20 May 2013


I'm not dead, I'm not dead!
Not that surprising, but still! I haven't left yet!

I'm deeply sorry for making everyone to wait over an month for new pictures(all seven of you).
I don't really have any proper reason this time either. I can only say that having too many ideas does at times suffocate all ideas and motivation.
I had big idea three weeks back. I had one for the Children's Week. I had two for week after that.
But all those went down because having too many ideas and too lively imagination and flying inspiration.

I'm sorry again - this is a dear hobby for me, so I do like to keep it up and going before I have a real reason to stop doing these.

So... here you have -THREE- new picture - that I was supposed to post out already last night... Geez.

And you guessed it.


20th May. "Evening Bath"[Pandaren/Female/Non-Ero/Tease]

Teasing Pandapanda is a teasing one, even when all soaked in bathtub.

20th May. "Twins of Coalpaw"[Pandaren/Lesbian/Oral/Nude]

Big comfy feather-bed and soothing air of southern Kun-lai.What more can twins with passion ask for.

20th May. "Way to hearth is through the belly"[Pandaren/Goblin/Heter/Cum/Nude]

Way to Pandaren's heart is through the belly.
Sex is also a good way to boost the effect.