23 May 2016

The hair is.... Orange?

Monday update.

I got lazy and didn't post this out back on Sunday when it was finished.
In "celebration" of reaching 300 followers in tumblr, I decided to "release" a picture
of my newest OC which is new addition to my Horde-characters.
Please welcome Yuhuja, the Bookworm!
This oddball of a troll will try to fill in the lack of female Horde characters in my roster.

23th May "Yuhuja, the Bookworm" [Troll/Pinup/Tease]
A very rare feature for a Troll, Yuhuja is interested in literature and written history.
She might look very frail with her glasses and books,
during night time she's sneaking unseen and stealing valuables.
Yuhuja usually watches for her next target during daytime,
but sometimes her next target approaches her first.

18 May 2016

The colour of the Mane is brown.

Midweek post!

Time to continue with my OC's.
This time we have a snow white character that hasn't been featured in six years.
He is gentle hearted Tauren and practices the path of shaman. With his frail looking body and slim face, he charms other Taurens with ease, young and old. His name is: Kagawah Snowhawk

18th May "Call of Water" [Tauren/Anal/Gay/Tentacle]
The elementals are chaotic by nature and when feeling like it they outright ignore the shamans call,
or in worst case attack them if pushed too far.
Kagawah was lucky this time, as the elemental was just in playful mood. ​

08 May 2016

Mother's Day picture!

New picture ahoy!

Today, 8th of May, many countries celebrate Mother's Day. Some nations did it already, others will later, but majority has it today.
This should set the tone for the picture - as it was lot easier topic to use than Children's Week in W0W.
This picture is also a small break from my OC's, but that parade should continue next time.
Now, onto the picture - but first a small teaser comic I made and posted into tumblr and blogspot.

8th May "Mother's Day" [Orc/Straight/Pregnant/Incest]
After many months of guard duties,
a visit home to relax is a good option for vacation.

05 May 2016

The hair is again Red!

Took a while but I got new pictures ready and uploaded. I had trouble using my free time with the picture(s) and too many ideas, hence why they are so badly late.
I hope it was worth it, even if I took bit too big bite making three pictures rather than just one.
This time I present you one of my dwarfs, whom I did a crazy thing back when I created her. I went out to Howling Fjord to tame a lvl6 "hawk" as lvl10. It was hard corpse-running, but worth it to get a "unique" bird-of-prey at lvl10. I present you: Belvala Proppcopper!

5th May "Belvala's Wild Encounter At Frostfire Ridge Part 1-3
[Dwarf/Size Difference/Tease/Anal/Cumshot/Aftersex]

Experienced hunters knows how to tame the wildest beasts and when to avoid encounters with them.

This event isn't one of the latter ones.