30 July 2016

Boogie time!

I couldn't resist and wait for the expansion to come out, I just HAD TO make this now!
While I haven't played Hearthstone in ages, the trailer for next expansion One Night In Karazhan caught my eyes - especially that one boogie lady with an afro.

30th July "Disco Draenei Boogie" [Draenei/Tease/Pinup]
Disco time at Karazhan!

29 July 2016

Her hair is white and long, you know her very well.

No time to talk, it's picture time!
Next on our OC list is someone who doesn't need any introduction. She has had many forms over the years, but only one is above the rest and that is the one we all love and know. No, not that one, the one you are about to see.
If you've somehow forgotten her name or first timer, her name is: Selanaar Tallulah

29th July "Picnic at Selanaars Place 1/3" [Draenei/Tease/Pinup/Selanaar]
Selanaar has invited you and your friends over for a picnic!

She has prepared a mouth watering feast and bountiful view to look at.

As a bonus, here is what you would see if you were a Dwarf.

24 July 2016

The hair is once again blue AND dark orange!

Already back for another picture!
With the slowly approaching end of OC-parade, I decided to make a "quick-one" to fill in the gap and buy me more time. You've seen both of them before, so they don't need any introductions. Lunash and Yuhuja just admiring their loot stolen from Cartier & Co. Fine Jewelry, in Dalaran.

24th July "Successful Jewelery Heist" [Nelf/Troll/Tease]
Two sneaky rogue thieves admiring their successful heist achievement.

20 July 2016

The hair is now space brunette on both of them!

I'm late, I know.
Short summer vacation, have to use time wisely and travel like crazy from metal festivals to another and check out cute animals in the zoo.

It's nearly time for the final OC, but first one more before it.
This is yet another new OC that was created earlier this year. Really it isn't one, but two characters.
They both hail from a far far away galaxy and share everything they have. These two siblings have survived very long time together and will stay that way until time ends. They also are entangled into something forbidden and what is a taboo amongst everyone, even with Draeneis.
They both have pale white skin and long brunette hair. Their names are: Meena♀ and Vurann

20th July "Meena & Vurann - Forever Together in Forbidden Bond"[Draenei/Incest/Straight]
Been together since their childhood, aeons to count.
Meena and Vurann do and share everything together.
Their love for each other only grows stronger as time goes by.

10 July 2016

This time the hair is PINK

Here again,

You guessed it, one less character to go.
This one lil' character has had many different variations, but they never got anywhere.
All those radiation mutations were trashed and only thing left was that she's a priestess and
has Gnomish "cybernetic" body parts: right arm, leg and left eye. She lost them in a mining accident(same one where Neffani lost her eyesight) and willingly went through experimental medical surgery.
I must confess, I went bit overboard with all the bolts and cybernetics on her body, although she still looks more gnome than clockwork gnome(as her robotic leg and arm is mostly hidden).
This lil' pink haired cyborgs name is: Lunzock Lightrod

10th July "Lunzock: Gotta Catch Them All!" [Gnome/Pandaren/Straight/Size]
Armed with most advanced Gnomish tech,
Lunzock is travelling all through the world to catch all Battle-Pets
and record them into her Battle-Pet GO gadget.
While in Pandaria, she shared a rickshaw for it's calm pace -
perfect to gather Battle-Pet Monuments on long roads.

04 July 2016

The hair is slightly faded yellow

Monday it seems!

I'm starting to think I should change my release day from Sunday to Monday, as I haven't been able to keep with that schedule at all.

We continue with the list and this time we have a Human who never was created in-game, instead had two picture made of. Main reason was that back then Hunter class wasn't open for Humans.
She supposing is ancient for a human, but somehow managed to keep her body relatively young looking. I don't remember what I had in mind back then, but think it as something like she would absorb "youth energies" from other women she would play with in her BDSM dungeon. I can't remember.
I kept one fact from that idea and that she owns set of stocks and binds to play with.
This forgotten character's name is: Zilma Featherston

4th July "Zilma and GF's Night Out" [Human/Draenei/Lesbian/BDSM/Anal]
After Zilma managed to woo a nice Draenei lady,
they started to go out on dates and slowly become a couple.
Many romantic days and nights later,
the draenei was ready to fulfil Zilmas wish
which would become a night she would never forget.