21 February 2016

The Party Never Ends!

New weekend, new picture!

This time we have Lord Saltheril and Elisara Sunstriker from Saltheril's Haven and their never ending parties.
Don't be shocked what you are about to see, it is totally normal for the host to gain some weight after many years of elaborated parties - even if you are a elf. Elisara though, has kept her size down in thin along with the partygoers.

21th Febraury "The Party Never Ends" [Belf/Straight/Group]
Lord Saltheril has hosted elaborate parties for years and met many partygoers
that has grown addicted to the parties and it's ample supply of Bloodthistle petals.
By his side, Elisara Sunstriker, still trying to get his attention.

14 February 2016

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Hyvää Ystävänpäivää! Glad Alla Hjärtans Dag!
I don't know any other language, sorry.

New picture out just in time for the holiday!
Still staying on with NPC's and this time it's Cro Strongthread and Darmari from Shattrath City.
I guess this "event" could fit anywhere in time, I had in mind that this would happen during the time them visiting Darkmoon Fair where Cro is trying to calm down and learn from his mistake.

14th Febraury "Love is in the Air: Strongthreads" [Orc/Straight]

"Fruit vendor!" Cro used to roar out in anger, until Darmari managed to calm him down
 and teach him to calm down and relax.

10 February 2016

Lunarish Festival pron

Here again with a new picture. This time combining NPC picture with Lunar Festival(in some levels).
Played with lights and managed to make it look like it is happening in Moonglade, where everything turns blue due to the odd choice of light by Blizzy.

10th Febraury "Lunar Festival Shaft of Lust" [Nelf/Straight/Oral]
Geenia Sunshadow is known for selling exotic and elegant hanbok dresses and sometimes a extremely rare dangui.
She does also like to have fun during Lunar Festival.