09 September 2012

Current status (From forum)

Hello to all who reads this.

With the closing for the board, I'll be trying to find a new portal(s) to post my work in.
But before that, I'll be publishing messages in my blog while hosting pictures in my gallery.

The links are:
Blog: http://bakaras.blogspot.com
Gallery: http://bakaras.com/murlocish

I've been offered by Celestial Temptation and by Azerothica to post at their forums, which I might do.
I will also look around for other places to post, also try to work finally a proper site where to post.
I've also taken Hentai-Foundry into my sight, as my work cannot be said to be "screenshot manipulation" when the only in-game in the pictures are the background in them.

When would a new picture then come out? Depending on the current events in my life this week.
Ill cat is very ill. So we'll see. I'll try this weekend to do another dark iron picture.

Cya then in the new portals.