Back again with a new Brewfest picture to be shared.
I bet many of you had something different in mind when it came to see old Selanaar having a jolly time at the festive.
Maybe next year your guess would hit the spot!

Unlike the previous pictures so far, this one needed more editing 'cause of her clothing and spine bending sitting position.
Why a Goblin? Because they represents Hordes Brewfest side and drinking is one thing that either brings people together or
cause them to fight and then become friends(with good luck). And I let you know that I hate how clunky the Goblin models are compared to the new one and they aren't getting a new one in years.
Come to think of it, I could have placed her to Durotar than Dun Morogh - too late now.

4th October "Brewfest 2015: Drunk Selanaar" [Draenei/Goblin/Oral/Brewfest]

Brewfest 2015 is still going on and old fans of the festive is still there since day one.