28 May 2011

Filler taimish!

Hi hello holá hullo etc etc.

Week has passed and should be time for more pictures tomorrow.


I'm not doing any... or well I did do one.
But it's a filler, a stupid silly filler picture.

Meaning I'm taking this weekend off.
  • 28th May 2011: Art-school! [Safe/Filler]

    Sarizka tries to teach the art of painting for a Vry'kul warrior.

Also, I'm looking for a writer to write a story/plot for a comic.


22 May 2011

New pictures and gallery.


Hello and welcome for the not so grand opening of the gallery that houses all works of this Blue Murloc Cube-heaD!

But the gallery isn't still ready, nearly all pictures aren't in correct date order and misses their titles and descriptions.

Oh right! The URL http://bakaras.com/murlocish/

But you came here for the new pictures!

  • 22th May 2011: Diplomacy of Ambassadors Part II [Nelf/Orc/Straight/Cum]

    After feeling the generosity of the trolls, the night elven diplomat had have her thoughts about the horde proven wrong,
    yet she did expect that the orcs would be more savage.
    Those expectations was correct though, aside from it not being the savagry she had thought it would be,
    but the treatment was simply something she couldn't help but enjoy.

  • 22th May 2011: REQ: Earthhoof and the Polarpaw Sisters [Nelf/Helf/Tauren/Nude/Threesome/Frottage]

So I still need to work on the actual site and gallery to make it more unique looking, but also on the picture info etc.
Until next time!

15 May 2011


Ellooooo again!

It's spring-time, so time to relax and enjoy the warmth before it gets boiling hot again!

  • 15th May 2011: Diplomacy of Ambassadors [Nelf, Troll, Romance, Safe]

    At times, ambassadors are sent out to tend to the relations between the alliance and the horde,
    for this priestess it was an opputunity to experience other cultures and try something relatively new.
    However she didn't expect to love going there as much as she do now.
    She would surely attempt to get such task again, if she ended up encountering personalities like she just did with the Trolls.

  • 15th May 2011: Cosy Warm OrcKitteh [Orc, Safe]

    Warm spring sun and the silence of no costumers being around. Soft and comfortable bed and self time.
    What more could a inn-keeper as from such a day.

What to tell about the picture.
Well, I wanted to have a theme this weekend and "cuddling" came up to my head.
Even thou the Orcette is alone, I did put a lot effort into her face to show she is quite relaxed and cosy feeling at the moment.

With the Nelf and Troll, I wanted to show out soft sides of the two through cuddling and caressing, all while hiding their private-parts!

Tease I know.

08 May 2011

Trio of Three

Hello hello once again!

Lets see now, the pictures I "was" meant to do for Easter and which I postponed few weeks, have been cancelled fully.

If I keep postponing pictures, I won't make them in time since I lose the interest in the current ideas.

So I made new ones!

Also one request that I really owed to my friend here.
Also, yet another twisted form of our dear Sel - which I made rather quickly, it's Mothers Day after all!

  • 8th May 2011: "Neutral" Negotiator [Futa, Nude, Draenei, Gnome, Goblin]

    Days and days the two faction agents had been arguing over each other at Tanaris, Gadgetzan. Day an night they kept arguing and ranting to each other, until one day a Draenei arrived and promised to help with their arguing and act as a negotiator. The Goblin agent declined of course, since she was part of the Horde and they weren't - but that didn't stop the Paladin from taking her with them.

  • 8th May 2011: Power of GnomeTrio! [Gnome, Gore, Not-Porn]

    The battles high up in Mount Hyjal carries on day and night, but not without help from mighty heroes!

  • 8th May 2011: Brood-mothers Hideout. [Dreanei, Nude, Horror]

    Just a quicky quicky.

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