17 June 2013

Wait what?

New picture time!

Before we begin, I like to tell that I took one step backwards with the "graphical style"
due to the feedback I did get from people I know and through the blog.
So for this picture I used the previous "style" that tries to mimic yet give more flesh out feeling of
something between 3D-art and drawing... or something. I can't find anywhere any works that even resemble the "style"
I use in my pictures. Is it good or a bad thing? I don't know.

Now onto the picture.
What to tell about it?
I've had the idea for it for quite some time now and the reason why it was chosen now over any other ideas,
was simply because I couldn't decide what to make - so I made a friend of mine decide for me.
I gave him three options to choose from with varies ideas into them and he did choose this one.
So if you don't like the picture(which I'm quite sure over half of you won't),
part of the blame can go to him for choosing this picture over the other ideas.
But you know me by now, or not, that I love doing out of the comfort-zone pictures.
All those female variations of in-game races with no female models are proof of that.

So do please enjoy this picture, if you can.

17th June."Two-Headed Ogress" [Ogre/Pinup/Futa]

If you thought female Ogres were rare, the ones with
large milk-glands and male genitals is 1:5,000,000.
Only because two-headed female ogress are so rare,
compared to the male ones with three head.

And why is the Ogre an futa? Because it's more funnier.

04 June 2013

New style yet again?

Hi everybody!

Time again for a new picture. This time there is only one.
The picture was meant to be out already back on last Sunday, but Finland was hit hard and heavy by heat waves.
Not that the burning sunlight is the problem, it's the dry air full of pollen from trees and flora in the air.

What's new in this picture then, you might ask.
Well first of all I tried once more on a "new" style with more bolder edges and colouring.
You can easily see that she and her clothing look less shaded with a brush, when in this one they are made with "objects".
So yet another experimental and teasing picture - think this is yet another step further away from "Manips" than before,
since before my pictures were something between 3D-art and actual "drawn" art.

Oh right, the picture!
4th June." Ms. Traveling-Librarian" [Draenei/BBW/Non-Ero/Tease/Solo]

Ms. Selanaar Tallulah pre-Cataclysm at Stormwind Library.
Also new try on style and colours.