome was curious to place
a custom order and inquire his specs.
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02 May 2023

Spring Commission 2023 #4: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Fourth picture is ready. Or well, there is two of them, but it is the fourth spring commission. I just had to add another angle for the picture to give the over all picture of the setting.
Now are they real tropical branch of the Gnome-family or are they just bunch of really tanned boys over at some island and decided to play tricks on her? Who knows! But they sure like to party and their chieftain is getting a private lapdance with unforeseen consequences in the horizon.

This fourth of 2023 Spring commissions was requested by lyral.

May 2nd - "Like Mother, Like Daughter" (1/2) [Human/Gnome/Comm]
2023 Spring Commission #4
Much like her mother, Becky has a deep
fascination for shorter people. Yet, unlike her
mother, she doesn't aim to get involved with
them sexually, it just happens. Like now, with
the tribe of tropical Gnomes and their chieftain.
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May 2nd - "Like Mother, Like Daughter" (2/2) [Human/Gnome/Comm]
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25 April 2023

Spring Commission 2023 #3: Endurance Trials

And here we have the next instalment of this years Spring Commissions. This one contains big girls from various races and other body positive vibes. Nothing much else really to tell, the picture is quite self explanatory.

This third of 2023 Spring commissions was requested by SunGlassFuck

April 25th - "Endurance Trials" [Comm/Dwarf/Human]
Spring 2023 Commission #3
Humans are known for being quite a hardy
race and with great endurance when it comes
to long distance travels on steady jogging speed.
But does that law hold true inside bedchamber?
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17 April 2023

Helpful Guide - A Perspective

I know I'm middle of commission spring, but I had this idea and I wanted to make it before I forget it deep inside the vast pile of ideas. I wanted to play around with perspectives and size differences, so where we have one! Sure, I do have quite a few tall and big characters to choose from, yet my mind was set on the nun.
Commissions resumes next time.

April 17th - "Helpful Guide" [Human/Vulpera/SFW]
During her daily stroll through Stormsong Valley,
the young nun met a lost visitor, asking for guidance..
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09 April 2023

Spring Commission 2023 #2: Shore Leave

Time for the second Spring Commission picture and this one is also something big from my part!
With this picture, I've officially entered the next expansion! Although, I still haven't played the game since Legion. Eh. Still, fun to use new models for a change.

Oh and before I forget, while the flying sextupedal(I think that is a word) lizards crafted by late Neltharion, they are androgynous but do for some reason posses genders. So in this picture, we have two male ones doing manly things together.

This second of 2023 Spring commissions was requested by Arryl_b

April 9th - "Shore Leave" [Comm/Dracthyr/Gay]
2023 Spring Commission #2
After long time serving in the army with no
vacations, a good shore leave is a fine way to bolster
your bond with fellow comrades of your corps.
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03 April 2023

Spring Commission 2023 #1: Hiking Intermission

Time to get the 2023 Spring Commission train going! There are many pictures coming and amazingly there isn't a common theme with this years spring picture. How rare!

First we have a simple picture. The request was only one sentence long and had little to work with, yet it was the perfect one to start this spring with!

This first one of 2023 Spring commissions was requested by DizzyingDizzy11

April 3rd - "Hiking Intermission" [Dwarf/Tauren/Comm]
Spring 2023 Commission #1
Unlikely couple hiking up north through Grizzly Hills.
As they find a nice spot to rest for a while,
a sudden heatwave rushes over them. To cool down they
strip down and wait for the air to be once more refreshing.
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26 March 2023

Learning by Reading

I know I'm due to post something really lewd, but I decided to save my lewdness powers for the commissions. So I made this lil SFW picture. I already finally came up with a name for her, making her officially into my ever growing list of characters. Back when I created her for the commission, the only traits that was given to me to work with was "worgen with massive dohoonkabhankoloos!".

March 26th - "Learning by Reading" [Worgen/SFW]
When not teaching at the Library,
Amely enjoys reading books that she
borrows from the public cache. Even the
more limited and private copies.
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22 March 2023