24 April 2017

The Stouthammers

Monday update time.
Time for another chapter in the "NPC gallery" of mine.
I was already working on another picture, when I recieved a message in tumblr asking if I was making more of a certain race in near future. The idea begun to mold in my mind and in the end I did remember of certain npc couple I encountered in WoW while playing on my new Monk with Vanilla-WoW rules(no heirlooms etc.). These two have their current residence in Sylvanaar, Blade's Edge Mountains. They are there on a vacation but also on official Explorers' League mission.

24th April "The Stouthammers" [Dwarf/Straight/NPC]
At first glance they seem like any old bittered up couple,
but their long marriage has only made their love for each
other only stronger and wilder.
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17 April 2017

Attack of the Easter bunnies

With victory over Photoshop problems, I managed to finish this "Easter themed" picture out in time for Easter and Noblegarde in WoW.
It is also the second tumblr exclusive 10-year anniversary raffle winners request!

17th April "Spring Time in Eversong Woods" [Pandaren/Zoophilia/Size/Gangbang]
After the mist vanished from Pandaria,
the natives furries keep managing
getting themself into confusing
and bizarre situations.
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11 April 2017

Tuesday is book day

Blame blizz and their wonky login-servers that I'm late.
I still get my backgrounds using in-game screenshots, the old way.
But here is the picture and here she is!

11th April "Kia Autumnburn - Helpful Lady" [Human/Pinup/Tease/BBW]
That cheerful smile never fades away,
unless you forget to return the books
you borrowed - or they have been damaged.
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02 April 2017

Sunday is when she rests

No Aprils Fools jokes here.
But a new picture with our newest librarian showing off her skills.
Still haven't figured out how her glasses stays on her muzzle.

April 2nd "Nahimanas Friendly Service" [Tauren/BBW/Straight]
Nahimana likes her job as an librarian
and always is very delighted to see her
friends visiting her. She enjoys helping
them find what they are after.
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