29 November 2011

quicky respond

  • Originally Posted by whodude
    Is it just me, or did her boobs and thighs shrink a bit from the previous pic?

  • Originally Posted by BlogComment
    her boobs kinda shrunk!
Yes, I know this.
I'm actually trying to find the "perfect" size to work with, so do expect changes of the amount of "meat" under her skin.
All because I don't have any real "refer-sheet" or what you call it to check the "forms" from,
but from the "sketches" decided to be used in the pictures.

27 November 2011

After Six Delight

Well look at that!

I had one week off and I forgot to even tell about it, oops!

Anyway, just a single new picture, like I usually do now days.
I might change my posting day to be Monday or Tuesday, as the weekend is very busy time with most publishers in here.

But, here's the single picture I managed to make after some slight problems with other pictures I was going to do.
  • 27th November 2011: After "Six" Delight. [Draenei/Nude/Cum/AfterSex/Lactating]

    "Even if she might be ancient, she still likes her trips into the woods
    and have some after six delight with a friend or two."

More of here in time and a new character introduction.

13 November 2011

Requesti blawrrgsdg

You really expected me to post out a new picture when Skyrim was released back on Friday!?!

Well I actually did. It's a request by a friend that I had been postponing for two months already.

  • 13th November 2011: [REQ]TEA Love; Two girls, One boyfriend, Two Phalluses. [Human/Belf/Anal/Heter/Bi/Threesome/Shemale]

    "In your life you come across many lovers. Sometimes there are some that will love you forever and
    there are some that just wont let go of your heart.
    It is rare thou to have two lovers that do both and also have a crush on each other."

And sorry no Sel this weekend. Blame on Skyrim and the cats, yes yes.

BUT! I will promise more chubby/BBW Sel with one of the other girls next time.
Maybe even an extra picture with some real intercourse action in it.


08 November 2011

Oh my big!

Lets see, with all the comments here and in the forums.
It seems to me that people are quite enjoying the BBW picture(s).

Yet, some people have some problem with áu-de-naturale looks, even if it's trimmed.
This is really something I can't understand but I guess I don't even have to, since we all haver our
likes and dislikes. Some likes the daughter, some likes the mother more.

So, more BBW's of Sel and/or of other people?

06 November 2011


You asked for it and you got it now!

The down side is that no other original art this week and seeing how bad my craft can be
when I can't hide the vagina somehow.
  • 6th November 2011: Hallow's End 2011 Uncensored [Draenei/Nude/Pinup]

    Happy Hallow's End 2011 for everyone - Uncensored edition you asked for.

03 November 2011

Blog Vs. Forums.


As the latest comment I received here asked if I respond to messages in the blog,
I thought to clarify how things work here really.

I do prefer to respond to peoples comments at the forums, but I do try time to time do it
as well here in the blog. Usually I post my respond as well here that I've done at the forums -
if there was something to say really.
Also, it's quite a chore to work on both places and on the empty gallery, but I will try to
respond more often here as I'm quite surprised how many still visits here.

Here's two responds from the forums:

I guess that picture could be called "semi-trolling".

Rather nice to see even few comments here and even more in my "blog".
I'm still surprised to see that people still actually like my pictures despite not being so much in the public any more, and not really doing any "futanari" pictures to feed the mass of lurkers.

Oh and a uncensored version of the picture? Mmmaybe next month since you all and on the blog people so "kindly" asked for it.

personally i would love to see some of those "old selanaar style" pictures again they were really awesome :3

More info please.

"Old Selanaar style"? You mean "Old" Sel with the long pearl white hair and... much like the previous picture but withoutthe fitting body mass she lore-wise do have?

Oh and with all these comments I've gotten so far I started to hesitate of this weekends picture(s) that I was planning to do.
Not that you would have missed much there, just two crazy Gnome related unusual sexual intercourse pictures.
Now I'm stuck thinking if I just skip this weekend to bring you something bigger next weekend,
or give you a pin-up picture either of Sel or Urdina... or go all lazy and just do uncensored version the picture.