Hyvää Juhannusta PRKL!
@Happy Midsummer to all!

We celebrated Midsummer up here in Finland 19-20th June already, as we have it only fixed to be on a weekend rather on a day. But never the less, Midsummer Fire Festival just begun on Azeroth! Happy coin farming for all who still plays the game.

What comes to the new apartment, we've mostly settled down but I still have lot of items to pack and carry over(I basically still live at my old apartment). I have also been working on two new pictures, but they won't be released until next week - as I did remember that it's Midsummer picture time! some might call this a lazy picture as I hide everything behind their silhouettes. To that I just say "Meh".

Jolly summer for all and don't get sun burned when you step outside to get some food.

21th June "Midsummer Heat" [Draenei/Goblin/Oral]

Hyvää Juhannusta 2015 prkl!
Happy Midsummer 2015!