25 September 2011


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Man, Cube, don't quit. You're my favorite artist here and I know there's a lot of people who think the same. You've got a talent for this kind of thing, that's certain.

However, I'm sure your fans will understand if you don't continue. If you don't enjoy doing this anymore, there's no reason for you to keep going. It's a hobby and should be for fun. We're all happy with what you've done and think you're pretty damn spectacular. You also appear to be a really nice guy, too. So whatever you do, I just hope you're happy.

Thanks for the words and sorry for taking this long to post a respond.
What can I really say, I love to do this but as I'm quite stuck with my skills I get frustrated and lose motivation.

Thou the lack of motivation is mostly because-

I need critics and comments to get better, bad and good ones. Constructive critics and comments are what I yearn mostly.
But in not so unrelated news, there a single picture I managed to make today after that small hiatus.
  • 25th September 2011:Entering Danger Zone [Human/Nude/Pinup]

    There are times when the kindest of hearts can burst into anger and turn the person into fierce sight.
I had much larger update planned. But those three weeks of absent and by mistake seeing other peoples works caused quite a motivation loss in me. Nearly sorrow.

But now I'm back and unemployed, so more time to work on my lovable hobbies
With or without any kind of comments. I find it hard to quit this really, I just want to be better and spice things up for you people who least are brave enough to speak out.

Thank you.

PS. Belv and Sariz will return soon, as two of you asked of them.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm just used to pictures of her being really huge but... doesn't she look kind of flat-chested in this picture? Still a great pic, but mabye the angle is playing with my eyes.

Also, sorry if you're losing inspiration, your work is amazing imo.

Anonymous said...

I'd hate to ask for something so vulgar, but you're probably the best screen-manip artist there is at making hardcore. I do love seeing sel and urdina, but I would also love to see them "in action" since your skills have improved recently.