28 March 2016

Easter 2016

Candy filled Easter!

Bit late but still in time for the event, RL and WoW-inGame.
For this picture, I went back to use random characters. I'm also putting "Waltz of smexy NPC's" into a short hiatus until I gather up more possible NPC's to make pictures out of.

28th March "Chocolate Lover" [Gnome/Orc/Straight]
Noblegarden is Pinky-Winkys favourite holiday, as she sure loves her chocolate.
She especially loves chocolate eggs and bars with creamy filling.

19 March 2016

Super Larion Bros.

The waltz of smexy NPC's still goes on.
This time I'm mixing things bit up and yet they fit perfectly well together.
These three NPC's have been since Vanilla-WoW and with Cataclysm they had minor changes but stayed mostly the same.
First is the two from Un'Goro: Larion and Muigin - obvious reference to Mario and Luigi.
Then there is the Princess. The world of Warcraft doesn't have many princesses - that aren't giant bugs. Nor a elemental being or a prize winning pig. But there is one down in Jaguero Isle: Princess Poobah. Most likely reference to Pauline, due to the giant barrel throwing gorilla keeping her as a prisoner. But now she takes the part of Princess Peach
Enough of wiki-ing! Time for the picture!

19th March "Lario Bros. and The Princess" [Dwarf/Human/Tauren/Threesome/Straight/NPC]
After settling their years long grudge towards each other,
Larion and Muigin ventured out of Un'Goro Crater into new adventures together.
On their travels they found themselves rescuing a princess and
safely escort her back home to her "kingdom" and rewarded thoroughly.

13 March 2016

Sunny Sunday Tauren Update

Sunny Sunday Update:

New picture time and another NPC off the list. This time it is someone that everyone knows.
He might be a Horde NPC, yet everyone has least heard his story or seen raid-videos online:
Gamon, Hero of Orgrimmar!

And his new "lady friend" Grunt Meena.

13th March "Gamon, Hero of Orgrimmar" [Tauren/Orc/Straight/NPC]
After the battle of Orgrimmar, Gamon earned his new title and unlimited tab in Broken Tusk inn.
He also befriended with his "personal guard", who was possibly tasked to keep him calm.
Gamon doesn't mind his new "lady friend".

06 March 2016

Daisy's Dukes

New picture out tonight! Right now!

I took a week off, because I was lazy and playing Stardew Valley non-stop.
Now that I'm here again, let us continue with the NPC's I've found:

6th March "Daisy's Dukes" [Human/Pinup/Tease/NPC]
Golden haired Daisy, formerly known as beautiful "Race starter girl" of Mirage Raceway.
Now she works as a bartender at Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge.

I'm getting slightly low on Horde NPC's, this is the problem as a Alliance player since Vanilla.
I do have some on my list, but it is getting harder and harder to find NPC's that people know and has been since Vanilla or BC(and aren't vendors, quest-givers or major characters).