24 December 2008

Happy Decemberween everyone!

Happy happy Decemberween everybloody!!!

What else... umm... I did RErelease my old Asian onnas site from three or four years back today and will try to update on it regulary from now on as the gallery contains now only 600 photos while I have gathered alot more of them by now.

So, either click on the banner to the right or this link http://ks360158.kimsufi.com/bakaras/asians/jap.htm

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year!

21 December 2008

Four updates

Forest Gnomes of Grizzly Hills part.2[Oral/Group/Gnomes]
New records of Northrends Forest Gnomes points that they always move in packs, never alone. Usualy a party contains from two up to ten members, but noraly its from 2 to three.
This also points at theyr hidden cultur as majority of the Gnomes are females and only very few males have been recorded, if barely any.

Forest Gnomes of Grizzly Hills part.3[Lesb/Rimming/Gnomes]
Another point in Forest Gnomes cultur is that they keep very close and tight relationship with their family members and friends.
Members of a pack usualy live together and do everything together to keep the moral of the pack strong.

REQ: Forest Gnomes of Grizzly Hills part.3[Oral/Group/Gnomes]
Request by Clank Bot
"During his training in Northrend, Clank rided through Grizzly Hills on his ram to find his next mission. But during the travel, he got knocked out by someone out of nowhere. After a while, he woke up again and saw he was naked in a hut with two forest gnome females. They slowly crawled up to him as he woke up and cuddled up against them. Clank blinked and didn't care if they rescued him from ambushers or that they were the ambushers, since he has been in Northrend for so long and hasn't cum for weeks. So he started to have his way with them."

REQ: Revisit of Passion[Anal/Heter]
Request by Masaknight
"Selanaar is once again called upon by her Night elf lover Daemiun, so that he can share another night of intense pleasure with the lovely Draenei that he has admired for so long, this time he wants to feel himself deep within her butt."

So many Gnomes! :D Also, there you go Masaknight and Clanky, did get your requests done today ^^

18 December 2008

Forest Gnomes! (late again)

Forest Gnomes of Grizzly Hills[Lesb/Gnomes]
Few mortals know about one of the most hidden races of Azeroth that settles deep in Grizzly Hill forests, the Forest Gnomes.
No one know have they always been there or are they the same Gnomes seen in south from Northrend, more deep perspectiving is needed to find out of this tribal living race.

14 December 2008

late updates again!

BAH! Again I forgot to update my blog with my latest pictures ><;;;;;;

Wait a minute? There's the third part and why is this a five panel comic-strip???

Time to grind for some rep with the picky mighty dragons! >:3

Sleepy Sweepy SeaSel~[Mermaid/Non-erotic]
SeaSel taking a soothing sleep at her hidden giant-clam with one of her favorite friends.

Sel has transformed into her sea-form! SeaSelanaar, the Draenei Mermaid~<3
>>>The one above has baby murlocs in it and the below one doesn't have<<<<

Nude-versio: http://ks360158.kimsufi.com/bakaras/Oth ... o-bras.jpg