31 March 2019

End of March

ast day of March, a perfect day to post out another picture.
Wanted to do something more 'subtle' but keep it lewd. Nothing more to say there. Subtle picture of two elves in spring heat. Yep.

March 31st - "Headstart to Spring" [Belf/Voidelf/Straight]
Spring is just right behind the corner.
Nature springs into bloom and life.
Many animals react to this and as so
does people as well - others more than the rest.
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25 March 2019

Moved in and still unpacking.

It's time for a new picture - slightly overdue with moving to new appartment and still unpacking.
This next picture was composed from four short polls I had in Twitter, mainly the four major elements: The stars race. Is it naughty or not. Sexual orientation and how many supporting actors should there be.
The rest I added myself and this is what I created in the dead of night.

March 25th - "Testing New Allies" [Gnome/Dwarf/Foursome]
Brixi has been quite skeptic of since the Dark Iron's
unofficially joined the Alliance and later officially.
To change her opinion, a mysterious figure
arranged a friendly meeting between her and
three warrior brothers to learn from their styles.

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10 March 2019

Selsel the Peddler having a relaxing time.

Let us see if the thread stays now unlocked until I actually do something breaking the rules(the admins are as baffled as I am).

I was too lazy to make this picture back on Friday when the International Women's Day was, but let us say today(Sunday) is the Pandarian Women's Day - that way I'm not late.
Panda haters, avert your eyes as the picture contains lot of fur.

March 10th - "Pandarian Women's Day" [Pandaren/Oral]
On Women's day it is customary for men to give
the women in their lives: friends, mothers, wives,
girlfriends, daughters, colleagues, etc. - flowers and small gifts.
Selsel recieved a relaxing gift from her colleague.
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03 March 2019

The Polls Choice!

I had a poll in twitter asking what race to ask on the next picture. It got quite tight in the end but Dwarf won. The people had spoken! Next was to pick which clan to use or one of my old OC's. In the end, Dark Iron was chosen and a new toon was created - though still unnamed.

March 3rd - "Scribes Final Exam" [Dwarf/Nelf/Straight/Size]
The Dark Iron clan are more versed in arcane magic,
than any other dwarven race. This gives them quite
a headstart when it comes to any form of arcane
studies, for example scribing enchanted scroll.
Yet they need to attend to the finals like every one
else, if they wish to have their official qualification.

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