31 December 2019

Happy New Year!

The year hasn't yet ended where I live, so have this picture as the BIG BANG to end the year with!
Happy New Year to everyone!

December 31th - "Happy New Year!" [Draenei/Pinup]
The year is ending and it is time
to get some well earned rest.
See you next time, big butt lovers.
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28 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Finale

2020 is right behind the corner and Winter Veil is coming to an end. It was quite a year, yet my personal 'game of the year' is a game from 2017; which I bought earlier this year: Battle Brothers. I have a intense love-hate-relationship with the game, although the game is hard - it doesn't feel like it's cheating as X-Com games does.
Anyway! Time for the last picture of the year. I'm sure it'll be a huge let down for many, but I wanted to end this year with something more "mellow".

December 22th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four" [Tauren/Troll/Comm]
Winter Veil 2019 is coming to an end
and a new year is starting!
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PS. As a reminder, January is my "vacation month from pictures", so nothing new before February.

23 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four!

I'm here, I'm here, with yet another Winter Veil commission!
Technically, it's already 23th here in Finland,
but I'll post the picture as if it was posted on the 22th. That's cool? Good to hear!

This fourth gift goes to Gramgro!

December 22th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four" [Tauren/Troll/Comm]
Eve of Winter's Veil is closing in and two scouts
stationed deep in Grizzly Hills are comparing the
cultural differences of the festive time of their people.
Deciding to decorate their camp for the ending year and
to use colour of white to live things up, although the cold
air brings up the need of warmth - so the white goes in.
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16 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift Three!

Time for the third picture.
This third one was wished by a Secret Santa! ( ' o ' )

December 16th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Three" [Draenei/Vulpera/Comm]
Here we se a lone female Vulpera enjoying a
evening bath, when a rogue Draenei decides to
do the same. The Vulpera quietly submerges into
the water, yet keeps her eyes tightly locked on the
far larger creature for any surprises.
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10 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift Two!

Time to reveal the next Winter Veil gift!
This second Winter Veil gift goes to Takoha.

December 10th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Two" [Orc/Tauren/Anal]
During Winter Veil, a charity event is held for
war torn veterans and refugees. There they get
marm meals to feast up on. Greatmother Takoha
was one of the kind souls spreading the joy of festive season.
In return, the crowd decided to repay her kindness and drew
straw to see who would be the one to give it to her.
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02 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift One!

It's December and time for some Winter Veil commissions!
I had a cheeky super quick open commission in twitter and it is time to reveal these Winter Veil gifts, one by one.
First one is requested by a familiar name, Brewbolt and two of his Pandarens.

December 2nd - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift One" [Human/Pandaren/POV]
He was headding to Sri-La village,
but took the wrong turn and got lost.
While all lost, a pair of cheerful Pandaren
in festive mood, agreed to help him to his
destination. Along the way, the three got to
know each other and the festive mood turned
more lewd as the time went by.
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24 November 2019

Princess Month #4

Here's another princess I'm sure you didn't expect to see. Or well I geuss both of them are royal by blood, as the other is later titled queen. Eh, that's looking too deep into the lore. And to make it somewhat easier, I did place her iconic weapons as a hint who they are.

November 24th - "Warrior and the Bard" [Human/Lesbian]
Princess Month #4
Two inseparable friends, who have traveled
all through the world together and fought
back to back countless battless. Rumors have it
that both of them are royal by blood, yet they
are just known as the warrior and bard.
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19 November 2019

Princess Month #3

Whoops, that took longer than it should have.
Anyhow, back to a more familiar princess. There was a long discussion what race her humanoid part should be and I'm quite happy of the decision.

November 19th - "Under The Sea~" [Belf/SFW]
Princess Month #3
Just look at the world around you.
Right here on the ocean floor.
Such wonderful things surround you.
What more is you lookin' for?
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11 November 2019

Princess Month #2

Make way, make way, for Princess number two!
I'm quite certain no one expected to see this princess to show up. She at least was a princess in the first two movies(haven't seen the rest).

November 11th - "Princess from the Swamp" [Human/Ogre/Size]
Princess Month #2
He met her while on a fishing trip at the
treacherous Swamp of Sorrows. There she told that
she was cursed and no one would ever overlook
her hideous funnel like ears. He didn't know how to
return her ears back into normal, he knew that she
was the best catch a lone fisherman would ever catch.
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04 November 2019

Princess Month #1

New month, new pictures!
I bet there is a "drawing challange" for November, but I have no idea what it is and don't care - as I've had this one planned since summer.
All through November, the main theme will be 'fictional princesses' and we'll start away with a pretty obvious one. And if you have suggestion for a princess, do post it out, I still haven't decided everything.

November 4th - "Princess and The Dwarves" [Human/Dwarf/Group]
Princess Month #1
She stumbled into the dwarves burrow on a rainy night
and asked to stay until the rain stopped. The dwarves told
her she could stay if she cooked for them and cleaned the
rooms. The days went by and so did the bad weather, yet she
stayed with them, as they dwarves had started to treat her
like a princess - and she quite enjoyed that.
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31 October 2019

Halloween 2019!

Happy Halloween!​

October 31th - "Halloween 2019!" [Gnome/SFW]
Happy 2019 Halloween!
The Peanuts parody.

22 October 2019

Autumn Commission #7: Break Time With The Farmhands

Time for another commission. Number seven and I think I'll leave it there, as November is just behind the corner and I have picture ideas of my own already planned for that month. So thank you for all the requests I recieved and better luck next time for those whoms idea I didn't create into a picture. I also need to decide if I'll once again do a Christmas give-away event.

This is the seventh and last Autumn Commission and it was requested by Lyral.

October 22th - "Break Time With The Farmhands" [Human/Goblin/Gang/Comm]
2019 Autumn Commission #7
Working on a field can be hard if one
doesn't know the trade or doing it all alone.
Belasea knows how to use a hoe and has
newly hired farmhands for help. Good thing
Goblins do lot of things for payment.
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13 October 2019

Autumn Commission #6: The Colours of Fall

I might have gone a little bit wild with my previous picture, so it's good to calm down a bit and have a cup of hot coco.
I didn't recieve many SFW commissions, yet enough to make this one.

This is the sixth Autumn Commission and it was requested by Lunash.

October 13th - "The Colours of Fall" [Nelf/SFW/Comm]
2019 Autumn Commission #6
Here comes the cool air, the light chill of the fall.
Blowing from either direction.
Blowing across the yard it's crisp and it's cool.
The Cat like it, as it sits in the sun.
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05 October 2019

Autumn Commission #5: When the Pet Outsmarts You!

It's October and I have many commissions still to be made. So don't hold high hopes on ORCtober or Scary Month, yet there might be a small chance.
This is the fifth Autumn Commission and it was requested by Aerayn

October 5th - "When the Pet Outsmarts You" [Gnome/Orgy/Zoophilia/Comm]
2019 Autumn Commission #5
She was trying to catch one of the tiny Saurid's
as a pet and even undressed to minimize sound
as she snuck upon her prey. Unluckily, the humid
and hot air of Zuldazar played a trick on her body
and on top of that, it was mating season.
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29 September 2019

Autumn Commission #4: Admiral's Invitation

September 29th - "Admiral's Invitation" [Human/Pinup/Comm]
2019 Autumn Commission #4
Fellow shipmate walks up to you and tells
that her "highness" is awaiting for you.
Why? He shrugs and tells you good luck.
You leave your post and head up to the
Admiral's private quarters questions in mind.
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22 September 2019

Autumn Commission #3: Befriending with a Cunning One

Time for the next one in Autumn Commission queue!
A small tidbit about this picture. The commissions gave free hands to choose the species out of canines or equins. I did pick the woofers and looked through what kind of four legged friends WoW currently has. Ended up picking a Hyena. As I finished the picture, I was slightly curious about the snickering creatures - and found out that their are lot closer to feline species than canines. Whops!
This is the third Autumn Commission and it was requested by Mongogo.

September 22th - "Befriending with a Cunning One" [Dwarf/Zoophilia/Comm]
2019 Autumn Commission #3
Hyenas are cunning beasts that hunt in packs.
Centaurs favor them as their savage hunting pets,
however many members of the Horde and Alliance
tame them aswell, as they are good as bloodhounds.
Belvala just is a big animal lover, she just wants a new friend.
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16 September 2019

Autumn Commission #2: Traveling Companions

Ever tasted stinging nettle long drink("gin")? It's rather tasty.
Anyway, time for the next Autumn Commission to be revealed!
I would have finished this picture a lot earlier, but I had to go and try fancy things that made rendering the picture take a long while - only to notice that there is something wrong and fix it before rendering again. I did this three times for this picture. Dreadful.

This is the second Autumn Commission and it was requested by Flicky.

September 16th - "Traveling Companions" [Troll/Straight/Comm]
2019 Autumn Commission #2
Ruj' and Hao' have traveled together for a long time
and bonded deeply with each other along the journeys.
During their recent trek, Hao' instructed the much taller
Ruj' couple ancient mating techniques.
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09 September 2019

Autumn Commission #1: Giant Growth Elixir Ultra!

It's September and it's time for the first 2019 Autumn Commission picture!
This one had quite simple and sweet description, which told all you needed to know(for most parts).
This is the first Autumn Commission and it was requested by Saintuther.

In other news, I managed to get quite lazy, yet the gallery is back up and running. Some minor tweaks still need to be made, although nothing code breaking.

September 9th - "Giant Growth Elixir Ultra" [Human/Comm/Magic]
2019 Autumn Commission #1
The new Giant Strenght elixir is finally ready.
It will come in handy with all the heavy cargo.
Although, the Goblin alchemist might have mixed
up the recipie with undiluted Giant GROWTH
that isn't recommend to be used while indoors.
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25 August 2019

Summer Jam 2019! #6

Dwarves and Pandaren have a high alcohol resistance, but everyone has a limit when they get all smashed and later pass out.

August 25th - "Last Month of Summer #6" [Dwarf/Pandaren/Group]
Couple of hours and two barrels of beer later,
things got lot more hot and moist for the couples.
Maybe it was the drunken haze or maybe there
was some deep hidden urges that caused the
mix up and using the table as a bed.
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22 August 2019

Summer Jam 2019! #5

New week, new dwarf, next part of Summer Jam Dwarven Edit!
Ruvols the name and kung-fu is the game, although beer on this picture.
I've had this bearded dwarf in waiting to be used for quite a while now. I planned to use him(still might) as the narrator in some comics, but I never got that far really. So I thought I could use him during this event to give him some screen time before tucked back into the hibernation.

August 22th - "Last Month of Summer #5" [Dwarf/Pandaren/SFW]
Ruvol, the traveling Dwarven monk, befriended with a
Pandaren couple while studying the arts at their homeland.
Both people loves to drink and eat and the couple had
invited him to join them for a moist feast, while introducing
him to one of their friend in hopes the dwarves would click.
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18 August 2019

Sumemr Jam 2019! #4

Fourth part is here for you to ogle at!
Is it really happening or is it just a dirty priests' daydream during the sermon? You decide!

August 18th - "Last Month of Summer #4" [Dwarf/Human/Straight/Size]
After the sermon ended, Neffani stayed to
help the priest with his post-sermon works.
She's always happy to help the region holy
workers and recieve extra faith points for the light.
Although, what is currently seen, could also just
be a horny priest's daydream during the sermon.
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15 August 2019

Sumemr Jam 2019! #3

Thursday posting time!
Aaaaand here we have Jam pic number three:

August 15th - "Last Month of Summer #3" [Dwarf/SFW]
As follower of the Light, Neffani regularly attends
church services and happily helps with the sermons.
She cannot read the holy texts for being blind,
however she can sing hymns she've learnt.
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11 August 2019

Summer Jam 2019 #2

Busy week behind, so time to push out the next picture of Summer Jam 2019.
Let us stay with the same girl from previous picture, though she did visit a hairdresser on the way to the photoshoot.

August 11th - "Last Month of Summer #2" [Dwarf/Pinup]
Remake of Belvalas second picture from 2009.
Now with new hairstyle!
Original picture behind this link!
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04 August 2019

Summer Jam 2019!

It's that time of the year again! Last month of the Summer 2019!
I had a poll in twitter and it was quite exciting, but in the end Dwarves won this year!
So let us start with something mellow and warm.

August 4th - "Last Month of Summer #1" [Dwarf/SFW]
Belvala has huge love towards birds,
although her heart is big enough for all
kind of animals. She promised to look after
her friends cats while away. It took some job,
but she managed to befriend with the felines.
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29 July 2019

Private Spectacle.

August is starting soon, meaning that there is another "Last Month of Summer" month ahead of us.
But first, a picture that continues where we stopped last week.

July 29th - "Spectacle at the Library Garden" [Draenei/Human/BBW/Straight]
Within the private garden exclusive exhibitions can be held,
as well spectacles of glorious festiveness.
Admission only from two to six people!
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23 July 2019

Private exhibition.

Went bit into overtime there, got stuck playing around with Blender's water simulation.
While I wanted to get everything back up into the gallery before making a new picture of her. I've been quite lazy with the pictures, so scrap that idea and have this.

July 23th - "Exhibition at the Library Garden" [Draenei/Pinup/BBW]
The library visitors are welcome to use the garden
if they wish to read and study in the sunlight.
Little they know, there is a smaller more private
garden for the librarians to rest and even hold
secret exhibitions for privileged visitors.
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14 July 2019

Selsel is back again!

Here you go, it's still not Selanaar, but it is her alternative versio from pararel dimension where she's an Pandaren.
To make the picture more space time confusing, Rule63 Selanaar is in the picture as well(still haven't figured out a name for him).

In other news, I'm slowly getting the gallery filled up - mainly Selanaar pictures left and there is over 200 of them. Uploading isn't the hard part; it's when I need to fill in all the descriptions, names and tags.

July 14th - "Selsel and the Gang" [Pandaren/Gnome/Draenei/Gangbang]
She thought that it would be a simple task to show
a group of Gnomes and a Draenei some Pandarian traditions.
Yet they made it quite fatiguing to stay focused, as they showed
more interest in her than on the culture.
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07 July 2019

Summer R 'n R

I think I've managed to upload over half of my works to the gallery by now and type their descriptions. Going good so far, so I think I can re-open the gallery for public some day during next week.,
Enough of that, time to release another picture of the new trio enjoying the summer.

July 7th - "Having Some Nice R'n R" [Mobs/SFW]
Normally Stonetalon Mountains has rather temperate climate,
yet during the summer seasons it can get quite hot.
During those times it is good to stay in shades,
or dip into the cool mountain springs for sweet recovery.

30 June 2019


While I'm trying to figure out why my gallery won't work, I'll be taking all pictures down until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.
While I'm trying to figure out why my gallery won't work, I'll be taking all pictures down until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

27 June 2019

Surprise part two!

Surprice part two of the nameless Dark Iron lass!
Not much to say, she wasn't alone at the pier.

June 23th - "Sun and Good book: Part 2" [Dwarf/Straight]
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23 June 2019

Summer time!

Woop. Had a quick poll in twitter what race to use this weekend and dworf won. Next problem was I had to choose what dwarf to use. Luckily my girlfriend was there to help me out and told to make it Dark Iron dwarf. And so I did and into a fitting summer scene!

June 23th - "Sun and Good book" [Dwarf/Pinup/Tease]
After she passed her finals, the Dark Iron lass
traveled south and high up the mountains to a
secluded lake for a prolonged vacation.
She even dyed all her hair in celebration!

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16 June 2019

Three friends!

While I took this small extended break after the Spring Commissions, I haven't been all lazy and just watched anime. I've been working on three new characters, that are now finally ready to be shown in public. There are still some minor issues with them, mainly with their riggings and clothing, but I can hide them with some make-up.

I could just keep on going here, but I'll stop myself and just let the picture do the talking itself. It's an introduction picture, so nothing fancy.

June 16th - "Three Friends" [Mobs/SFW]
Three unlikely friends and they all share
something in common. Something that causes
them to be shunned by their kins and outcasted.
That's corrects, they like the colour pink.
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ps. I have no idea how to tag this picture, as they technically are npcs, but are mobs as well...

26 May 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #7

And they're all done! I was set to only make six commissions, but surprise! I made seven!
I might not have followed the request to the fullest, but the core of the image is the same! Altough I don't know if she really is envious about her. Who knows! And yes, after I read the commission request, the famous photo came to mind and I had to recreate it(not 1:1)!

May 26th - "Mocaccino Girls" [Draenei/Gnome/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #7
Brixi and Selanaar were over at a café
for some cake and mocaccino, when a
fan of the librarion wanted to take an
photo of her. Brixi wasn't amused.
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19 May 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #6

Spring is slowly turning into summer. It is getting warmer every day(slightly too fast even).
This druid seems to like butterflies, altough on her previous picture there was only one - when in this one there are... ten? I can't remember.

May 19th - "Butterfly Druid" [Nelf/Pinup]
2019 Free Commission #6
Heard from other druids that there are pink
flower bushes in Pandaria, which has a very lovely
scent - that warms ones body and mind.
Although only after she heard that the flowers attract
all kinds of butterflies to them, she had to travel there
to smell the flowers and see the butterflies she love.

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13 May 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #5

One more to go after this one, then I'm all done with Spring commissions!
She's huge and strong, but shy or atleast her kinsmen are - as they trek through the wilderness on their own.

May 13th - "Big 'n Soft" [Orc/Troll/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #5
Mok'nathals are nomadic people who favor
solidary life over communities. They are quiet
and withdrawn people, yet when in need of
something they cannot acquire through hunting,
they build courage and head into a settlement.

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06 May 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #4

It's already May and we've just past the half way mark on the Spring Commission pictures.
This unlikely couple weren't neither spared from the spring heat. Those poor men.

May 6th - "Raw Passion" [Tauren/Worgen/Gay/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #4
Even this unlikely couple couldn't be
spared by the spring magic and was thrown
into the void of animalistic passion and breeding.

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28 April 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #3

Spring commission number three can be located on this post!
A passionated picture of a couple having some lone time at a rural Pandarian inn.

Gallery is currently down due to mySQL problems. I've contacted my webhost to see if they can find something.
So currently majority of all links are dead. XL links should work just fine, as they aren't located in the gallery itself.

April 28th - "Taste for the Aroma" [Human/Pandaren/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #3
Pandaren are well known food lovers.
With their laid back lifestyle, they've learned
to appreciate quality food and taught themself
the best ways to bring out the aroma and taste.

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21 April 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #2

It's number two of Spring Commissions!
A nice little picnic in the woods, full of spring scents and energy.

Also, it seems like my webpage host upgraded the php support and now my gallery is dead. I've tried updating it, but in vain. Now would be the time to shine if I knew PHP.

April 21th - "Noblegarden Picnic" [Human/Belf/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #2
A romantic picnic on a sunny day,
deep within the forest. The nature full
of life and sounds. The magic of the spring
fills the air with warmth, passion and love.

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15 April 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #1

Time for some Spring Commissions!
Couple of weeks back, I posted a commission-form link in my twitter and now is the time to show which ones were chosen.
First one is full of passion, primal urges and hint of spring magic(although I think that's hard to see in a jungle with one season and all).

And as a note if my thread gets into lockdown mode once again: There might be a small issue with the new forum and latest Firefox. The mods/devs are looking into it.

April 15th - "Holy Warriors of Sun and Rezan" [Troll/Tauren/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #1
Two unlikely companions come together
with common views of justice and light.
At the moment they aren't culling the wicked,
altough they are using their unwavering vigor
on each others - with great passion and just.

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11 April 2019

Fetchin quest!

I have no idea how I managed to spend so many days on this picture - yet only spending couple of hours per day. Nevertheless, here it is. You might notice something off and if you didn't visit my twitter page back in January, this is the first time you'll see what I created in my boredom. My girlfriend's Dark Iron Warrior needed a squire.

April 11th "Small Things Helps the World" [Gnome/Human/NPC]
While her madam is reporting her knightly
deeds at the barracks, her tough as nails
squire happened to stumble across ol'Emma
and to pass the time help her with her never
ending fetch-quest to refill underground bath house.
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31 March 2019

End of March

ast day of March, a perfect day to post out another picture.
Wanted to do something more 'subtle' but keep it lewd. Nothing more to say there. Subtle picture of two elves in spring heat. Yep.

March 31st - "Headstart to Spring" [Belf/Voidelf/Straight]
Spring is just right behind the corner.
Nature springs into bloom and life.
Many animals react to this and as so
does people as well - others more than the rest.
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25 March 2019

Moved in and still unpacking.

It's time for a new picture - slightly overdue with moving to new appartment and still unpacking.
This next picture was composed from four short polls I had in Twitter, mainly the four major elements: The stars race. Is it naughty or not. Sexual orientation and how many supporting actors should there be.
The rest I added myself and this is what I created in the dead of night.

March 25th - "Testing New Allies" [Gnome/Dwarf/Foursome]
Brixi has been quite skeptic of since the Dark Iron's
unofficially joined the Alliance and later officially.
To change her opinion, a mysterious figure
arranged a friendly meeting between her and
three warrior brothers to learn from their styles.

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10 March 2019

Selsel the Peddler having a relaxing time.

Let us see if the thread stays now unlocked until I actually do something breaking the rules(the admins are as baffled as I am).

I was too lazy to make this picture back on Friday when the International Women's Day was, but let us say today(Sunday) is the Pandarian Women's Day - that way I'm not late.
Panda haters, avert your eyes as the picture contains lot of fur.

March 10th - "Pandarian Women's Day" [Pandaren/Oral]
On Women's day it is customary for men to give
the women in their lives: friends, mothers, wives,
girlfriends, daughters, colleagues, etc. - flowers and small gifts.
Selsel recieved a relaxing gift from her colleague.
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03 March 2019

The Polls Choice!

I had a poll in twitter asking what race to ask on the next picture. It got quite tight in the end but Dwarf won. The people had spoken! Next was to pick which clan to use or one of my old OC's. In the end, Dark Iron was chosen and a new toon was created - though still unnamed.

March 3rd - "Scribes Final Exam" [Dwarf/Nelf/Straight/Size]
The Dark Iron clan are more versed in arcane magic,
than any other dwarven race. This gives them quite
a headstart when it comes to any form of arcane
studies, for example scribing enchanted scroll.
Yet they need to attend to the finals like every one
else, if they wish to have their official qualification.

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24 February 2019

Somewhere warmer than Crystalsong Forest.

I wanted to do a picture that had an Nelf in it and I remembered that I have two old OC's that has gotten very little screen time. I chose one of them and gave her a small restyling(new hairstyle, slimmer and less muscular body than what a Nelf normally has etc.). Yet, I was lacking an idea for the picture - so I made a pinup picture of her while on a vacation.
So, slim Janilja now, big girl(s) another time.

February 24th - "Vacation from the Cold" [Nelf/Pinup]
Janilja doesn't often leave Crystalsong Forest
but even this spiritual healer and caretaker
needs time to time some respite. How she ended
up onto an tropical island is a mystery.

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18 February 2019

Sunless Skies

I dun goofed!
I was working on a post-Valentine's picture and I lost interest in it and made another pictures to show what I've been doing the past days.

February 18th - "Sunless Skies" [Murloc/Filler/SFW]
Murloc dun goofed!
Something went wrong and
now the locomotive is in the skies!
>>XL-Size Edit<<
Bonus picture with the games title on it. Click here!

10 February 2019

Booties of the Sea!

I had to think hard if this picture would be considered SFW or NSFW. Before I came into any conclusion, my girlfriend pointed out that their buttcracks are visible. BAM! Instantly R-rated! Case closed.

February 10th - "Kul Tiran Booties"[Human/Pinup/BBW]
Chocolate is one of the most popular
sweets in Azeroth. It comes in various
tones, where milk and white are the
most common ones sought after.

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03 February 2019

Love Potion is done!

January is behind, so it's time to announce 2019 is finally on!
Unless you've seen my twitter feed of a gnome, but those doesn't count.

I had many ideas how to start the year, yet in the end I decided to start with a simple picture that I've had waiting since last spring.
These three young ladies keeps walking around the district and trying to solve their problem, until now!

February 3rd -" Creation of Perfect Love Potion"[SFW/NPC/Human]
After many years of faild attempts,
Janey, Lisan and Suzanne finally
managed to brew up the perfect
love potion they've dreamed of.
Hope all this time was worth the wait.