24 August 2020

Last Month of Summer 2020 #5

I've for some time wanted to try out a picture with hypnosis since my last one back in 2017. I went with glowing eyes and some eyebeams for this picture, yet I'm still quite unsure how it ended up. I tried out few "anime" tropes but nearly none of them looked good on the the eyes.

Oh and don't mind the fangs. I um... err... Oh! Female trolls fangs are actually more like what Water Deers have, you know, those Vampire Deers with canine like teeth that they can move with muscle strings. Yes yes. Just like that. Her jaw isn't split in half and/or her lower fangs aren't puncturing through his manhood.

August 24th - "Last Month of Summer 2020 #5" [Troll/Orc/Oral]
He wouldn't stop bragging, yet that's nothing
some good old mind controlling hypnosis can't
stop and let them have some fun with him.
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19 August 2020

Last Month of Summer 2020 #4

This picture took longer than I wanted. I had odd problems with the models and I couldn't really focus as my summer vacation was coming to an end. Yet here we are, new picture with trolls getting bored by an orc talking their ears off about the battles he's been in. Poor girls.

August 19th - "Last Month of Summer 2020 #4" [Troll/Orc/SFW]
The two trolls through it would be
a fun night out with a rugged warrior.
But all he does is talking about battles
and fights he's been in and survived.
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12 August 2020

Last Month of Summer 2020 #3

Avert your eyes! The troll has lost his loincloth and wild beasts have surrounded him! I couldn't help it. Much like last year with the dwarf-pictures, I want to make pictures with two parts: first something safe and then something smutty on the same scenery and on-going story. Something like that. I might have gone where the fence is lowest on this one, although I don't mind it.
Next pictures will contain female Troll(s), I promise!

August 12th - "Last Month of Summer 2020 #3" [Troll/Pinup/Tease]
While all hunters value the assistance of their
animal companions, Beast Mastery hunters
have the closest bonds of all with their pets.
This Troll hunter favors 'Ferocity' animals over others.
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09 August 2020

Last Month of Summer 2020 #2

 I did point that we'll be focusing more on the female trolls, but I wanted to show out this male Forest Troll "base" I managed to make out of the old models they still use in the game - unless they've released new models in the PTR. With this mold, I can also use Frost Trolls in some far cold future.

August 9th - "Last Month of Summer 2020 #2" [Troll/SFW]
Forest trolls are noted to be taller and more muscular
on average than jungle and sand trolls, yet noticeably
smaller than the Zandalari and ice trolls.
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03 August 2020

Last Month of Summer 2020 #1


It's August again! It's time to have a race themed month again! Last month of the Summer 2020!

This year, I'll be focusing on the Trolls, especially on the females.
And here is the first picture featuring Yuhuja and an Void Elf!
I couldn't find any hard facts about the tentacles, other than they are dreadlocks looking like tendrils with glowing magic on them(which I obviously forgot). I looked through images and it seems like at the moment it's up to the artists if it's dreadlocks or tentacles that can be moved. I chose the latter.

August 3rd - "Last Month of Summer 2020 #1 [Troll/Void Elf]
Yuhuja has always been interested about elves.
And this 'new' elf faction excites the scholar
more than pile of rare books or jewelry.
She's ready to study all she can about them.
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