25 August 2019

Summer Jam 2019! #6

Dwarves and Pandaren have a high alcohol resistance, but everyone has a limit when they get all smashed and later pass out.

August 25th - "Last Month of Summer #6" [Dwarf/Pandaren/Group]
Couple of hours and two barrels of beer later,
things got lot more hot and moist for the couples.
Maybe it was the drunken haze or maybe there
was some deep hidden urges that caused the
mix up and using the table as a bed.
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22 August 2019

Summer Jam 2019! #5

New week, new dwarf, next part of Summer Jam Dwarven Edit!
Ruvols the name and kung-fu is the game, although beer on this picture.
I've had this bearded dwarf in waiting to be used for quite a while now. I planned to use him(still might) as the narrator in some comics, but I never got that far really. So I thought I could use him during this event to give him some screen time before tucked back into the hibernation.

August 22th - "Last Month of Summer #5" [Dwarf/Pandaren/SFW]
Ruvol, the traveling Dwarven monk, befriended with a
Pandaren couple while studying the arts at their homeland.
Both people loves to drink and eat and the couple had
invited him to join them for a moist feast, while introducing
him to one of their friend in hopes the dwarves would click.
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18 August 2019

Sumemr Jam 2019! #4

Fourth part is here for you to ogle at!
Is it really happening or is it just a dirty priests' daydream during the sermon? You decide!

August 18th - "Last Month of Summer #4" [Dwarf/Human/Straight/Size]
After the sermon ended, Neffani stayed to
help the priest with his post-sermon works.
She's always happy to help the region holy
workers and recieve extra faith points for the light.
Although, what is currently seen, could also just
be a horny priest's daydream during the sermon.
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15 August 2019

Sumemr Jam 2019! #3

Thursday posting time!
Aaaaand here we have Jam pic number three:

August 15th - "Last Month of Summer #3" [Dwarf/SFW]
As follower of the Light, Neffani regularly attends
church services and happily helps with the sermons.
She cannot read the holy texts for being blind,
however she can sing hymns she've learnt.
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11 August 2019

Summer Jam 2019 #2

Busy week behind, so time to push out the next picture of Summer Jam 2019.
Let us stay with the same girl from previous picture, though she did visit a hairdresser on the way to the photoshoot.

August 11th - "Last Month of Summer #2" [Dwarf/Pinup]
Remake of Belvalas second picture from 2009.
Now with new hairstyle!
Original picture behind this link!
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04 August 2019

Summer Jam 2019!

It's that time of the year again! Last month of the Summer 2019!
I had a poll in twitter and it was quite exciting, but in the end Dwarves won this year!
So let us start with something mellow and warm.

August 4th - "Last Month of Summer #1" [Dwarf/SFW]
Belvala has huge love towards birds,
although her heart is big enough for all
kind of animals. She promised to look after
her friends cats while away. It took some job,
but she managed to befriend with the felines.
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