28 May 2011

Filler taimish!

Hi hello holá hullo etc etc.

Week has passed and should be time for more pictures tomorrow.


I'm not doing any... or well I did do one.
But it's a filler, a stupid silly filler picture.

Meaning I'm taking this weekend off.
  • 28th May 2011: Art-school! [Safe/Filler]

    Sarizka tries to teach the art of painting for a Vry'kul warrior.

Also, I'm looking for a writer to write a story/plot for a comic.



kando said...

do you want people to just throw stories at you or something?

kando said...

cause i had this idea for a comic,its supposed to take place in BC and the draenie send this emissary chick to the capitol cities of the alliance to convince them to let them in the alliance. so she goes to Stormwind,ends up having sex with Bolvar to get his vote. She goes to ironforge and gets tag teamed by magni and the gnome king. then she goes to Darn and gets banged by 3 druid guys....kinda planned them to be in bear and cat form too.

Anonymous said...

I would love to write you a story. I feel I would be very qualified. Is there any way I can contact you?

Cube-heaD said...

Either post here as a comment, or send a PM in Darknest to my account, or send to this email p-aasonen-v(at)gmail-.com (remove the - )