Hello hello hello!

A ghost from the past, like a ancient wind someone farted months ago, I have returned!
And just in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead! ...which we don't celebrate up here in Finland
(expect day of the dead but with different name to remember dead ones and saints... All Saint's Day, so um... forget it!).

So yeah, it has been over a month of nothingness here or in the blogs.
It's the usual: Lack of motivation to work on pictures.
I have tons and tons of ideas and inspiration, but lacking the spirit to finish anything.
I have loads and loads of WIPs on my computer, but none of them are even half finished.
But hey, least I did get this one done in time(and another picture but it's hidden for another date).

Please enjoy this picture of someone quite familiar to many of us.
I found her grave and chanted some hymns and spells to capture this photo of fiction.

  • 31th October."Wind from the Past" [Draenei/Pinup]

    Hallow's End is here and soon Day of the Dead!
    With these special days, lost love ones and spirits roam
    the lands of the living, celebrating and having fun time.
    Also here's Selanaar as a ghost!