29 May 2017

Third Raffle Winner!

Monday picture time and once again another tumblr exclusive raffle winner commission!
This is quite something different and one could say brave/insane thing to do - Perfect for me!

29th May "Picture Matrix Writer 2000" [Gnome/Solo/Male]
Gnomish engineering is quite a mysterious thing.
They can think of anything "futuristic" and try to make
it work in rather "fantasy medieval fashion".
Here we have one testing their newest automatic
picture painter with built-in speaker to simulate
sounds that would occur in the scene.

21 May 2017

Firecracker is back!

Two weeks back I posted a teaser in tumblr, which in the end was pushed away due to some unexpected rule63 idea I had.

This time I have actually finished it and posting it out! I managed to finish it with a motivation boost I recieved by reading few suggestions and pointers from tumblr(had posted a huge wall of text asking of opinions and ideas how to improve).

21th May "Atop of Toshley's Station" [Gnome/Pinup/Tease]
Long she has traveled through the worlds
and caused lot of agony with broken ankles.
Although at times she needs to rest and meet with
her dear friends, who most are posted out in
Toshley's Station, the broken Outland.

13 May 2017

In a World part 2

This picture doesn't come as a surprise, if you saw my last picture.
This was so going to happen! Only thing that was shrouded by mystery was how it was going to happen.
So, this is position they took and went with - at least at the climax.
I'm also grown quite fond of both characters, especially rule63 Selanaar. Think I might keep him around, though he would need a new name then.

Also, I know that I've made her wait quite a while, but don't worry! Kia will get a new picture where she's the star. For that, I'm taking in suggestions - to make it easier for me. :p

13th May "Still In Alternative Draenor" [Draenei/Dwarf/Straight/Size]
Warm weather of Nagrand, hot sand and cooling water at the beach.
This was evidently going to happen, no surprise there.
Only thing missing is a long and sweet kiss, and BBQ for dessert.
==XL-Size Edit==

07 May 2017

In a World

Sometimes inspirations just appears in my head and everything else has to move to the side and face the danger of vanishing into WIP limbo!
This one would have been perfect back in April but who cares.
With some twisting on the space and time and entering the alternative Draenor, we might find this jolly and round fellow. But something is off and I can't really put my finger on it. He seems, familiar.

EDIT// Update bump! I forgot to give him his 'happy trail'. All fix'd now!

Update bump! I forgot to give him his 'happy trail'. All fix'd now! Also thanks for the comments, there surely will be more of them.

7th May "Meanwhile In Alternative Draenor" [Draenei/Dwarf/Pinup/Tease]
Once up on a time, the "gods" decided
to create an parallel dimension for fun.
There they would twist and turn all known
lore and lead the people into boredom.
Some although did use that time for leisure.
==XL-Size Edit==