31 August 2014

Building Blocks!

Here I go again on my own.
Goin' down the only road I've ever known,
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone...
Or something like that really. Fits for me and for the character in the newest picture I've managed to finish.

This time, we travel into a remote part of Feralas - actually somewhere that doesn't exist at all(as I built the background from pieces).
It has been over three years since we've seen her and here she is again for us - least for now.
But there is a twist! Or not really, the twist is more of that the "other" can go into a twisting knot and die from it.
As can be seen, still using old models - my skills aren't enough to use the new models.

  • 31th August."How to Train Your Wind Serpent" [Dwarf/Beast/Double Penetration/Cum Inflation]

    Wind Serpents are one of the more stubborn creatures
    a hunter can tame and train. They are easily distracted
    and can any time fly off from their master. It is recommend
    to keep a healthy relationship with your serpent to
    keep it happy and loyal.

EDIT: Wups! I forgot to post the thumb of this and last picture into the front page!

24 August 2014

Blender Blender Blender

Found some old pictures from last year(2013), when I was fooling around with Blender and trying to learn use it with way out of date guides for WoW-modeling.
The upper one shows what I in the end managed to make out of Selanaar - still quite fiddly and textures aren’t best(mainly because they are untouched - apart from the areola). Problems with the hair etc. etc. etc.
On the latter picture, you can see some of the major problems I had with the model and where I most likely did stop - I can’t remember. I think I did manage to fix the stretchy thighs, but I never managed to fix her bloody gaping midsection. For some reason the imported model had clear cut where the textured trousers would begin and body end. There most likely would have been some guide to fix this out there or just asking around - but being a stubborn ass as I am, I didn’t bother.
Also Selanaar isn’t pregnant in the picture, her belly is just bloated rather than chubby *shrugs*.

14 August 2014

Dip in the Pool of Magi.

Here I go again on my... umm... no, that song doesn't fit here at all.

Aaaanyway, I have a new proper picture out for everyone to see!
And it is yet another bootyshot of Selanaar, geez.
I did also find out that since I had such a long pause from making pictures, my skill had gotten rusty and I had trouble at times to picture out what to do

But here you go!
  • 14th August."Dip in the Pool of Magi" [Draenei/Pinup]
    Yet another bootyshot of Sel, geez!