Remember couple of months back when I posted a picture of Ol' Emma?
Don't worry, it isn't another picture of a sexy granny - but two pictures of other known NPC's!
There are many NPCs in WoW that hasn't any big role, but still are known by the players one way or the another.
Choosing a character for the picture(s) was quite hard, as I tried to make the NPC would be well enough known, but still not just a random vendor or trainer. Sure the other one is a vendor, but she least walks a path and speaks out.
The other picture was lot harder to choose, as I couldn't think of any from the Horde. Might be because the years I did play WoW, >90% was on the Alliance-side. That is why, if you've bothered to read to the end, please do tell some Horde NPC's I could use in a picture.

8th November "Bakers Lone Night" [Drwaf/Solo/Masturbation]

Myra Tyrngaarde - Bread Vendor from Ironforge.
She might be visited daily by hundreds, if not thousands of people selling their items to her.
She might have endless pocket of gold to pay them,
but one thing she still haven't gotten - companion.

8th November "Benefits of an Emissary" [Belf/Tauren/Straight]

Dela Runetotem - Tauren Emissary.
She has nearly nine years waited to be granted audience with Silvermoon leader(s) with the other Horde emissaries.
She has seen lot of changes within the city walls and she has kept herself occupied with the locals.