25 February 2015

Jiggle jiggle jiggle!

I can't believe that I'm still keeping up with the twice a week schedule!

Time for another girl on girl picture, which only means that the last picture of the month will be...

Straight sex between a man and a woman!

I had rather blast working on this picture this time, time really flew by quickly.
I was done with it earlier than I anticipated. Which is awesome in my opinion.
What else to tell about the picture? She's using a strap-on.

  • 25th February "Month of the BBW Elves #8 Jiggling from Passion" [Nelf/BBW/Lesbian/Nude] Jiggle jiggle jiggle~

22 February 2015

Big Booty Alarm at Saltheril's Haven!

Big Booty Alarm at Saltheril's Haven!

End of week picture time. Time for yet another pinup, the last one of the month.
I'm quite happy with this one, especially how I managed to use a nelfs face to make a helf/belf(as modelviewer cannot yet read the new models from PTR).
Why is she at Eversong Woods? She was going to be a Blood Elf, but the world moves in strange ways.

Two more to go! Until next time!

  • 22th February "Month of the BBW Elves #7 Saltheril Booty Alarm! [Helf/BBW/Pinup/Nude]
    Big Booty Alarm at Saltheril's Haven!
    Why is a High Ellf hanging around Blood Elf weed party and all naked? Dunno.

19 February 2015

Triple Trouble!

Only two weeks left of this themed month.
After this picture on the 19th, there is still time for three more pictures.
What will next month bring? I have ideas up in my mind, but nothing is still certain.

But now onto the new picture!
In my own opinion this picture turned out quite well, but I am my worst critic and I see so many flaws in it that I don't care.
Hope you'll enjoy it!

  • 19th February "Month of the BBW Elves #6 Triple Trouble!" [Nelf/BBW/Orc/Troll/Tauren/Anal/Oral/Foursome]
    Sixth picture of the BBW Elves month and it is getting crowded in the picture!

14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and everything!

And a fun day for everyone else who isn't celebrating the day or is single. Don't worry, it's just another day, don't make a huge number of it to get all gloomy.

Picture time!

  • 14th February "Month of the BBW Elves #5 Valentine's Day" [Nelf/Lesbian/Nude/BBW]
    Happy Valentine's Day 2015!

11 February 2015

Part 4: The Quickening!

Midweek post with new picture.

It's Wednesday and time for a new picture. This one was bit tricky for all the right reasons, but still managed to make something.
This Friday is the 13th, but that doesn't mean I'm making a Friday 13th picture or something to do with the new 3ds.
No, I will be working on for what is on Saturday, Valentine's Day, or what it is better know up here in soggy Finland, Friend's Day.

  • 11th February "Month of the BBW Elves #4 Colours of Darnassus" [Nelf/Pinup/Nude/BBW]
    Fourth picture in the all through theme month!

08 February 2015

Part 3 of Month of BBW Elfs

Hello hello hello.
It has been quite a week and even more surprising with the responds and comments for the previous picture.
Of course they aren't visible in the forums, but in other sources such as this blog and some private messages have been quite positive and moral boosting for me.
So I thank you all who have enjoyed the last picture and the first one. Have this new picture as a treat then and hopefully you all will keep your stakes and torches down for the blasphemous change I've done.

  • 8th February "Month of the BBW Elves #3 Diplomatic Negotiations" [Belf/Nelf/Lesbian/BBW]

    Third picture of the month and something new again.
    A Blood/High Elf with more weight than a child? Blasphemy!

A keen eye can see that I've used the "old" belf model, as I am heavily depending on ModelViewer and it's current build cannot read PTR files.

05 February 2015

Second picture of the Month!

Time for an update!

This image I already had finished roughly 18hours ago, but I didn't have the time to post it out.
Also, this image contains cheating - I used a male Draenei who just had sex with the jelly-rolls Night Elf!
What is done is done and I'm quite happy with the picture and I hope some of you will enjoy it as well.

  • 5th February "Month of the BBW Elves #2 Creampie" [Nelf/Draenei/Straight/Creampie/BBW]
    Second picture of the month and I am already cheating by using a non-elf race! Wooo!
 And remember, when visiting the gallery: click on the image to make it full sized.

01 February 2015

February is the month of Elves

Boom! I'm back from my vacation!
It is the first day of February and let us begin with yet another themed month!
I have the whole month already planned full with ideas and concepts!
I've also taken step forward and left the obsolete(but loved) PhotoImpact behind and moved to use PhotoShop full time for my pictures. This might be seen on some clear error, as I am still learning how to use the bloody monolith.

Onwards for the first picture of the month!
  • 1st February "Month of the BBW Elves #1" [Nelf/Nude/Pinup/BBW]

    February will feature elves and only elves of the chubbier kind!