26 August 2016

Open for Requests!


That’s right! Something I haven’t done in ages - if you don’t count taking in one or two requests every six months.

I’ll be now taking in bunch of requests for pictures. The amount is still pending, but when I think there is enough slots filled, I will notify about it.
Time to put down some ground rules for the requests:
  • No Anonymous requests.
  • I won’t do futa pictures.
  • No major Lore-charaters (example. Jaina, Sylvanas and Anduin etc.)
  • No Demons allowed, nor Gnolls.
  • Requests should have more info about the scene than “Character X fucking Character Z”.
  • Description and/or link to your characters armory-page to make the creation a lot easier and more accurate. Screenshots are best way to do this.
  • Not really a rule, but if you want a small description/tiny story for the picture - please do type max. two sentences.
Any info given won’t be shared with anyone else and character names will only be posted with the picture if permitted.
I am known to be very picky over requests and this hasn’t changed. So if I don’t like the requested picture, I will just ignore it. If I like your request, I will inform you about it.
The schedule for the pictures will be the same what I normally do, once in a week or two.

21 August 2016

Encore time!

Surprise! It's encore time!
I had planned to make one all along. It isn't what people did ask for as an encore, I'll save that idea for some other time.

21th August "Picnic at Selanaars Place - Encore" [Draenei/Pinup/Selanaar]
What a nice picnic it was.
Everyone enjoyed the feast and had fun together until all exhausted
and it was time to head back home.

17 August 2016

Poll time!

Time to put your vote out and tell which of the two pictures with Selanaar was your favourite: http://www.strawpoll.me/11013793
In hindsight, I should have released the pictures on separate days - oops.

15 August 2016

Her hair is white white white!

Times up!
Sorry I didn't post any of the teasers here, but it's time for the grand finale!

I had to take some drastic measures with these two pictures and use... floating disembodied penises that fades away! *Insert thunder clapping*
Less typing, more gawking.

15th August "Picnic at Selanaars Place 2/3" [Draenei/Gangbang/Oral/Selanaar]
Some of the picnic guests enjoys the soft texture of Selanaars melons more than anything,
they also did enjoy as well her exotic hand and oral "party tricks" on their sausages.

15th August "Picnic at Selanaars Place 3/3" [Draenei/Gangbang/Anal/Selanaar]
Some of the picnic guests favoured Selanaars meatbuns more than anything,
and didn't hesitate to feel the warm and moist filling - with their sausages.