23 November 2008

Lots of updates!!!!

Totaly forgot to post these here ><;;
    11.22 = Tightness of Shaman[Gay/Trolls/Anal]
    Continue for the previus Gay-Troll picture :3

    11.22 = Grinding for Rep[Oral/Anal/Threesom]
    What? Sel having a threesom with two males? It's quite simple as that'll give her twice the faster the needed rep for The Kalu'ak ^_^

    11.22 = Request: Shamanic healing[Gay/Trolls/Oral]
    Friend did ask me to do this picture and here it is now^^
    Note, it's gay, yes gay. The other troll isn't futa, it's a male one too, but looks very femine for a male in all ways.

    Son'jen a lone fisherman was spending his evening in normal events, sitting by the coast and trying to get some dinner to his table. The souther sun was heating his body way too much today, making him to take a dive in the refreashing sea-water, unnoticing the shaman close by already looking at him, slightly blushed. As Son'jen walked up from the water all naked, he noticed the quite stunning looking pretty troll shaman, whom he thought to be female to begin with, but slowly his eyes noticed that she was actualy a he, and hows eyes was cough on Son'jens member.
    During this slightly embarrasing introduction Son'jen learned that the femine looking male is an shaman from a near by tribe and called Rasajin. The chatting did gather a moment longer untill Son' noticed Rasajins hands caressing on his still naked member. Son'jen couldn't remember when he last had any kind of intercourse or sexual pleasure so he didn't mind it at all, Rasajin was in the end very attracting looking Troll even for a male....

  • 11.19 = The view[Oral]
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    10.30 =Trick or Treat![Trick or Treat?]