06 December 2011


Lets get first started with some info of last weekend and no update.
I actually had been working on pictures all along the week and did get one nearly done.


I then did remember that I can take it off as on the very first page and post, I've clearly typed "Updates every TWO WEEKS"
Hence why no new pictures back then. No new character introduction or Sel picture.

But wait! There's still a filler I made today!
  • 6th December 2011: Mixed Patriotic Murloc [Murloc/Filler]

    Filler. 6th Dec is Finland's Independence Day.

Yeah yeah I know, it's a filler...


Anonymous said...

You're from Finland? Didn't even know!

Happy Independence day to ya!

Anonymous said...

Your new content was so good :( Miss it already