09 January 2011

Veiny veiny wieners!


Year 2011 is here and time for new pictures to be posted!

And due to my Brithday that passed by(Thank you Clanky), I'm feeling to give you people a "gift", like it or not!

    ~Old Versus New~[Futa, Frotting]
    Surprise surprise! It was Sel all the time!

    Introducing: Sarizka Gyrobrush.[Futa, Pinup]
    Introducing the new member of the "family": Sarizka Gyrobrush, Da painter of Lonely Paintings(and also knows as rump ravager and belly enlarger).

    Joy of Payment.[Futa, Heter]
    As an artist, money isn't really something Sarizka posses, least more then what she needs to get food.
    Most of the models she paints into the portraits gets part of the payment from the paintings buyer.
    But sometimes there is no time, or a deal was made with the model.

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