27 August 2018

Last Month of Summer #7

Bah! I'm getting lazy with my Sunday updates, I keep slipping to Monday with the picture.
Anyways, time for what will be the second to last of Augusts Draenei themed pictures. Be warned, it contains scalies and gayness.

August 27th - "Last Month of Summer #7" [Draenei/Yaoi/Anal]
While onboard a large ship, cruising over the Great Sea,
the burly Draenei stumbled across two Tortollans below
deck where they kept a hidden shop with exotic wares.
Interested in some of the items, he tried to haggle for
a better price but the Tortollans had something else in mind.

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20 August 2018

Last Month of Summer #6

I made this picture already back on Sunday, but it was way too late to be published - so it was moved once again into Monday.
As a note, my summer vacation is officially over and I will return into my normal schedule as I'm back working at the mill.

August 20th - "Last Month of Summer #6" [Draenei/Human/Oral]
It is a pleasant thing to finally have some rest
after fighting against the Legion for ages
in the spiritual and physical worlds.
You get to meet new people and try out
new and familiar flavours and just relax.
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15 August 2018

Last Month of Summer #5

Time for the epic conclusion! Or is it!?!

August 15th - "Last Month of Summer #5 (2/2)" [Draenei/Dwarf/Size]
After some closer inspection, Selanaar notices
that the Earthen under the undergrowth is still
radiating life energy but in need for an recharge.
Unlike the majority of Earthen, this one has an
extra limb that clearly is the plug to transfer energy.
Or at least this is Selanaars conclusion.
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13 August 2018

Last Month of Summer #4

It is still Sunday somewhere!

Three more weeks left of August and then the summer is officially OVER!
I've wanted to do more with genderbent Selanaar for a long time and now I saw a good slot to use him and work on his model. He also fit well to be used with a new model from BoA.
Doing a scene from Shadowmoon Valley was a bit tricky one, as I don't currently have gametime and I needed screenshot of the sky. In the end I found a working skybox, yay.

August 13th - Last Month of Summer #4 (Angle 1/2) [Draenei/Human/Tease]
In the parallel universe of Draenor,
things have calmed down enough for tourists
to visit it's beautiful and treacherous wilderness.
Lucky for this seafaring lass of Kul Tiras,
she met a burly and jolly gentleman to show her
around the shores of Shadownmoon Valley.

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August 13th - Last Month of Summer #4 (Angle 2/2) [Draenei/Human/Tease]
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09 August 2018

Last Month of Summer #3

Right, I'm day late because some stupid and frustrating problems I had with Blender.

First was the whole UV image for some reason pulling out old colouring edits from the past that I HADN'T saved. I just couldn't figure out where it kept pulling it out. I had checked all the uv maps/textures through multiple times and I couldn't find it anywhere. What made this even more baffling was that any other colouring I had made and not saved, would vanish from the memory after I exited Blender.

Next is that I just can't get the weighting to work on eyelids at all. After I think four hours of UV searching and trying to get the eyelids to move smoothly, I gave up and went to bed.

August 9th "Last Month of Summer #3 (1/2)" - [Draenei/SFW/Selanaar]
While on a field research in Grizzly Hills
to map out the if anything has changed,
Selanaar stumbled across a peculiar sight
sticking out from the undergrowth.
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05 August 2018

Last Month of Summer #2

It's still Sunday the 5th of August! Do not change that date before I get newest addition of Last Month of Summer picture out!
Right! You might have seen her once before back in 2016 July or more if you bought the Hearthstone expansion.

August 5th “Last Month of Summer #2″ - [Draenei/Nelf/Pinup/Straight]
Wanda Wonderhooves, one of the singers in Medivas.
After a passionated performance on stage,
Wanda usually likes to cool down with a fine
glass of wine. This time 'though, she had
invited one of her fans to visit her in
her dressing room for an autograph and more.
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01 August 2018

Last Month of Summer - Draenei Edition!


As pointed out on previous picture, Orcmonth has been moved to Orctober(Octrober) and August is now a "summer jam" month. The Last Month of Summer: Draenei Edition 2018!
Below is the first picture of the month.

August 1st - "Last Month of Summer #1" - [Draenei/Lesbian]
There is still summer left to be enjoyed
and Meena is doing it the fullest with her
childhood friend whom she only just met
once again after their departure from Argus.

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