18 December 2011

Christmas update?

So it's soon Christmas, or how we call it here: Joulu, after Yulen(Jul) that the Scandinavians celebrated before Christianity plagued into the lands in early centuries.

Soooooooo it's time for yet another holiday related picture I suppose.

But I tell you the truth. I have no idea what to do. There is no snow out there to do another Murlocish wishing-card picture like last year.

I already did that anyway back at 6th December.

So if any of your lurkers might have suggestions, do try to convince me.

This isn't a "free-for-all request", but simple suggestion of a Christmasy picture.

Thank you

Blue Murloc who is actually pink.

Late forum respond copy-paste

For some reason, I every time get surprised who much people likes the few Gnome related pictures I've done.

I don't know why, but I just get surprised.

Gnomes are fun to work with in the pictures, even thou I HATE how Blizz has done their ingame models legs and

I doubt they will ever add more polygons or make the legs less bulky. Have they changed any of the old models?

Female naga isn't counted as the old skin/model is still used ingame!

I thought so.

12 December 2011

Monday Update! Mystery Character!

Yep yep! I'm late, or am I?!?

Monday over Sunday? What do you think, dear lurker? Should the "publishing day" be moved from Sunday to Monday or not?

Does it suit you better to check and probably fap on Monday, or is Sunday better because it's still weekend?

Oh and here's the new picture!

I did have another picture actually on work, but I felt like doing a "quickly" and introduce later.

You can clearly see where I focused and where I got sloppy.

  • 12th December 2011: Diplomacy or Healing?[Gnome/Tauren/Straight/Cum/Oral]

    There is always truth behind tales and myths. And those tales appear during conflicts on either sides.
    Not everyone believes in them, while others will. It was slightly simpler time before the cataclysm.

06 December 2011


Lets get first started with some info of last weekend and no update.
I actually had been working on pictures all along the week and did get one nearly done.


I then did remember that I can take it off as on the very first page and post, I've clearly typed "Updates every TWO WEEKS"
Hence why no new pictures back then. No new character introduction or Sel picture.

But wait! There's still a filler I made today!
  • 6th December 2011: Mixed Patriotic Murloc [Murloc/Filler]

    Filler. 6th Dec is Finland's Independence Day.

Yeah yeah I know, it's a filler...