23 December 2009

Happy Christmas!


Thank you Rhelara~[Non-Ero Xmas]
Merry Christmas and happy New Year wishing to everyone from me and from all my girls!
And remember, those who are fully Atheist, may not celebrate Christmas ^^

I also like to thank for all the comments for the last picture, it really is only of my bestest :3

Hope we'll see more of these next year :P

19 December 2009

Thank you Rhelara!

OMG! Already a new post!?! But what is this? Only one? :O
Well yes, that is because I want to rest now until next year^^

But onto the picture that is dedicated for Rhelara for her lovely gift for me<3

Thank you Rhelara~[Lesb]
What can I say that I haven't already said many times? I love Rhelara's surprise gift for me so much that
I -had to- make something back to her, I couldn't just leave it with praises and thank yous from the heavens,
I needed to make something for her that she's had fantasized many times!
Here's link to her topic viewtopic.php?f=1&t=33317
Once again,

15 December 2009

Poll time

I added a poll to the side of this "blog" as the system in Darknest is totally BROKEN!

So, until 30.12 you people have time to vote which 1M pinup was your favorite ^^

14 December 2009

Unexpected gift!

I don't remember when I last was this moved over what my "art" has caused...
I'll quote from my thread in Darknest
Rhelara wrote:
CubeheaD, I've admired you for a long time. I hope you dont mind but i did a drawing of your character Selanaar to show my appreciation for all the images you've given to this community.
I hope you like it as much as i like your work!
I'm... so touched and moved over this...
But wait, there is still more from her topic ( http://www.darknestfantasyerotica.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=33317 )
Rhelara wrote:
The Beauty Selanaar [draenie] [masturbation]
The first time i came across WoW erotica it was CubeheaD's screenmanips of the lovely Selenaar (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5256) Since then i've had many a fantasy in the beautiful dark draenie's company. So here is my repayment for the pleasant fantasies.

13 December 2009

Five 1M pinups!

Thank you all for the comments, even if there were only few of them, still I know many of you lurkers have been here ;P

Anyways, here's some pinups!

    Thank you 1M continuing![Pinups+1gay]
    Like I promised, here is something for everyone that enjoys pinups!
    I made one pinup per character when ever I could, so please enjoy the girls and kaga doing their best in their pinups.

08 December 2009


Lets get that 2,000,000 together in two years :P

Thank you 1M![Lesb/Orgy]
OhmeGOSH!!! One million views broken!!! GASP AND FAINTS!
It happened somewhere between Saturday and Sunday night(5-6.12 GMT +2).
When I did check my topic, it had 1,000,074 views! I totally stressed out and gasped as I hadn't done the picture yet xD
But here we are and got one for you all as a thank you<3

As a big thanks, I will post more picture end of this week!

05 December 2009


I was thinking making this picture Blog-exclusive but enough comments were posted in the thread at Darknest.
Five days passed or so and time to rewards the comments given, although most of them aren't really about the new Urdina picture, but I'll let that pass this time as I'm a good guy.

Anyways, as a friend told me, or actually few but one particularly told that he loved it quite much and made the picture as his desktops wallpaper.
Happy about this, I really wanted to make another version of it so it could be used in more public manners, and here it is!


I actually had this done at the same night I published those two pictures, but I was waiting to see how many comments I would get ^^;

Till next time!

01 December 2009


GASP! 2000 posts! And what?!? Only two updates!?!?!?!?
Well yeah, I think I've been spoiling you guys enough with three new pictures on every update,
so get used now to two pictures, mostly one pinup and one with something else.

Anyways, nice to work again with Urdina<3

    "Thank you 2000th"[Pinup]
    So yes, we have got far through these years and now 2000 posts is broken even!
    I like to thank you all for that, but there is still way to 1million views and other goals up-ahead^^
    As reward, I give you an actual photo of Urdina... don't ask how I did get it, I have no idea either :S

    Heated Diplomacy[Oral/Heter]
    Before Urdina's travels through the Barrens to Ashenvale, she had stopped by a Horde run tavern,
    but still allowed members from each faction to stay there, as long no brawls would happen.
    There she met a Blood Elf diplomat, on his way to Theramore, but was staying over to rest his mount and from the heating sun.
    Even if Urdina isn't actually part of the human alliance, she wanted to chat with the elf and to see how far she could learn
    from this diplomat before she crosses the line.

22 November 2009


Requestweek is to start now!

    REQ: Taming the Wild[Heter/Titfuck]
    Request from Ryu112
    Many might have laid their eyes on the wild dwarven beauty never had the courage to walk up to her or feared her falcons and hawks would attack, or just would wait for a blunt no as a answer.
    But those that has the courage and speak to her, might get a change to tame the wild falconer and perhaps claim her as own, that is maybe.

    REQ: Late night passion[Romance/Soft/Lesb]
    Semi-Request from Midea.
    Two unlikely persons, yet so much in common.
    Both have a small daughter and are happy with their lives as a mother and with the close friendship other has to give.

    Grip of Love[Lesb/Anal]
    Request from Dominium.
    Couples often try to spice up their relationship with different kind of things, some trek to distance places, others simply try to spice up their sex-life with new gimmicks.

21 November 2009


All links here to my pictures will go down soon until I redo the link-coding to the new server.

Nothing else for now hehe.


19 November 2009

Posty post

I'm lazy and just copied this from my Darknest-thread.

Okay, wow... I'm really stunned how you people took Brixi with open arms and literary love her, really makes me smile and feel happy <3
Same thing happened with Belvava and I think with Urdina and probably with Sel, but you guys really liked my work with this red-haired gnome!

I bow before your salutes, thank you.

Then to other things, like upcoming updates.
I'm "trying" to post them during this week, one done actually, two more to go.
And this "weeks" theme is, requests!

Meaning I'm currently making three requested pictures(actually two more as one is done like I told) that was asked from me some time ago.

What will they be about? Well you just have to wait and see~

Tataa for now o/

11 November 2009

Brixi week!

My dear lurkers, so good to "see" you all managed to wait so long for another post.


"Blue candy"[Oral]
There are few color flavors Brixi loves more then others, though there are times she isn't so picky with them, but mostly she just loves the taste of any variation of brown and blue ones, she just can't help herself when she gets one into her small hands.

Home brew[Threesome/Oral/Heter]
Special guest stars are Clanky and Melsy.
Though Brixi is very picky with her taste, sometimes it's good to return back to home and meet others with passion for exotic taste and share them with others. Also, with a little persuading she might even give a try and stop being snobby.

Nutritious drink[Lac/Lesb]
Brixi had become quite good friends with Selanaar and regularly met each other. On a hot day and long trek together, they had stopped by a old barn and settled down there for the night. Even if Sel could have used her magic to conjure food and drink, Brixi had set her eyes on something more nutritious and tasty then plain water.

29 October 2009


This week, I've been mostly eating guitar-strings.

No really, this week I bring you something more softer to settle down from all the gushing and dripping pictures I've brought to you the past weeks.

    Mother and daughter[NonEro/Cute
    Note that there is -NO- baby model for a Draenei so I had to make this lil baby from scratches and pieces.
    Sel had never been so happy in her long life then when she was carrying her unborn child inside her body, but she was even happier and even ready to die now as the child had been born. A beautiful baby girl she had granted life and was proud to be a mother, letting her race carry on, but also because she had always wanted to be a mother.

    "Green candy"[Oral/Oral
    Some hammers might be slightly too "small" for strong Brixi to handle with, but she have learned few trick how to get around with them using her tinkering gadgets and her mind. Sometimes a creative use of body and mind is at the place when a tasty "candy hammer" is brought before her.

    REQ: Tale of a Hero [Male/Pinup]
    This was an request from a friend of mine.
    In an ancient Tauren tribe legend is told this:
    "The powerful creature stood tall admist the plains of Mulgore, gazing into the distance.
    The proud brave, immediately attracted wolve to his side, who found their place as his companions"

23 October 2009

Three Three Three Four

Made one "each" day.

Two unlike persons[Heter/Size]
Day1Brixi with her fierce temper and rage to brake her enemies ankles has one weakness, large sized hammer and maces. She has an small obsession for heavy hammers and tinkers herself many different type of maces and hammers to fit into her art of war.
Sometimes, that obsession shows other sides of her odd fetish, if it's much bigger then the arvage size in any means. And Kagawah happens to have a fitting mace to fit for her obsession.

Prequal: Beauty of Life[Pinup/Preg]
Day2Long before Selanaar gave birth to her firstborn child, Linenaar, she was so happy to carry a child inside her, feeling warm and able to give life to a new person, her own child. She didn't hide her body from public when walking around, but when alone, she would enjoy sitting down and stroke her grown belly with a loving care and smile.

Warmth of friendship[Lesbian]
Day3Traveling around the world can be quite alone, even if you have hunting companions like Belvala has. Time to time, but rarely she travels back to Ironforge to meet up with her friend. Even if they meet rarely, they share a strong bond of friendship and warmth which they "abuse" well through drinking and feasting... and sometimes even through night of passion.

13 October 2009

Another week, another two pictures

Time for another update with two pictures of Urdina and Belvala :3
And about time I made one like this with Belv' I know you had been waiting for one as I told she was a hunter!

"Thank you for Health"[Heter/Tease]
Thanks for Clank Bot for the story idea!
Urdina was closing up to the border of Ashenvale when the Draenei she was with told them to go another path to the woods,
but her curiouse nature wanted to continue the road, but the man insisted for it was safer. Yet for this, she told she can take care of herself and thanked for the company before she walked away along the road. In time she arrived to the Mor'shan Rampart and was greeted not so welcomingly by the Orc and Tauren guards there.
Trying to tell them that she was just passing by and a traveling Paladin who had no interest in them nor at the "war". The guards grunted first in anger and were ready to take her as prisoner when on of the guards said that they are low on healing items and one of the guards is in desperated need for healing.
They offered a deal for Urdina, they would attack her, unless she accepted to heal the wounded guard for them. With no other choise, she accepted to heal the guard for exchange of them letting her pass through the gates.
The guard was pretty badly wounded, as a Tauren, he had lost lot of blood and had deep cuts all over his body. Urdina didn't hasitate and began to heal him up, but also told for her to be left alone with the wounded guard.
It took a long time for him to heal up, but he regained his strength and health, and wished to repay for the human womans kindness for him.

Jungle Rampage[Beast]
You were waiting for this and now you'll get it!
Stranglethorn Vales, a lushfull jungle with all kind of exotic wildlife and plants. A paradise for many types of people from researchers to hunters, like Belvala. She had found her path to take her into the deep jungle for her endurance test with the changing surrounding and beasts. Even as a Dwarf she is quite swift in her movements and rapid in her reactions when something comes in the way.
After a long day of climbing, running and swimming. Belvala had camped down to rest in the moist jungle air and restore her stamina when she noticed a small pack of Mistvale Gorillas roaming not far from her camp. She studied them a while and learned that two of them were young males.
With a smirk, she decided to test on her endurance with them, so she taunted them to follow her from the rest of the pack. After a small sprint, she was pinned by the two gorillas, but it was all of her plan, as she adjusted herself for them.

07 October 2009


I know I know, I said I would post the next day... well I made two pictures so shut it! :D

Tight packing(!)[Heter]
Burning sun and cool shade near a even cooler pond. What could one ask for more after a long travel through the Barrens? Maybe something to eat or someone to spend some time there. Belvala found the latter one at a lagoon,
or more like it, he found her. Even if the Troll knew he was like three or four time taller then the lovely looking Dwarf, he didn't want to take the risk as she might be a fierc warrior or worse. But to his surprise, Belvala greeted him and welcomed to share her shade. Dazed from the sudden "stun" he joined her and they started to chat.
The air got more hotter and hotter and moister from the water near, also their topic wandered from top to bottom of their bodies and sizes and soon they would find out, could she fit him in.

Two Alike[YAOI]
Kagawah isn't the only "femboyish" person in the world, and he is very happy to find someone alike, or atleast with the same body structure like him. But as he learned more of his new friend, he also learned that this little shy troll was also mentaly femboyish,
unlike Kagawah who tries to be as masculine as possible(with little effect). To make him trust him, Kaga wanted to to show they are alike and could creat a strong bond between.

04 October 2009

A single picture

Only a single update, sorry, I'm all out of ideas currently, but might make another later today or tomorrow (Has been busy with aquarium)

Beauty in the Mirror[Pinup]
Selanaar doesn't much tend to her looks due to her lifestyle as a librarian and mother. She doesn't see herself as a beauty or anything sexy,
even if everyone seems to drool and eye on her softly "chubby" forms. But in rare occasions, she stops to gaze upon herself in the mirror, looking and pondering what people see in her.
Maybe it her mature figures and looks that draws people, or her "exotic" looks out from this world. More she is blaffed about why they don't seem to mind the horrible bruise she has around her eye,
not that it matters, it only makes her happy that people can still see her beautifull even if her hidden bruise is shown.

15 September 2009

This weeks updates

Upupupupupdate time!

And yeah, I was ment only to post two romantic pictures, but a friend told me that you people should get some heter action after the weekend^^

Comfort of Warmth[Non-Ero/Romantic]
[i]Selanaar and Falathorn had a small history together, even if Sel didn't wish to get steady with him because of
religius and racial reasons, she couldn't hold herself down and think about Falathorn,
all those evenings spent together and passionated moments together kept her warm even if she was away.

Heated-Up Exotic Goods pt.2[Heter/Anal]
[i]Urdinas journey continued through Barrens, even if her friend had to part with her to another direction suddenly
when they recieved a message from another of their kin.
This was a minor setback into Urdinas mood, but the messenger offered his company for her travels up north to Ashenvale.
She couldn't let this offer go by her and she gladly accepted his offer under the burning sun of Barrens,
infact now she could keep studying on the race and have some company on her long trek.

31 August 2009


So so sorry for everyone and all my loyal fans and fanatics.
I was ment to post a while ago but I couldn't due to many events that was in the way to make those pictures. This was when I was ment to publish three pictures, so I added one more, four pictures.

BUT! On Sunday when I was supposed to finish the last picture, I was informed and also found out myself, that my W0W account was keylogged and all my characters expect Sel(because she was lvl80 and had maxed mining) and Kagawah who was -untouched-... don't ask me why he was left, I don't know... I don't understand many of the things when I finaly did get the account back, with the help from propably the best GM in a while that was working on that morning :3

So so, that's my W0W gaming at the moment, and so I this morning made a picture bit related to this event xD

    Hatred is unvoidable![DarkSel/Gore]
    Nothing much to tell, just letting out some steam at a Ch1n@m4n who stole my account ^^

    Exotic investigator[Heter/Tease]
    Just a tease picture for you lurkers of my beloved Urdina<3
    Urdina, on her quest for the Light and finding her father, had to time to time use the weapon many women use when they wish to get their ways through with some men. Urdina doesn't really wish to use this, but the ways of Azeroth has thought her that it might be the only way if she wants to end her quest before it's too late.

    Heated-Up Exotic Goods[Threesom/Anal]
    This was kind of experimental picture because of the positions made some parts of the bodies hard to make without doing them from tiny tiny pieces, like Urdinas vagina... >_>,
    Urdinas journey had led her to Kalimdor as she tried to find clues in Theramore and the settlements near it, but only found some rumors telling to travel up north through Barrens.
    After days of treking under the burning sun of Barrens, she stumbled across with two traveling Draeneis, who offered her some company as they were headding to North aswell. Urdina couldn't decline this offer from such creatures that really facinated her from their pure touch with the Light and their exotic looks.

    Respect the Elders[YAOI/Threesome]
    In his never ending quest for becoming a better Shaman, Kagawahs path had led him up north to Northrend, facing many dangers there, but also the kind and strong Taunka people. With their knowladge of harsh climate and Shamanishm, Kagawah offered his help and anything they wanted to learn the ways and knowladge.
    Two of the Elders accepted his offer and told him to visit them after sunset at their hut for the ritual offering.

    Friends with Benefits[YAOI/Blowjob]
    Due to Kagawahs looks, he is many times used for sexual pleasures, but some also wish this to bound their friendship to become stronger, others just can't hold their fingers off his body.

05 August 2009


To Lordearon and beyond![Non-erotic
Sorry sorry! This was ment to be posted last week but I've been quite busy once again and this week I got rather good and personal reason why not to make more, but enjoy!
Far beyond the sea and distant lands came men with thirty ships, had wanted to reach Tirisfal by night,
but the weather was not on their side and as the wind grew stronger and stronger, the rain ran down our cheeks the bow was turned towards Eversong

Lordearon and beyond! That's where the winds will us guide! For fame and for gold, set sail for those lands unknown the sail flew up again!

Untill next time, my fellow lurkers and Vrykls! *ROARS*

22 July 2009


Also a late notice:

Beware in Euro server Argent Dawn of a fake-Selanaar!
This copycat has been reported to look exactly like Sel and even speak like I RP her!

Maybe the player is a fan or something, but is bit too much to act like one! That's not nice at all >:(
So far there are many Selanaar copies but most are just name copies, and hopefully all of them are and the one in EU-AD server was just a one time thing.




Thanks Masaknight, I was about to say that when posting new ones^^

And here they are :O

    "Bit bigger taste~"[Cumshot]
    Whops, still no introduction picture for Brixi :O But another naughty one with her on!
    Even if Brixi is small as most Gnomes are, she still radiates lots with sexual powers when she gets into the mood,
    and her favorites are huge sized hammers, but big maces will do aswell when she's in heat for pleasure.

    Gentle busted Huntress[Pinup]
    I knew you would love Belvala like I do enjoy playing her ^_^ So here is a much "nicer" pinup of her
    Belvala, known to hold nature really close to her heart, has learned over the years to use every possible gift the nature gives and how to use them. She seldom uses something she can't make herself by using things she finds in the woods or barren plains. or high up in the mountains. This also applies when it comes to selfhygien, when you are in the middle of the wilds and the nearest village is miles away.
    Who wouldn't love to take a bath in a soothing lake, pond or refreashing river, such like what Belvala uses very often to relax and wash her body in. If cought during her bathing, she won't command her hawks at the peeper(s), but gently askes him or her to join her in the soothing water.

No Sel this time, oh bum, but atleast one hot Dwarf and eager Gnome ^^

12 July 2009

Phew, nearly made it!


    "Just a small taste~"[Lesb]
    Allright! Another four weeks behind and time for some updates and new characters! ROAR! First is my Gnome warrioress, Brixi!
    Sel have seen many type of people during her life and specialy her life on Azeroth, but one little person gets high up in the top when it comes to having a fierce and stubborn personallity.
    Brixi Hackspanner, known also as "Firecracker" by nick name. In the battle fields, she is fears enemy for her small size and nastily bitting sledgehammer that she has named "Hackspanner". Many doesn't even know of her, but still her "well earned" title have reached many hidden and far ears, The Ankle Breaker.
    Sel, like most Draeneis are facinated of Gnomes from their vast knowladge of technology and sience, but also the question that eludes every: How can someone that small be so strong and enduring?
    Sel tried to find the answer, but it only lead to a friendship and another dead end after few taste tests.

    Not the "nicest" huntress: Belvala[Pinup/Cum]
    Next, we have my newest character, Belvala, the Falconeer(cause I went to Howling Fjord at lvl10 to get one of those hawks that looks like druid flight form)
    There are many types of hunters among the Dwarfs, but one of the rarest might be the Falconeers. Belvala, is one of those few hunters that uses hawks and falcons for hunting aside with a sturdy bow.
    Burning passion for the outdoors, this tanned, hour-glass and pear shaped Dwarf with long red hair simply loves to be out in the wild with her birds. She only visits villages and cities when the need comes to stock up gears or to sell some fur and meat.
    But behind those gentle eyes and flaming hair lives also a wild beast of passion and lust, and she doesn't hasitate to use it.

    Time of relaxion[Heter/Tauren/Belf
    Last but not least, we have our dear femboyish Kagawah.
    Kagawah, proudly studying his way to become a shaman, befriended with an Blood Elf rogue, Esca. She requested for help during her travels of adventuring through Kalimdor from Kagawah when they met in Thunder Bluff. The request sounded tempting to him and the fact that he could be aid for someone but also to broaden his studies during the travels.
    He gladly accepted the offer and the two were off for adventures. In time, they learned about each other, why Esca had comed to Kalimdor and why Kagawah looked how he looked.
    Days passed another, weeks and months. untill they reached Feralas, deep and lush forest, full of mysteries and ruins. Their relationship had grown bigger during the travels and both felt some sort of passion to another as they had slept close to each other the past week, cuddling before falling asleep. The hot air of Feralas and the moistness after a tropical rain forced the two to undress to cool down, but their passions siezed their minds and they couldn't keep their hands away from each other.

Also a fun note: I totaly had forgotten that I had changed Brixis' hairstyle in-game so the current fluffy hair she has in the image is false, but nevermind, I have changed Sels hairstyle back to her old one long time ago aswell.

14 June 2009

Snakes on a Pla- I mean Snake in Selanaar


"Sssssnake in Selanaar"[Sel/Beast]
Barely seven days since last post and I'm already posting something new and exotic! Oh la la you snake friends will like this one :3
Wailing Caverns, a noble dream gone bad and then to even worse. Years have passed since the corrupted and mad Druids were driven out from the caverns depths or slayed due to they're condition. Some uncorrupted ones still residents the caverns to cure the place from it's taint and maybe one day try again somewhere else.
The Druids have asked even some outsiders to aid them to cure the caverns and drive the tainted creatures away. Selanaar was one of those people that gladly came for the aid when called, and didn't ask anything in return for the tasks, but the Druids insisted that they could atleast reward her in a way or another...

09 June 2009


Hellp Darknesters and Lurkers!
I don't know really what to say then ask a forgiveness and thank you for your patience and trust in me.
I don't know what went to me... I guess that I spent too much time without doing any pictures, I slacked more and pushed it more and more aside.
Well... atleast I did manage jog alot and enjoy late winter and spring before making -THREE- new pictures for you!(finaly)

First one is me and Sel asking for your forgiveness :(
Second is something totaly new from me.
And third is an introduction for my Tauren.

    Missed me?[Sel/Pinup]
    "Missed me?" Selanaar is back and tries to ask for a forgiveness from you people, please let her have it :<

    Two is better then one[Straight, Threesome, Anal]
    My second picture on my return is something totaly different from my other pictures, as it's a THREESOME! OMG OMG OMG!!!
    "Usualy, the deep and mystic forest of Teldrassil is quiet during evenings, but when one certan female lets out her howlings of pleasure, everyone knows that it will last for long and echoe through the forest and Darnassus.
    Some thing it is a lost spirit, trapped in eternal limbo, some say it is the voice of the wind, howling past the hills and trees.
    But in fact, Selanaars voice tends to turn really loud and shivering when in pleasure, even more if her tight rectum is filled up with a thick meat of a male. More so, if her both holes are filled, no one will have a rest for their ears before their are done."

    First glance on Kagawah[Yaoi/pinup/furry]
    Third picture of my "come back" is a pinup picture of my Tauren Kagawah. No, Kaga isn't a futa or female, Kaga is 100% male. But, he was born much smaller and different then rest of the male Taurens, and that is why he grew up to look like a "pretty boy" from the song "Dude looks like a lady".
    His history is pretty much normal expect that the Elders, other older Taurens and some mature women have used him as their plaything for pleasure or just to mock his looks.

Once again, I thank for your patience even few were sceptic there but I'm now back once again!

12 April 2009


Totaly forgot to post as the server problem was fixed already on the same day^^

10 April 2009

Server down

Well it looks like the server I host my pictures is down, and to be more fun, everything has been deleted.. I guess
Something about "routing error" my friend tells me who's server it is *shrugs*

Have to wait and see when it's back up

04 March 2009


Twisted Firestarter![DarkSel/non-erotic]
An idea that I got while listening to Prodigy's Firestarter xD

What in the world! This isn't a cute picture! D:
But a twisted firestarter >:3

21 February 2009

More puppies!

21.2: Mommy-Sel's Puppy-Daycare pt.2[Cute/non-erotic]
Just a part two of the picture I posted before^^

More cute lil Worgen pups! =3

20 February 2009

Mommy-Sels Puppy Daycare

Mommy-Sel's Puppy-Daycare[Cute/non-erotic]
As an Ambassador, Sel gets to travel alot from one location to another due to her duty.
Sometimes, she takes a small brake and aids her hosts to build up the reputation and friendship between the two races.
This time, she have promised to aid the Kalu'aks with their long taking task to raise up Wolvar pups so that they won't become like their savage and ruthless elders.
With loving care and warmth, her experience as a mother really comes into use when she needs to take care of many small fuzzy Wolvar pups that are growing up rapidly.

Just a fuzzy cuteish update... sowwy if you waited for something mind blowing hot or naughty :<
I'm currently in a rather embarrasing situation: I have so many great ideas and more keeps coming to me...
but I can't decide what to make etc etc... and lost really the motivation also for them due to it >_>;

Otherhands, I've been slooooooowly trying to build up a gallery for my pictures for easier browsing...but it's quite time taking and worning out as I have sooooooooooooo freaking many pictures *sighs*