Hello and welcome to the newest addition of characters that won't cause any interest on people or anyone.

This time I introduce to you a ancient woman, who you wouldn't even poke with a stick of her age.

She's a Human woman from Redridge Mountains and bearing the age above 80 to 100 years!

Yet she looks young enough to be your sluty sister at age of 20, unless you saw her face which looks more above 60 or 70.

But enough of me trying to ramble nonsense, here is the picture:
  • 19th June 2011:Zilma Featherston, Huntress of Redridge Mountains [Human/Nude/Pinup]

    Zilma, a lone huntress after taking her deceased husbands position to earn her living and stay alive.
    Yet, she truly isn't alone, as a giant albino gorilla has become her hunting companion,
    but also keep her warm at times during long hunting journeys., through her ancient age.