13 November 2011

Requesti blawrrgsdg

You really expected me to post out a new picture when Skyrim was released back on Friday!?!

Well I actually did. It's a request by a friend that I had been postponing for two months already.

  • 13th November 2011: [REQ]TEA Love; Two girls, One boyfriend, Two Phalluses. [Human/Belf/Anal/Heter/Bi/Threesome/Shemale]

    "In your life you come across many lovers. Sometimes there are some that will love you forever and
    there are some that just wont let go of your heart.
    It is rare thou to have two lovers that do both and also have a crush on each other."

And sorry no Sel this weekend. Blame on Skyrim and the cats, yes yes.

BUT! I will promise more chubby/BBW Sel with one of the other girls next time.
Maybe even an extra picture with some real intercourse action in it.



Anonymous said...

Shemale male insertion? yikes.

I do like the girl lying down's hair though!

Maise said...

Teh, Skyrim...can't blame you to spend so much time on it ! ;D

Anonymous said...

I've totally been scanning this site periodically every fri-sun, lol.

Hopin for dat update