29 July 2019

Private Spectacle.

August is starting soon, meaning that there is another "Last Month of Summer" month ahead of us.
But first, a picture that continues where we stopped last week.

July 29th - "Spectacle at the Library Garden" [Draenei/Human/BBW/Straight]
Within the private garden exclusive exhibitions can be held,
as well spectacles of glorious festiveness.
Admission only from two to six people!
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23 July 2019

Private exhibition.

Went bit into overtime there, got stuck playing around with Blender's water simulation.
While I wanted to get everything back up into the gallery before making a new picture of her. I've been quite lazy with the pictures, so scrap that idea and have this.

July 23th - "Exhibition at the Library Garden" [Draenei/Pinup/BBW]
The library visitors are welcome to use the garden
if they wish to read and study in the sunlight.
Little they know, there is a smaller more private
garden for the librarians to rest and even hold
secret exhibitions for privileged visitors.
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14 July 2019

Selsel is back again!

Here you go, it's still not Selanaar, but it is her alternative versio from pararel dimension where she's an Pandaren.
To make the picture more space time confusing, Rule63 Selanaar is in the picture as well(still haven't figured out a name for him).

In other news, I'm slowly getting the gallery filled up - mainly Selanaar pictures left and there is over 200 of them. Uploading isn't the hard part; it's when I need to fill in all the descriptions, names and tags.

July 14th - "Selsel and the Gang" [Pandaren/Gnome/Draenei/Gangbang]
She thought that it would be a simple task to show
a group of Gnomes and a Draenei some Pandarian traditions.
Yet they made it quite fatiguing to stay focused, as they showed
more interest in her than on the culture.
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07 July 2019

Summer R 'n R

I think I've managed to upload over half of my works to the gallery by now and type their descriptions. Going good so far, so I think I can re-open the gallery for public some day during next week.,
Enough of that, time to release another picture of the new trio enjoying the summer.

July 7th - "Having Some Nice R'n R" [Mobs/SFW]
Normally Stonetalon Mountains has rather temperate climate,
yet during the summer seasons it can get quite hot.
During those times it is good to stay in shades,
or dip into the cool mountain springs for sweet recovery.