24 February 2020

Diplomat is back!

I blame on her furcoat why I'm a day late. Yes, I blame on the furcoat and not being lazy.
Right so, the featured lady hasn't been in many pictures. She had two pictures of my own and one that the community "decided" through a poll. That's right, it's the Winterspring Night Elf Daeatril and she's back in updated model! New hairstyle and a 'upgraded' body under that thick furcoat of hers - yet her head, hands and feet and exposed to the cold climat and snow...

Right um the picture!

February 24th - "Searching for Refugees" [Nelf/SFW]
Between working with other druids to heal
the Winterfall tribe and rebuild diplomatic
connections between the scattered tribes,
Daeatril is searching for hidden refugees
to returned them back to the tribe.
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16 February 2020

Post Valentine's Picture of Fluffyness

Valentine's Day came and went. Poof! I suppose this picture can still be listed fitting into the theme, especially here in Finland where it is more about remembering your friends and relatives.
This picture features the still unnamed Half-Elf and her fluffy friends. Come to think, I currently have six OC's that are still unnamed. That's not good.

February 16th - "Fluffy Warmth" [Half-Elf/SFW]
Valentines came and went,
but your animal friends need
your love and care everyday.
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13 February 2020

Links are wrong.

So it seems that ALL of my gallery links before last years April 21th, directs you to a wrong picture. This is because I had to reupload all my pictures after I got my gallery back up and the links redirects you to the "last uploads", which are in different order now. Yay...
I will in time fix the links, but only five years backwards. Way too many links to be fixed through html.

11 February 2020

New Visitor at the Library

I think I'm slowly catching up with my normal schedule of posting new picture out on Sundays. This time I have a really good reason why this picture took few days longer to make(if you gaze past me being lazy and just watching YouTube and playing games):
I was working on a new character that my girlfriend requested. She wanted a cute character, who would have pink hair and wasn't short. So bit of pondering and researching about different races and we ended up with an elf, a half-elf! See her not so long pointy ears! Half-elf! Half High-Elf, half Human. I think she did take more from her elf side, but still. I'm actually quite happy with her model and especially happy with her just a little bit glitching outfit. That darn skirt took lot of simulations to look prefect on the still unnamed elf. Oh and Kia is in the picture too.

Enough rambling, here is the picture:

February 11th - "New Visitor at the Library" [Human/Half-Elf/SFW]
The Library is a very tranquil and warm place
to visit and Kia is always happy to help visitors
to find the perfect book for them. Today a timid
young elf visited the library for the very first time
and was overjoyed about the warm service she received.
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05 February 2020

Princess of South [SFW]

New year, new decade, new character!
With the new year, I wanted to start with something fresh. She was going to make her debut back in Princess Month, last November(2019). I just couldn't get model ready in time. Although I think it she'll fit nicely as the very first picture of 2020 I've made, especially since I finally used Cycle Rendering with this picture. I'm still not that comfortable using it and will return to use the inferior rendering method, but I'll in time start to use Cycle/Eevee(Blender 2.8) more and more.
Right! Back to the picture. This is my new take of the female side of the Jinyu race - fully clothed this time! And a princess too!

February 5th - "Princess of South" [Jinyu/SFW]
What if the Jinyu Empire would have
survived and thrived through the ages?
Would there be a Emperor or Empress
ruling over Pandaria? One thing is sure,
there definitely would be a princess.
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31 December 2019

Happy New Year!

The year hasn't yet ended where I live, so have this picture as the BIG BANG to end the year with!
Happy New Year to everyone!

December 31th - "Happy New Year!" [Draenei/Pinup]
The year is ending and it is time
to get some well earned rest.
See you next time, big butt lovers.
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28 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Finale

2020 is right behind the corner and Winter Veil is coming to an end. It was quite a year, yet my personal 'game of the year' is a game from 2017; which I bought earlier this year: Battle Brothers. I have a intense love-hate-relationship with the game, although the game is hard - it doesn't feel like it's cheating as X-Com games does.
Anyway! Time for the last picture of the year. I'm sure it'll be a huge let down for many, but I wanted to end this year with something more "mellow".

December 22th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four" [Tauren/Troll/Comm]
Winter Veil 2019 is coming to an end
and a new year is starting!
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PS. As a reminder, January is my "vacation month from pictures", so nothing new before February.

23 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four!

I'm here, I'm here, with yet another Winter Veil commission!
Technically, it's already 23th here in Finland,
but I'll post the picture as if it was posted on the 22th. That's cool? Good to hear!

This fourth gift goes to Gramgro!

December 22th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four" [Tauren/Troll/Comm]
Eve of Winter's Veil is closing in and two scouts
stationed deep in Grizzly Hills are comparing the
cultural differences of the festive time of their people.
Deciding to decorate their camp for the ending year and
to use colour of white to live things up, although the cold
air brings up the need of warmth - so the white goes in.
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16 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift Three!

Time for the third picture.
This third one was wished by a Secret Santa! ( ' o ' )

December 16th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Three" [Draenei/Vulpera/Comm]
Here we se a lone female Vulpera enjoying a
evening bath, when a rogue Draenei decides to
do the same. The Vulpera quietly submerges into
the water, yet keeps her eyes tightly locked on the
far larger creature for any surprises.
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10 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift Two!

Time to reveal the next Winter Veil gift!
This second Winter Veil gift goes to Takoha.

December 10th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Two" [Orc/Tauren/Anal]
During Winter Veil, a charity event is held for
war torn veterans and refugees. There they get
marm meals to feast up on. Greatmother Takoha
was one of the kind souls spreading the joy of festive season.
In return, the crowd decided to repay her kindness and drew
straw to see who would be the one to give it to her.
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02 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift One!

It's December and time for some Winter Veil commissions!
I had a cheeky super quick open commission in twitter and it is time to reveal these Winter Veil gifts, one by one.
First one is requested by a familiar name, Brewbolt and two of his Pandarens.

December 2nd - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift One" [Human/Pandaren/POV]
He was headding to Sri-La village,
but took the wrong turn and got lost.
While all lost, a pair of cheerful Pandaren
in festive mood, agreed to help him to his
destination. Along the way, the three got to
know each other and the festive mood turned
more lewd as the time went by.
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