31 December 2017

Winter Veil: Gift Six

Jingle Jangle BOOM!!!

The Gnomes have finished with the final gift to give out and just in time for the New Years Eve!

That was close and quite a month it was! Total of eight pictures where seven were commissions! Phew!
This final picture was wished by Snow, who wished for a speed filled picture with fun times in it as well.
A interracial couple of a Dwarf and Pandaren having fun time during a sledding festival - while under the effect of alcohol.

With this picture, my year is done and I'll be having my yearly vacation all through January. I've made 47 pictures through the year, if not counting all the fillers and mini-pictures. That's quite lot of pictures to me!
I might still post this and that in Tumblr, but no new pictures for a month!

31th December - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift Six" [Dwarf/Pandaren/Comm]
On the last day of the year, the annual couples
sledding festival is held on the slopes of Ironforge Mountain.
Lot of beverage and food for all the couples to enjoy
between sledding. One couple got bit frisky from all the drinks
and though to spice things up while sledding.

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29 December 2017

Winter Veil: Gift Five

Jingle Jangle

The season is soon ending and a new year is beginning. The Gnomes have been working hard on the last gifts.

Time is really running out for the season, although the ancient Yulen time does continue all the way to January 6th.
Anyhoo, this gift was wished by snake224, who wished for a lone Dwarf(presumably a hunter) taming or just having some play time with a Frost Wolf up in Frostfire Ridge.

29th December - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift Five" [Dwarf/Zoophilia/Comm]
Winter Veil might be a Azerothian holiday,
that doesn't stop one from spreading the
holiday cheer to his or her love ones
in far away lands - even in different time
and alternative reality - and to a wolf.
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26 December 2017

Winter Veil: Gift Four

Jingle Jangle

As the Gnomes are recovering from food coma, they finally finish their next gift to the world.

This gift was wished by an shy anonymous guy, so we have no name to credit. But he did wish Selanaar to visit her friend Kia on Winter's Veil. This gave the Gnomes bit of an puzzle, as it didn't state anything else - so they made what first came into their minds. Hope you all like it and had a peaceful Christmas.

26th December - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift Four" [Draenei/Human/SFW/Comm]
Kia and Selanaar are resting from all the Winter Veil festives.
Hyvää Joulua kaikille!
Merry Christmas to all!
God Jul till alla!
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21 December 2017

Winter Veil Gift Three

Jingle Jangle

The Gnomes are back working and have the next gift ready and delivering it NOW!

The third gift has the name Typhon writen on it. I hope the Gnomes managed to make what he or she did wish for, Yuhuja the Bookworm visiting her dear friends down in Blackrock Depths.

21th December - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift Three" [Troll/Dwarf/Straight/Comm]
Being a Jungle Troll, Yuhuja prefers warm regions.
For this Winter Veil, she traveled to Blackrock Depths
to stay over at one of her dear "artifact collector"
colleague living down there with her husband.
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17 December 2017

Winter Veil Intermission

Jyngle Jognl-
Well that didn't sound correct. Maybe the Gnomes are busy on something else than on the gifts.
They might be working on their new machine and trying to calibrate it to perfection.

While I'm- I mean the Gnomes are busy with their new PC, here's an "intermission" picture.
It is bit in the same style as last year when this Night Elf was the star.

December 17th - "Winter Veil 2017: Intermission with Lunash" [Nelf/SFW]
'Tis time for a small break,
time to bake some cookies!

11 December 2017

Winter Veil Gift TWO

Jingle Jangle!

The Gnomes have been working hard once again for the next Winter Veil gift. Altough this time the lil' buggers got stuck watching Yogscasts Jingle Jam - hence why a Monday release.

The second gift was wished by Viiz, who wanted to visit Booty Bay for some holiday spirit - given by a big ol' Tauren. And here we have it!
I hope the gift is taken with joy.

December 11th - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift Two" [Human/Tauren/Straight/Comm]
Snow is one of the key elements during
Winter Veil. It is even in the name.
Still, you can celebrate the festive even
at the hottest regions of Azeroth. It only
needs the holiday spirit of people to bloom.
Even among hard boiled pirates.
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08 December 2017

Winter Veil Gift One

Jingle Jangle!

The Gnomes have been working hard sorting through all the wishes they recieved and they have worked hard on the first gift and ready to reveal it out for all to be seen!
The first one was wished by Raduts and he/she wished for some big ol' dwarven breasts with a male phallus between them. The Gnomes pondered hard on this one and decided to make the blind priestess of Khaz Modan, Neffani, as the star of the gift.
Hope the gift is recieved with joy!

December 8th - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift One" [Dwarf/Paizuri/Comm]
Winter Veil is upon us again and the
Dwarves loves this holiday as much as they
do Midsummer. Neffani is once again trying
her luck with a blind date. Who is to say if
the priestess had better luck this time finding
someone to share her burrow for years to come.
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02 December 2017

Winter Veil 2017

Guess what! It's time for


I got something special planned for this year, so take a look at the first Winter Veil picture of 2017.

December 2nd - "Winterveil 2017 Gift Give-away" [SFW]
Winterveil 2017 is here and let us
begin setting up the decorations
and write down what we wish as
gift(s) this winter!

Do you wish for a picture this Winter? Leave your wish for the Librarians and you might get one!


27 November 2017

Butterfly butterfly

Last week of November begins now and it's time to break the Gnome combo I've had going on for quite a while now!

November 27th - "Heavenly Meadow" [Nelf/Pinup/Tease]
People have different ways to relax
after a full day of tasks. A certain druids
way is to just relax on a flower meadow
and watch the time move by.

19 November 2017

November tumblr Raffle Winner

Less than two more weeks to the darkest and coldest month(least up here in north), but November still carries on.
I've been bit busy and and ill once again, hence why the whole "once every two weeks" has been on again. But not today!

This one is yet another one of my montly tumblr raffle winner picture. The theme was big/large/huge behinds, if you are interested. The picture was commissioned by jjrb456, who's request was quite surprising seeing the theme. Although, even the short ones can have bubbly pillows below their back.

November 19th - "One Size Fits All Part 2" [Gnome/Zoophilia/Anal/Comm]
This little read head is on it again,
although this time she isn't the one
riding someone in her deep yerns.
No, she's the one getting pinned
down by her fellow companion.

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06 November 2017

Spooky Month Extended: Comic and Picture!

Spooky month extended!
I know that October did end a week ago - busy busy life didn't give time.
And we need to get Gnomeferatus story to an end.

 With the teaser comic page off the way, the finale picture is just down below.

November 6th - Spooky Month Extended: "The Deep Finale" [Gnome/Nelf/Size]
After such long search far and high,
Gnomeferatu finally found the players
she was looking for. No time to waste,
she seducted her first real victim to
ease her deep needs a undead Gnome has.

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22 October 2017

Spooky Month Picture 3

"Spooky Month" continues!

This time we'll see where our little blue heroine has ended up through the unstable portal!
This picture was also this months tumblr raffle winner and was commissioned by Lazukar

October 22th - Spooky Month: "Through the Portal" [Gnome/Orc/Size]
A guard was having a break at the Goblin slums.
The guard always had a thing for the smaller greens,
and it was no rare sight seeing him having some self time
while watching at the Goblins. But today, a portal opened
infront of him and a blue gnome flew onto his lap as if
a gift from the heavens. Gnomeferatu thought so as well and did her magic.
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16 October 2017

Spooky Month Picture 2

Spooky Month continues! ...even if a day late - sorry.
So let us get back to Gnomeferatus adventure!
This time it is something more lewd, don't worry.

October 16th - Spooky Month: "Vampiric Hypnosis"[Gnome/Pandaren/Size/Footjob]
As Gnomeferatu stuck on her next victim,
she stumbled across something far larger
what she had anticipated to find.
Still, nothing an vampiric gnome couldn't
handle with some dark magic.
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14 October 2017

SpookyComic Teaser: Page 2

Editors note: I made an amaturish error on the first page, as I forgot to add caption boxes to make the story more flowing.

08 October 2017

SpookyMonth Picture 1

SpooOooOooOooky month is here.
I guess it's spooky, when it contains one night when Halloween is.
Anyway, let us see what Gnomeferatu is going after the first comic page we saw.

October 8th - Spooky Month: "Nutritious Late Night Drink" [Gnome/SWF]
As Gnomeferatu found her prey,
she silently moved over to him and
devoured all the nutrients he had
to offer for this hungry undead.

02 October 2017

Brewfest Raffle Winner!

October is here!
Spooky month is here!
Brewfest is still going on! Wait what?

That's right! Even if it's October already, Brewfest is still going on and I had my monthly raffle picture to be made.
I tried to have this done already on Saturday, but due to reasons out of my control it was delayed until today.
This is the seventh raffle picture so far and this one was requested by Clank-Bot

October 2nd "Forbidden Drunk Love" [Dwarf/Orc/Straight]
Clank was having a blast at this years Brewfest,
when he with his drunk eyes saw an odd looking couple
at edge of the festival fooling around. Nothing wrong there,
but an Orc getting drunk in Dun Morogh is a rare sight.
After finishing his beer, the couple had vanished from sight
and Clank in his drunken curious state went to find them.
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24 September 2017

Brewfest 2017

Brewfest is here once again!
I'll let this picture tell everything you need - smut picture is under it.


September 24th "Brewfest 2017: Tent of Hidden Beauty" [Dwarf/Group/Oral]
Brewfest is here and they have a new attraction
for you and everyone to enjoy!
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19 September 2017

Pirate talking day 2017!

Yarr! It be Talk-like-a-Pirate day! Let us have some grog and plunder so-
By the scurvy dogs wench name! It be the Hunters!!![

September 19th "Elite Pirate Hunter Squad" [Gnome/SFW]
Full sails ahead, oceans painted red.
When the soldiers of fortune hunt for pirates.
No questions asked, we fulfil our task.
Tones all turn grey after sunset!
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17 September 2017

September quicky blast 2!

September is half through! That doesn't mean anything but ~Spooooky month~ is just around the corner.
But before that, we still have few weeks to go and new pictures to check out. Here's one of those. A very simple picture of a tiny firecracker with big heart and libido.

September 17th "Tiny Lapping Machine" [Gnome/Tauren/Lesbian]
Brixi is mostly after for the hardest of candies,
that tall boys can offer her. Although when given,
this little package of fierceness will happily chow
and suckle on a juicy peach, those country girls offer her.

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And no, she isn't getting crushed between the thighs - or maybe just a little.
Also a tiny nod for the old pictures I used to make with “sound effects” and texts in them.

04 September 2017

Orc Month Overtime!

Orc Month is going overtime! Although only for this final picture - which is the finale and raffle winner picture from tumblr. The theme was, SURPRISE SURPRISE! Orcs. The picture was commissioned by sonofsparta-bendam.

4th September "Orc Month - Garouya: Bendam: Rough Love"[Orc/Worgen/Straight/Comm]
This couple is innkeepers worst nightmare.
The loud sounds of rough sex and furnitures
getting broken with horrible mess drives other
customers away and causes hefty repair and cleaning
bills - which keeps the local carpenters busy and
well payed for months to come!

23 August 2017

Orc Month: Part five!

I'm here! Four days late, as I thought I had already posted this one out! :O
But yes, Orc Month continues, even if there was a quiet week there.

23th August "Orc Month - Yagza & Granarra: Ashenvale Skinny Dipping"[Orc/Pinup/Tease]

Since the opening of the Dark Portal back to Outland,
Granarra had befriended with a Mag'har Orc, Yagza.
Over the years their bond grew stronger and stronger,
and on a calm evening in Ashenvale, their friendship
transformed into something more.

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13 August 2017

Orc Month Part 4

Lok'tar ogar! It be still Orc Month!
Fourth Orc Month picture as arrived!

Note, as my summer vacation ends tonight, I will be returning back to my once a week(or every other week) schedule. So before I master the use of Blender and manage to make working models, no more twice a week parades.
Speaking of models, the Undead woman model is so full of holes that it was literally sewing pieces of her back together.
And yes, I know I haven't used Forsakens in my pictures that much.
Have a nice Sunday, Blight Boar is brutal. \,,/_ _\,,/

13th August "Orc Month - Tozunk: Blight Boar Concert" [Orc/Undead/Anal]
Tozunk heard that the Blight Boar concerts were brutal and
something you could only experience once in your life time
or twice if reanimated. During the gig, he met a fierce
corpse dancing her body off this world and firmly against his.
Given the opportunity, Tozunk wanted to try if it was true
what they said about undead women.
Apparently the answer is yes and no.
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10 August 2017

Orc Month Part 3!

Orc Month continues!
First of, I know this one isn't for everyone. You don't need to be a sorcerer to know this.
I had a complitely different idea first in mind, but I couldn't figure out how to position the toons
so that the Orc would be seen well enough. And while I was choosing the females for this picture, Modelviewer gave me one of the GILF skins. My girlfiend saw this and told me to make it as the theme.
So I did! Old veterans of war, meeting in Booty Bay during their cruise vacation.

10th August "Orc Month - Belg'Tur: Veteran Meeting Day" [Orc/Human/Threesome]
Belg'Tur fought in the first and second war.
He lost his right arm while trying to evade
Alliances hunt parties and was ultimately
captured into one of the internment camps.
There he had met two of the ward maidens
and befriended with in his weak state.
Now, after near two decades, they once again
meet in a much brighter light, on a vacation.

06 August 2017

Month of the Orcs! Part 2

Orc Month continues!
Time for the next Orc to be presented on this month of Orcs.
Yes, I know, Orctober would have been better, but I was reminded by that joke far too late.
Anyway, I got somewhat carried away with this picture and barely could fit everything into the picture.
I still have lot to learn with Blender and 3D-rigging. For example, I still can't get eyelids to work.
Also, I need to think if I'll use someone elses masterly made penis & testicles meshes, rather than making my own or just continue with the same path I have done so far - by drawing them in post-render.

Enjoy the steaming tea!

6th August "Orc Month - Sayla: Tea and Massage" [Orc/Pandaren/Tease/Footjob]
Sayla has a warrior soul and knows how to
handle axes like they were part of her.
When not serving in the army, she loves to
pampers herself with the finest Pandarian tea
and warm company. She is seen often travel all
the way to Pandaria just to enjoy this.
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03 August 2017

Month of the Orcs!

It's August, time to begin something unexpected(I think)!
I, here by name the year 2017's August, as the month of the Orcs!
This basicly means that every picture during this month, will contain at least ONE Orc.
Today, we'll start with a pear bottomed Orcette, by the name of Arzuzna, who likes hammering.
As a artists note, the picture has it's flaws and mistakes, but they are small enough so I can sleep at nights.

3rd August "Orc Month - Arzuzna: Hammering Dark Iron" [Orc/Dwarf/Straight]
Arzuzna has a very wanderlust spirit and loves
to meet new people. On her visit to Grim Guzzler,
she met a Dark Iron fellow who treated her with
drinks and company. Later that night, she wished
to repay him - and give more what he was expecting.
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31 July 2017

Winner number 2!

Here again with another picture!
I aimed to release this picture back on Sunday, but due to many unrelated things - I forgot.
So here I am to release a new picture(already) and this is actually another one of my montly tumblr raffle winners. Yes, I secretly had TWO winners this month.
Now onto the picture. This one was commissioned by Velvetdollhouse.

31th July "The Three Specs of a Rogue"[Nelf/Troll/Threesome/Bi/Comm]
Below Dalaran, in the sewers, hides a secret organization
of rogues, The Uncrowned. Here the sneakiest and deadliest
roguest plan their dirty works and trade vital intelligences.
Here they also train further to master their chosen paths:
Assassination, Subtlety and Outlaw.

27 July 2017

July Raffle Winner!

Thrusday surprise update!
I thought to publish my new picture already today, as I'm having some extra free time at the moment.
This one is yet another one of my montly tumblr raffle winner picture. The theme was Nelfs vs. Trolls, if you are interested. The picture was commissioned by ryufrion.

27th July "Entangled in Darkshore" [Nelf/Troll/Straight/Comm]
To end their bittered fighting,
the Druid was about to summon roots
to entangle the Shaman down onto the ground,
but she managed to do it first on him.

23 July 2017

Shivarra the Nice

For this picture, I wanted to try something new and different(surprising I know!).
While I'm still learning to use Blender more and more, I thought to build up base rigs for models for later use.
So I imported lot of different races and mobs to work on in time, when a particular race showed up.
Then the idea hit me(and it had nothing to do with lack of sleep the night before)! With some remaking the textures and model itself, I managed to make it look slightly better than it was before.
It was good practice, but it also caused me to ponder why Blizz hadn't made new models for them, when they made new models to nearly all other demon races. This is why, she clearly looks very old-school compared to everything else.
But in time, I promise, I will manage to make her in to "HD", like some sort of Dr. Frankenstein!

Oh right, the picture!

23th July "Miss Lirissa - Pussy Lover" [Demon/SFW]
When the group of Shivarras joined the Illidari forces
(due to some disagreements with Sargeras plans),
a bright oddball was free to express her
cheerful spirit and deep love towards pussies.

17 July 2017

Survey 2: Result!

Time to reveal the survey/voting winner!
With the survey being lot shorter and compact, it gave me good information but also more surprising answers.
Enough about that. The secret "lesbian" combination of her having tea time in the toy store in Dalaran didn't win. But this one did:

17th July "Private Group Lecturing" [Tauren/Straight/Foursome]
Nahimana happily shared her knowladge of written lores
to the two Tauren brothers Pandaren friend,
who had traveled with the brothers all the way to meet
her after their tales of her deep skills.
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12 July 2017


Time for another “Let’s-build-a-picture-together” voting!
Like the title tells, this time it’s just about one character, Namihana.
Time for another “Let’s-build-a-picture-together” voting!
Like the title tells, this time it’s just about one character, Namihana.
Time for another “Let’s-build-a-picture-together” voting!
Like the title tells, this time it’s just about one character, Namihana.

10 July 2017

Rejuvenating Bath

Another Monday update!
Let's get straight into the picture. Not much to tell about it. Just Sel enjoying a bath after all the festivities with the Stillpine Furbolgs.

10th July "Rejuvenating Bath" [Draenei/Pinup/Tease]
After all the festivities with the Stillpine Furbolgs,
Selanaar deeply enjoys a cleansing bath in warm
and rejuvenating water.
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Another Monday update!
Let's get straight into the picture. Not much to tell about it. Just Sel enjoying a bath after all the festivities with the Stillpine Furbolgs.

10th July "Rejuvenating Bath" [Draenei/Pinup/Tease]
After all the festivities with the Stillpine Furbolgs,
Selanaar deeply enjoys a cleansing bath in warm
and rejuvenating water.
Another Monday update!
Let's get straight into the picture. Not much to tell about it. Just Sel enjoying a bath after all the festivities with the Stillpine Furbolgs.

10th July "Rejuvenating Bath" [Draenei/Pinup/Tease]
After all the festivities with the Stillpine Furbolgs,
Selanaar deeply enjoys a cleansing bath in warm
and rejuvenating water.

03 July 2017

Post-Midsummer Festive

Midsummer crisis narrowly avoided, by taking two weeks off and one extra day.
But here I am again with a new addition into my picture pool. This one is once again a tumblr exclusive raffle winning picture. The theme was Selanaar and this is what we ended having.
Enjoy! And be warned of stickyness and lot of burly bellies.

3rd July "Stillpine Summer Ceremony [Draenei/Furbolg/Group/Bukkake]
Selanaar revieced a invitation for the Stillpine
tribes summer ceremony, which they hold half a moon
after midsummer. A "diplomat" from the Timbermaw
tribe joined them as well for the fetrility ceremony.

12 June 2017

The statics!

Thought that some of you would like to see some of the statics from the survey. So here's few pie-charts to light it up.

I was rather surprised how the votes went between the girls - even the "cyborg" gnome did get in the end three votes.

Next we have here are the "scene type". No argument there.
But this is where I should have added own slot for bestiality, as some already did add themself with the free answer.

Here we can see that I had fully forgotten about titfucking.

And here we are with the race. As it can clearly be seen, "beast" did get the most votes.
I might have added too many races to chose from in the begin with.
But if it wasn't for the "beast" choice, Human and Orc would have shared the victory(or who knows).

And here's the lesbian result just to give a nice contrast - the animals did get some votes here as well.

11 June 2017

Survey result!

The survey is over(has been since Friday) and the picture has been finished.
This was a rather fun little thing and I learned a lot from it. Next time I'll make a survey like this one, I'll make it much broader and involved. It was quite close call what would "win". In the end, Daeatril did get the most votes and heterosexual banging vast majority when it came to the type of picture. Same was with what race she would share her picture with. Or well, it wasn't actually a race - but a fetish.
Thank you to all who took part of the survey.

11th June "Pinned Down by a Noble Beast"[Nelf/Beast/Straight]
On her way to Nighthaven to report of her latest
performance with the Winterspring Furbolgs,
Daeatril came across with an old friend. A large
Hippogryph, that she had befriended with during
her druidic training. Joyous of the meeting, she
wanted to share a warm moment with her dear friend.

07 June 2017


Time for a suprise survey, where you'll help me form the next picture!

Click the link belowe to open it:

04 June 2017

A Visit By a Dapper Gentleman

Once again, summer is here! At least up here in north(kind of).
But the never ending summer in certain parts of Azeroth just keeps on going.
So let us return there and visit the green forest of Elwynn and a meet a certain human librarian having a day off and reading a new book.

4th June "A Visit By a Dapper Gentleman" [Human/Worgen/BBW/Straight]
Kia was having a relaxing Sunday at the outskirts of Goldshire.
Reading her new book and enjoying the summer warmth.
Her reading was interrupted when a dapper looking gentleman
arrived and requested to join her company. She agreed.
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29 May 2017

Third Raffle Winner!

Monday picture time and once again another tumblr exclusive raffle winner commission!
This is quite something different and one could say brave/insane thing to do - Perfect for me!

29th May "Picture Matrix Writer 2000" [Gnome/Solo/Male]
Gnomish engineering is quite a mysterious thing.
They can think of anything "futuristic" and try to make
it work in rather "fantasy medieval fashion".
Here we have one testing their newest automatic
picture painter with built-in speaker to simulate
sounds that would occur in the scene.

21 May 2017

Firecracker is back!

Two weeks back I posted a teaser in tumblr, which in the end was pushed away due to some unexpected rule63 idea I had.

This time I have actually finished it and posting it out! I managed to finish it with a motivation boost I recieved by reading few suggestions and pointers from tumblr(had posted a huge wall of text asking of opinions and ideas how to improve).

21th May "Atop of Toshley's Station" [Gnome/Pinup/Tease]
Long she has traveled through the worlds
and caused lot of agony with broken ankles.
Although at times she needs to rest and meet with
her dear friends, who most are posted out in
Toshley's Station, the broken Outland.

13 May 2017

In a World part 2

This picture doesn't come as a surprise, if you saw my last picture.
This was so going to happen! Only thing that was shrouded by mystery was how it was going to happen.
So, this is position they took and went with - at least at the climax.
I'm also grown quite fond of both characters, especially rule63 Selanaar. Think I might keep him around, though he would need a new name then.

Also, I know that I've made her wait quite a while, but don't worry! Kia will get a new picture where she's the star. For that, I'm taking in suggestions - to make it easier for me. :p

13th May "Still In Alternative Draenor" [Draenei/Dwarf/Straight/Size]
Warm weather of Nagrand, hot sand and cooling water at the beach.
This was evidently going to happen, no surprise there.
Only thing missing is a long and sweet kiss, and BBQ for dessert.
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