17 September 2022

Autumn 2022 Commission #3: Beach and Relaxation

And back with the next commission. Still not really that autumn themed, oh well.
First things first, I've started working again after being laid-off for the past three months, so I'll be switching back to my "normal" publishing schedule(s). What does this mean to the commissions? I will definitely make more, but I do have big plans for the upcoming Spooky Month(October), which means I might have to postpone couple of the last commissions until November. We will see.

Right, so! Commission picture contains a single male troll having some 'me time' at a beach. So if you don't like male pinups, do not click the link, obviously.

This is the third one of the Autumn Commissions and it was requested by Yangu

September 17th - "Beach and Relaxation" [Troll/Male Pinup/Comm]
2022 Autumn Commission #3
After a busy summer of working, Yangu had
earned his break from all the hustle and bustle.
A warm beach, drinks and some alone time
is all he need for his vacation.
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12 September 2022

Autumn 2022 Commission #2: Soldier of the Past

Time for the next commission and I might have gone slight wild with this one.
While I don't normally add lot of piercings into my pictures, for this one, I thought it would fit the setting - kind of.
It isn't 100% what was asked, which I noticed as I had the picture done, yet the heart of the idea is there, even if there is a time skip and the discarded Theramore armours can't be seen. Over all, it's quite a sticky picture and I hope you'll enjoy it.

This is the second one of the Autumn Commissions and it was requested by Dopy

September 12th - "Soldier of the Past" [Human/Tauren/Comm]
2022 Autumn Commission #2
She was outside of the walls, when the bomb fell.
Alone and lost, she wandered the marsh with burning hatred
towards the Horde, until a band of Grimtotems ambushed her
in hopes for an easy kill. Fueled with revenge and too tough
to be slayed, the surviving brutes offered to give her a
haven to hunt the Horde - That was 10 years ago.
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07 September 2022

Autumn 2022 Commission #1: Jog Through Stormwind

The council has chosen which one of the submitted commission requests I'm tasked to make and I'll be now reveal the first one. But first, some text to fill up the empty void!

I was once again pleased about the amount of submissions, yet it always makes it hard to decide which ones to pick and which ones to toss into oblivion. I didn't have any hidden theme set for this year, but of all the submissions, there are few that have quite distinctive and similar themes.

Now onto the first picture. I was rather surprise to see a commission request which ticked all the boxes and automatically went through and even became the first one to be made - not because her model was already made months back and this one was easy begin with. I'm pretty sure many of you didn't expect to see her, as so many times before she has been in someones request, but never made into a picture - and how I've been keeping her hidden and only now and then tease with her.

This is the first of the Autumn Commission and it was requested by Ashlee.

September 7th -"Jog Through Stormwind" [Human/Pinup/Comm]
2022 Autumn Commission #1
While she's self confident about her looks,
it is still good to do some exercise.
Especially since her work involves lot of walking
and carrying heavy books. Also her back does
need frequent work-out for obvious reasons.
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28 August 2022

Last Month of Summer 2022 #5

I'm not sure if I can fit one more Summer Jam picture before I'll look into this autumns commissions. If you still haven't posted your commission, there is still time!

This picture, is near direct continue to last year's Spook Month picture, where Gnomeferatu was checking on her new troops. Now, the reanimated bodies are functioning and she wants to see if they work as intended. If not, it is back to the chopping board and to be re-reanimated once more.

August 28th - "Examination of the Troops" [Gnome/Undead/Tease]
Last Month of Summer 2022 #5
Meanwhile, deep inside a dungeon, the new
coven mistress is having a tryout with her
troops, to see if they are worthy or need to
be reanimated yet again, with improvements.
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24 August 2022

Autumn 2022 Commissions are open!

Autumn should be right behind the corner as September arrives,
so let us eagerly await for soothing cool winds to reach us
by submitting your commission requests to me!


The council will look through all applications and judge them.


23 August 2022

Last Month of Summer 2022 #4

With Gnomeferatu having her big abomination, I thought that Lunzock would need her very own guard, say a golem. Nothing fancy in this picture, I just had some fun reconstructing a boss from Legion into uncorrupted one - only to be told that with the upcoming Dragonflight, my work was more or less pointless.
Less text, more looking at picture!

August 23th "Inspecting the New Weapon" - [Gnome/SFW]
Last Month of Summer 2022 4
While the field tests were successful,
there is always need for more weapons
to fight against the blight of the undead.
With the knowladge of golem-making,
the Dark Iron constructed a light infused

19 August 2022

Last Month of Summer 2022 #3

It's half way through August and we're still getting heatwaves up in Finland?! Come on! I want my under 20 Celcius nights back so I can get some sleep. Ugh.
Yet, here's the newest addition to the Summer Jam Gnome Edition! We return to follow the trio of wild Gnomes on their hunt and seemingly they've managed to catch a big game! A lone sailor from the Venture Bay had traveled too deep into the forest and caught by their trap, oh noes! I hope the flower won't have life lasting effects.

August 19th "Playing with their Catch" [Gnome/Human/Tease]
Last Month of Summer 2022 #3
With having so scarce amount of males in the
tribes, to avoid inbreeding the feral women
seek help outside of the community. Willing or
not, the hunters play with their catch and use
mystical techniques to make their captive
submissive, and prepare for rigorous mating.
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14 August 2022

Last Month of Summer 2022 #2

What a week. The picture itself would've been done earlier, if it wasn't for a small thing like a three day long metal festival where I was. But less about that and more about the next episode of the Summer Jam Gnome Edition! I have a long list of ideas for the Gnomes and I doubt can even make third of them. More for later then.

But yes, about this picture. I thought this would be the optimal time to reintroduce the Forest Gnomes. Back in 2008, I made few pictures of these lusty Gnomes. They are a tribal people living in the depths of Grizzly Hills and are mainly women. I seemingly had stated back then that there are males in the tribes, but the women outnumber them with 1 to 100. That's quite a ridiculous number so I'll just debunk that and say there are... say, under 100 Forest Gnomes and every fourth is male, while the queen stays as the connection between the smaller tribes. Would she still be a futanari as I did back in 2010? I doubt.

So I did little tweeking with the idea of a nomadic people of Gnomes. Back then I didn't give them any clothes, expect headbands and gloves. Now they have clothing made out of furs and feathers, huzzah! Also new hair to give more tribal feel. Currently these three are the only ones that has been seens, as they are very elusive and masterfully use the tall trees for traveling and to hide.

August 14th "Hunting Party on the Pursuit" [Gnome/SFW]
Last Month of Summer 2022 #2
It has been 12 years since last report on the elusive
people hidden deep within Grizzly Hills. Some say they
aren't their own sub-species, but only some remnants
of the aftereffect of 'Curse of Flesh'. What ever is the
case, these near female only people prefer to hunt in
small parties of three and use trees for vantage points.
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07 August 2022

Last Month of Summer 2022 #1


It's August! Time to have a race themed month once again! (Technically)Last month of the Summer 2022!
I was thinking hard which race to pick for this year and looked through which ones I've already featured. There are so many to pick from, yet, I decided to take a risk and make it about GNOMES!
We'll start with a oddity, which caused quite a buzz back when I in my drunk form came up with the idea. I didn't have a name for her back when I introduced her and her kin, but now she has: Tiniki Emberkettle!

August 7th "Trying the New Dress" (1/2) [Gnome/Pinup]
Last Month of Summer 2022 #1 and angle 1/2
The life of an squire can be tough, yet it does pay well.
Still, there are times when the hardest warrior just wants
to be pampered. One way is to buy gift for yourself,
wear it and immortalize the occassion with a photograph.
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August 7th "Trying the New Dress" (2/2) [Gnome/Pinup]
Last Month of Summer 2022 #1 and angle 2/2
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01 August 2022

2022 Survey Picture #2: Melting the Icy Warrior's Heart

The second survey picture is done and now out for you! This one was slightly trickier one, due to the bulky nature of Taurens, made it hard to get good angles so that you could see what is happen. Sure I could've changed the position into reverse, but I quite like the smuthering aspect of the event, gives it more, intimacy and warmth. At first, he was a Highmountain Tauren, but the majesty of their huge antlers blocked the view so much, I decided to which into another subspecies and ended up with little used Taunka.

I will fiddle and tinker on the survey form some more, but as the autumn commissions period is closing up, I might not do another before winter.

August 1st - "Melting the Icy Warrior's Heart" (1/2) [Tauren/BBW]
2022 Survey Result #2 Angle A
The Taunka, distant cousins of the Tauren,
live in the frigid land of Northrend, where they
constantly struggle against the elements.
A hardy race, who seem dour to outsiders,
yet befriending one opens up their colossal heart.
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August 1st - "Melting the Icy Warrior's Heart" (2/2) [Tauren/BBW]
2022 Survey Result #2" Angle B
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