20 January 2009

yep yep... two nights late

The following picture was done during times 3am to 6am with PhotoShop, as can been seen from the bad quality of the picture and from the makers extremely noobish skill

=_= ...

I suck at photoshop....

17 January 2009


Why do I always forget to post here in time?

Mechona-hog Advert(1.14)[Orc/Pinup]
Yes sir! They have arrived to the shops now!
We guarantee that this machine will make those hard skinned beasts
to purr at your feet just to get close to you while you ride on our Mechano-hog!

(also, this is my first picture done fully with PhotoShop! I learn!)

10 January 2009

One new, one old

One new and one late one

Day like a CAKE[Blue Murloc]

Sssssserpent Queen?[Naga(?)/Omious]
Once again, I did bit experimenting how much I suck and my kink for mythical creatures<3
Introducing SerpentSel! That's right, SerpentSel. Totaly the opposite of MerSel, like Sel and DarkSel :3