27 September 2015

Brewfest 2015

Brewfest 2015 is here! It has already been a week, I know that, shut up.
Let us start easy with a simple pinup-picture with one of the "Brewfest CoverMaidens" from "Brew of the Month" clubs monthly magazine!

27th September "Brewfest 2015 CoverMaiden" [Dwarf/Pinup/Brewfest]

Brewfest 2015 has begun! Cheerful time for everyone!

Next time we'll look inside the magazine for more images to ogle on.

Originally Posted by Redpandaman
Really like your pandaren stuff! Do you plan to do anything based on the newer "HD" female tauren model? I see you did quite a bit of tauren stuff in the past but nothing with the newer model, or I missed it. Keep up the fantastic work.
Thank you. And that is actually true, I haven't done any with their new models. I've had many ideas in mind but never gotten to make any of them. Have to see when I could fit a Tauren in.

20 September 2015

Pre-Brewfest post!

Seems like I'm back to my old super late schedule - hoo boy.

To prove I'm not dead, I've made a new picture and not yet another teaser for my comic that might come out next summer with this speed.
I'll try to get back into shape - as my favourite "WoW-holiday" just started: Brewfest!
I won't promise, as always, but I'm aiming to least do two Brewfest pictures if not three - and on the comic.

20th September "When Pillows Collide" [Human/Pandaren/Pinup/Nude]

When two worlds collide, it can be a soft and joyful happening.

03 September 2015

Teaser time part 2!

Teaser time part 2!

[x]<-click a="" bigger="" for="" version="">

OMG! It’s another teaser!
Actually, this will be the first “cannon” teaser, as I’m redoing the whole panelling of the comic - so what I did show earlier will be changed.
This is the cover - which I’m happy with. I doubt I will change or redo it, unless I somehow absorb all the knowledge I need to use blender or any other 3D-modeling program well enough to pose. Until that miracle happens, I’m doing the comic and any upcoming pictures in my old “Dr. Frankenstein style”.

Until next time!