21 June 2020

Lazy Sunday Evening

Survived through Midsummer, yet the sun is burning hot. Luckily the evenings and nights have been cooler so sleeping isn't a big problem. Bet some races in Azeroth endure the same thing when winter changes to summer.

June 21th - "Lazy Sunday Evening" [Nelf/SFW]
When you just want to relax and
not worry about work the next morning.
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18 June 2020

Summer Elf

Now, this picture is a few days late, as I kept trying out cloth and wind simulations and couldn't settle my mind with whom to use in the picture. I thought this would have been a simple and quick picture, but nope!
Anyhow, a merry Midsummer to everyone!

June 18th - "Summer Cruise" [Nelf/Tease]
While Daeatril is more home in cold weather,
she doesn't melt under the warm summer sun.
She actually enjoys long cruises along the archipelagos
and coast during the warm seasons. The sea breeze and
sights are enough to distract her to notice the sun.
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08 June 2020

Summer Faerie

With all the commissions clean of my table, it's time to go all creative during this June!
I weighted between many different options and ways to create this "race", since there is none in WoW - only few mentions like on the names of items. I didn't want to do a "common" looking one, so I tried few different mixes of bug elements and gave a childlike big head for good measure. I did cheat with the hair(as I couldn't find a good flower to work as the top of head) and opened up pandora's box, known as Sims4 assets! Meaning if I don't like the hairstyle, I might change it at some point.

So here you have, a Faerie!

June 8th - "Summer Faerie" - [Fairy/SFW]
You know about the Faerie Dragons. They are known for their
playful demeanor, seemingly disappearing on a whim and
materialize in a different location to mock mortals.
But, there is another Faerie race that is very similar to them,
yet there is no written records of them - only stories told by old hags.
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31 May 2020

Spring 2020 Commissions! #8

It's barely past 11pm as I'm typing this, the last hour of May over here. Summer has had quite an quick start, but technically summer starts tomorrow: June in Finnish language is Kesäkuu - which literally means "month of summer"(summermonth).
Enough of my tired waffling and time to post out the final Spring commission, which is yet another picture containing that one furry and chubby race that people request me to use.

May 31th - "House of Red Light: Harem" - [Pandaren/Tease/Comm]
2020 Free Commission #8
In the exclusive saloon, patrons can also
pay to choose his or her favorite courtesans
for the night or week in their private dwelling.
There, the patron will be pampered into the heavens.
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24 May 2020

Spring 2020 Commissions! #7

Time for another commission. This time it is yet again something more mellow. BUT! It is also in a different style of presentation! I wasn't sure how to do this, as I wanted all four pictures to be fully seen and not cropped. Sure it would have been more fluent and "comic" like to do smaller frames. But, meh. Oh and while this commissions is more like a comic, I still included the XL links, especially for the last image.

May 24th - "Closing the Curtains" - [Nelf/Comic/SFW]
2020 Free Commission #7
Recent years the Kaldorei have slowly moved more
into being diurnal race, than being nocturnal.
Some are still more home in the dark,
especially during the more brighter seasons.
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19 May 2020

Spring 2020 Commissions! #6

As noticed, I took a week off to chill - and tried to fix an old model. I spent roughly six hours trying to fix the model, only to come to the conclusion that I'm better of redoing the whole model from scrap.
Right, I still have few commissions left and here is one of them! I would do more pictures with her, but like always, I really want to make her model better. If I had the extra money, I would throw them at someone to create one with working and proper rigging.

Here she is, once more, and this time she made an oops.

May 19th - "Battle of Endurance" - [Draenei/Vrykul/Comm]
2020 Free Commission #6
The battle had lasted for hours and it looked like
it wouldn't end at all. Yet, when the bed frame finally
broke from the stress, silence finally arrived.
To her shock, the mightly warrior had fallen - hours ago.
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05 May 2020

Spring 2020 Commissions! #5

Tuesday is slowly becoming my regular "release date day", as I'm way too "busy" during weekends with other things. With that, it is time to turn the knob up! Although not up to 11, but to ten(10). Why? A gloryhole box and two male members sticking in, does turn it a step up. With this picture I gave a go once again with the "movement lines". I want to use them more frequently in my pictures, yet I always forget to use them. Whops.
Aaaanyway, here's the picture:

May 5th - "The Bear and The Wolf" [Pandaren/Worgen/Comm]
2020 Free Commission #5
It's quite normal to see little critters running
around the Mage Districts lush grass walkways
and lawns during spring time. Yet seeing a bear
and a wolf mating in open space, is not.
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28 April 2020

Spring 2020 Commissions! #4

Phew, managed to get this next commission finally ready. I really shouldn't play that much with the particle generator and try to create the ultimate grass mixture - especially when blending ye old vanilla grass with new BoA grass. Or well, they do work together, if you look past that some of the blades are lot sharper looking - but I'm sure no one will notice this.
Right, time for the fourth spring commission and we once again tone it down and enter the land of sweet and calm SFW images.

April 28th - "Spring in Elwynn" [Worgen/SFW/Comm]
2020 Free Commission #4
Spring is the time of nature's renewal and birth of new life.
It is also the time what to expect when you're expecting.
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19 April 2020

Spring 2020 Commissions! #3

Time for the next commission. Two "calm" pictures behind, so I thought it was time to turn the knob up to 11.
While I'm over all happy with the picture, I might have gone bit too eager with the 'bump maps' on the furniture.
As a bonus note, I did tone down the requested amount of fluids. A professional courtesan knows that her fur will get all hard and crusty if not kept clean.

April 19th - "House of Red Light" [Pandaren/Gloryhole/Comm]
2020 Free Commission #3
Hidden from common peoples eyes,
there is a exclusive saloon where patrons
can unwind and "relax" with highly skilled
courtesans - as long they have the coin.
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14 April 2020

Spring 2020 Commissions! #2

Time for for the second spring commission!
Her outfit might not be most accurate for the current time on Azeroth, maybe. I don't know.

April 14th - "School Is In Session" [Worgen/Tease/Comm]
2020 Free Commission #2
Don't let her appearance fool you,
she is a rather good teacher.
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07 April 2020

Spring 2020 Commissions! #1

But I'm still playing Doom. It's Saturday and I have ample of time to make the picture. What do you mean it's Tuesday? It is? Oh fudge!
Hi and welcome to this years Spring Commissions!
Let us start with something calm - yet all so teasting.
April 7th - "Some Good Old RnR" [Draenei/Tease/Comm]
2020 Free Commission #1
Even the hardiest Warriors of the Light
need to relax and unwind between duties.
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