15 September 2009

This weeks updates

Upupupupupdate time!

And yeah, I was ment only to post two romantic pictures, but a friend told me that you people should get some heter action after the weekend^^

Comfort of Warmth[Non-Ero/Romantic]
[i]Selanaar and Falathorn had a small history together, even if Sel didn't wish to get steady with him because of
religius and racial reasons, she couldn't hold herself down and think about Falathorn,
all those evenings spent together and passionated moments together kept her warm even if she was away.

Heated-Up Exotic Goods pt.2[Heter/Anal]
[i]Urdinas journey continued through Barrens, even if her friend had to part with her to another direction suddenly
when they recieved a message from another of their kin.
This was a minor setback into Urdinas mood, but the messenger offered his company for her travels up north to Ashenvale.
She couldn't let this offer go by her and she gladly accepted his offer under the burning sun of Barrens,
infact now she could keep studying on the race and have some company on her long trek.