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Once again, time for "proper" pictures... or well, fap material I suppose *shrugs*

Nothing more to say really but... decode it.

  • 5th June 2011: Hailya Ravenshine, Nomad of Kalimdor [Human/Nude/Pinup]

    Hailya, a young apprentice-conjurer traveling the continent of Kalimdor for any kinds of magical knowledge she could salvage.

  • 5th June 2011: Diplomacy of Ambassadors Part III [Tauren/Nelf/Lesbian/Anal Beads]

    With her previous meeting with the orcs, the night elf had quite a time travelling towards Mulgore for her next stop at the Tauren capital, Thunder Bluff.
    As an night elf, she already had a long history with the close to earth race, much like her own people,
    but much more tribal phased. Tales of them as savage beasts were rumours, and as an elf she knew that.
    But she still had much to learn, specially many of their sacred ceremonies when a group of females of a tribe bond together mentally and physically