27 June 2012

Midweek responding.

Time for a poke and responding to the comments.

I can say that over the years, the forum has either changed more and more to favour futa styled art with the "pretty" races.
Also if there is any amount of clothing on and the picture isn't drawn, it's mostly seen unworthy for comments.
Not that I really mind it, as I've grown used to it and got my gallery to track views and votes on each picture.
Plus, this is my hobby and I take quite joy in making these pictures while I can't draw crap on actual paper, properly.

But anyway, it's only Wednesday and the picture was posted back on Monday(least it was in Finland).
Two comments in the gallery, five in my blog and two in my forum thread. That's actually quite good.
I might take next weekend off as I've posted one picture each week for three weeks in a row.
I say I -might-, who knows if I get a sudden inspiration for another tease picture or a "proper" porn picture.

Before I end, here's a- Oh! Sixth comment was just posted into my blog, heh.
As I was typing, here is a lil' bonus picture I "did" as I found a neat little npc-only headgear in the game.

The librarian did finally get her proper glasses!

25 June 2012

Midsummer picture!

Hello, how are you? It's me again here with another picture update for all of you Lurkers to view at.

Midsummer came and went, but summer still stays here for a month or two
(or more depending where you live, unless it's winter over there at the moment. I'm looking at you, Australia.).

The heat-waves has also reached most parts of Azeroth, as the Midsummer festival is ongoing there.
Not that this picture has anything to do with the actual event, but it's summer themed at least.

So with no more dragging, here's a picture of Sel sunbathing on Stranglethorn Vale beach.

  • 25th June."Heat of Summer" [Draenei/Solo/BBW/Tease]

    The summer is at it's warmest season( in some parts of the world)
    and the heat drives people to the beaches for cooling and tanning.
    Or in some cases, tease the fudge out of people.
  • 19 June 2012

    Responding in time!

    Thank you, for the two brave souls that dared to post something here(forums),
    when compared how many did post into the blog and there was even one posted in my gallery.

    Next picture already this weekend during heat of Midsummer? I have no idea. It's possible,
    I'll post more info when getting closer to the date if I'll postpone it for next week.

    17 June 2012

    Teasing teasing teasing

    It's a rainy day over here<3

    I'm slowly trying to find even better way to use this new method I use to make there pictures.
    I still have clearly some "difficulties" with the colours but it's more because using the light effects.

    But hey! This is amazing! I made a new picture already only after one week!
    So yes, undergarment milf Sel. This is clearly one of my tamest picture about Selanaar.

    17th June."Teasing Mother" [Draenei/Solo/BBW/Tease]

    Little did he know, this ancient draenei mother had some tendency to tease people.

    10 June 2012

    Midsummer is behind the corner

    Midsummer is coming closer!
    Like the title states, Midsummer is coming closer really quickly and I only managed to make so far one new picture!


    It's even a dwarven lass and something that I haven't done before, a Worgen... or well, Worgens genital.

    10th June."Soothing Kiss" [Dwarf/Worgen/Oral/Straight]

    Lone Chocolate Dwarven lass giving a soothing kiss for a friend.

    I'm sorry that I didn't type anything more detailed or more info,
    but I have been up 36hours or more no, so I'll be heading to bed before work.