19 March 2011



Time for a new picture once again!

Time for the final!

  • 19th March 2011: Da Finale![Cum, Fellatio, Gnome, Draenei, Futa, Nude]

If it seems litte hurried, it's because I was planning to do a Murloc-filler picture for this weekend as I'm heading over to Barcelona for a week.

But... look look, I did do it still!

Also thanks for the comments so far, always nice to read them, good or bad.

Originally Posted by SarahN
But anyway, I like the latest picture, though a couple odd things about the feet- the toes are actually well drawn, but I thought gnomes only had four of them? Also, her right foot seems to be backwards, with the big toe on the wrong side of the foot.

Nope, Gnomes do have five toes on each foot, crazy I know. Plus. the big toe is basically just a finger, which I was supposed to place it more off-screen, but... errors happen ^^;


Anonymous said...

I wish you would make a "zoomed out" version of this picture so we could see sel. I just miss seeing sel, she's still #1!

Anonymous said...

I wish i was that gnome ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Selanaar, is there a problem with your older art ? i cant seem to see them it give me an error saying they're not on this server