01 March 2021

The Ankle Breaker is Striking Again!

I know it's March, but I started working on this picture back in February, so it's technically still part of the SFW month.
While planning on her armour, I noticed that majority of all plate armors that are in the colour red, are Horde only - I wonder why. Not that it really matters, since I'm only using them to do pictures. I can't remember what the armours were named, but most of them were pvp-gears.

March 1st - "Ankle Breaker in Action" [Gnome/SFW]
Those darn Wendigos are once again
causing trouble near Kharanos, Dun Morogh.
The Mountaneers has had enough of it and sent
a lone Gnome to cull the numbers - who notoriously
known for shattering her foes ankles.
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23 February 2021

Wild Druidic Magic!

Whops! I once again slipped over to Tuesday. One more week and then I'll start making smut again, promise.

Right, so, while working on this picture I came up with the idea to create a friend for Kaga. Someone who shares his "features". I know I have more than enough characters to work with, but one or three more wouldn't hurt, right? Only thing really is to choose what race he would be. Elves are out, as that's the lazy way. I'll come up with something soon or later.

Something about the picture? They really should update old world textures from 5*5 into something lot bigger. And I don't know if the name of the picture works, but I wanted to use a druid spell in it.

Febraury 23rd - "Wild Efflorescence" [Tauren/SFW]
While Kagawah has been practicing the
druidic ways over an year now, he still has
some trouble controlling his powers.
Perhaps his "bad luck" with the elementals
followed after him through the class reroll.
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15 February 2021

Post Valentine's Picture of Food

Here I come and flash your screen with this years Valentine's picture! Wait... it's 15th already? Shoot! Ah well, I doubt this trio even knows what the festive is. I dusted this trio after a long hiatus after I introduced them back in summer of 2019. I gave them all a quick smoothing, although I gave the flying woman the most time. I remade her plumage(still might need to work on it) and bird parts(legs etc.) much better texture than the original.

This picture was rendered in stupid huge 4K resolution to, so the "normal" resized is still rather large to let you see everything that you aren't supposed to see.

Febraury 15th - "Food is Love" [Mobs/SFW]
Nothing beats a belly full of delicious
food, especially if the feast was constructed
by someone close and dear to you.
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08 February 2021

Happy Lunar New Year 2021!

It is February and time for me to come back in full force! Well not quite, as it IS Febraury, which is like the before, only SFW pictures to slowly get me back into the groove of making these picture - and not just play Stardew Valley all evenings.
Let us start with something fitting what is currently on. Sure I could've used a more "fitting" race, yet this is my picture and I wanted to show of her way too tight dress - and I just managed to find the golden ox.
As a tiny titbit, there is barely any editing with photoshop on this one - which is rare from me!

Febraury 8th - "Year of the Ox" [Pandaren/SFW]
It is the Lunar New Year and Selsel
couldn't stay away from the festival,
she just had to show out her new dress.
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28 December 2020

Winter Veil 2020: Magical Sleigh Ride

Here we are. Winter Veil, Festag, Joulu, Christmas, Decemberween, what ever you call it, is over(more or less) and the end of the year is upon us. It has been quite a year, especially as I managed to get myself to use better engine for slightly better quality pictures to spew out into the vast ocean of lewd art.
I like to end this year like I've done with few past years and show the orginal OC that started it all. This time with festive theme! I need to work on 'Strong-Dad Frost's' model, as there are some minor things that bug me - mainly the texture as he is using Vrykul textures for his body.

Right, enough text! See you next February, after my hibernation that lasts through January.

December 28th - "Winter Veil 2020: Magical Sleigh Ride" [Draenei/Ogre/Straight]
When Greatfather and Great-father Winter
are both unavailable to deliver certain gifts,
they send their Draenor colleague, Strong-Dad Frost.
He might look intimidating, however he has heart
of gold and a jolly body to swell warm joy into one.
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22 December 2020

Winter Veil 2020: Candy Cane Festive

We are getting closer and closer to the big day, yet we have still time for one more festive lewd picture!
I could have used the old model for quicker rendering, but really wanted to remake her model and rigging, and play with the particle emulation for her fur. In the end I only made her tail fluffy and some chest tuffs. Maybe some day the whole body will be all fluffy looking. Some day.

December 22th - Winter Veil 2020: "Candy Cane Festive" [Pandaren/Pinup]
It's the festive times and candy canes are
ripe for harvest. The sweet taste and ingenious
design makes the candy very lusted after.
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15 December 2020

Winter Veil 2020: Gift Wrapped Elf

Time for the next Winter Veil gift. I had two characters to chose between who to use for this picture. What in the end decided for me, was that the latest picture of the other one was from 2019! That had the be corrected right away! ...after I updated her model and used unnecessary many hours trying to get her rigging to work.

December 15th - "Winter Veil 2020: Gift Wrapped Elf" [Nelf/Tease]
She couldn't think of anything to give
as Winter Veil gift, so she hopes this
suffices as one.
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07 December 2020

Winter Veil 2020: Friends Enjoying Coffee


Here we are again! It's Decemberween!
Err, I mean Winter Veil. In 2020 of all years! We've nearly made through the year.
Unlike the previous three years, I didn't take in any christmas commissions this year. I think I've done enough commissions for 2020. No doubt I'll have to plan my pictures more, yet I'm sure I'll manage just fine.
Let us start with a pleasant picture of two old friends having some hot festive coffee in Stormwind.

December 7th: "Winter Veil 2020: Friends Enjoying Coffee" [Human/SFW]
Two adversaries sharing festive coffee and
stories about their latest conquests.
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30 November 2020

Princess Month 2020 #3

 It's last day of November, so it is still "princess month" - even if I due to various reasons couldn't a week back get a picture out. Ah well, three pictures in a month is still good in my book.

I might've used way more time into this picture then I should have. So much unnecessary rendering and tweeking. Could've used those hours into something better. Yet, I managed to finish the picture and am quite happy with it. I can now understand little better why male Pandaren is so little used. Lot of technical issues and restrictions, short legs and huge belly as examples.

Next month is December and I'll see what I will cook up for this years Winterveil.

November 30th - "Princess and The Three Bears" [Human/Pandaren/Group]
The princess of the seven dwarves was traveling
through a distant land, where she met some friendly
bears. Luckily, the princess was blessed to understand the
animals. They told that their mistress, Goldilocks, had been
gone for a while and they were getting restless from waiting.
With a warm smile, she promised to keep them company.
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18 November 2020

Princess Month 2020 #2

 Well I didn't manage to get back into normal schedule and it all was because I was trying hard to come up with a new princess.

And I did.

So here is the new (OC) princess to show her big wide smile and large bright eyes - while posing in a scrapyard she works at. While I'm more or less satisfied with her, I'm open for suggestions if there is something that could/should be improved. As I used Blizzs goblin model, she has those super long arms if compared to rest of her body.

November 18th - "Scrapyard Princess" [Goblin/Pinup]
Self proclaimed Princess of a scarpyard.
She could have named herself as the Queen,
however she fancied the more cuter title.
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11 November 2020

Princess Month 2020 #1

Now that we've all recovered from my spine shilling picture, it's time to enter yet another theme month. It is already the second week of November, so I have to work hard to catch up with this years Princess Month!
I haven't come up with new princesses(yet) for this year, so I'll be mostly using the same characters from previous year. Let us start with something that shocks poor little Flounder and Sebastian - and the old fisherman.

November 11th - "Fisherman's Surprise Catch" [Belf/Human/Oral]
Fishing is his life and there isn't anything
he rather be doing. While trying out his new
waterproof overalls he just had bought,
he found out is have a hidden opening
for easy "self relieving" - and catching "fish".
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