A super duper quicky update!

This picture, I was already working back on Monday morning. But I did make a huge mistake and lost all progress I had done so far.
So it took me up until now to get it all done.

Hope you people like it... or least those that finds the idea appealing to their taste.


If you don't want to see two gay dragons, do not click on the picture!

  • 28th September 2011: Primal Raging Needs [Dragon/Gay/Anal/Feral/Beast]

    The more primal offspring of the ancient dragons lack many of the majestic features and
    wisdoms as the ones that currently roam through the world.
    There is one aspect that they still share, the need to mate when the heat is on.

Now to the posts that you lovely little piglets had left me.
*Puts reading glasses on*
  • Job: I have a spot at the post office again as deliveryman. But least for this month and maybe rest of the year I'm having my summer vacation.

  • Futas: I well know this that "futa" pictures brings the people out from the their caves and under the rocks.
    But I want to focus more on pictures and styles that I myself enjoy to do and experiment with.
    If I would be all greedy for comments, I would be doing futa pictures all day and night. Also Worgen pictures and majore Lore characters.

  • Urdina: Thank you. The main focus on last weeks picture was on her face. Much like the Orcette picture I did do some time ago.
    I focused 95% on her face and knowingly did half-ass her... ass.

  • Use of bloom and curves: Thanks. I actually know this problem with the light effect. It's a effect that I use on PhotoImpact to make the textures smoother and give a bright touch. It makes brighter colours shine and nearly bloom.
    That is why in many old pictures of Selanaar, her hair is all glowing.

    Anatomy is quite hard, specially if wanting to follow the original in-game models as I do. They are mostly shaped like real people( or least the humans and some elfs), but they do have some really weird deformations that might get in the
    way or just misguide me when redoing for example a thigh. Specially if the angle is hard.

    My style is very "old-school" and ruggedy. Since I basically take a pose and then start to construct piece by piece it from the in-game models. I look for a animation and see if it's fitting and cut a part of it to put into the actual picture.
    So it's like playing a mad scientist doing a monster of many parts, aka abomination.

  • Feet: With the bulky models the pre-Cata races have, I would like to see when Blizz themself adds more polygons into the old models to make them look better. Humans for example look horrible compared to the new human lore characters.

    But still, a neat idea that I need to keep in mind.