31 October 2010


Kekekekeke, now that I'm made you people all confused if you should think that deadly looking creature is something to fear or get hots for,
now I got another picture to make your lil' heads to spin.

Does having sex with a ghost as necrophilia?

<insert Headless Horseman laughter here>

"Ghastly love"[Romantic/Heter]
Text found inside the picture. Happy Halloween!(if you celebrate it)

24 October 2010



After many weeks of mind draining battling, I am finaly finaly victorius and returned back to my home with the skull of the anti-dragon!

Or to tell the trueth, I just got modelviewer to working and managed to get motivated enough to do least one picture.
All of you might not like it(I doubt many will), but rest asure, there will be more next weekend, so HUZZAH!

"Wrong turn in the hallway"[BBW/Horror/Pinup]
First Halloween update! So be sure to have your room unlit when checking this out..[/i]

16 October 2010

I'm no dead

Yikes really, I'm sorry that I haven't been posting the past weeks.

First was release of Civ5 that post-poned my update with a week, then next weekends reason was Minecraft.
Last week... I was just not motivated really >_>
So sorry again for being in-active with posts. I had this idea of a mini-comic in the styles of my earlier pictures/comics.
What would it had been? I'm not telling *Chuckles* Okay it would have been of Kagawah.

Anyways, as I didn't make it in the past weeks, I thought an hour ago to make a pinup of Sel, but surprise surprise! ModelViewer isn't working after the bugged up to ass patch Blizz released.

So I got really nothing else to say nor any pictures to post out as I can't make any at the moment(I know I know, I'm so old-timer with this system, but I like my style and people seem to enjoy seeing my "style" that is bland and "too ingamish").

Untill next time, sorry once again.
So here's a link to go as an apologize >CLICK HERE FOR FUNNY<